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OH YEAH! We're excited!

Steve, and our lead technology expert Cynthia created an absolutely incredible E-Book that's going to rock the entire Internet - Worldstart's Ultimate Online Defense Guide!

Everyone loves their computers and smartphones - but very few realize how devastatingly DANGEROUS things can get when a device is compromised and turned against you!

And it happens to people just like you EVERY DAY!!

The threats just keep piling up - hackers, viruses, malware, spyware, scammers, phishing attacks, compromised public WiFi, over the shoulder attacks, router attacks, password crackers, compromised software, outdated operating systems, firewall breaches, browser hijacking, malicious web sites, dangerous pop-ups, cross site scripting, e-mail hacking, virus hoaxes, deadly file attachments, compromised personal information, stolen data from old computers, hijacked HOSTS files, spoofed file extension tricks, autorun viruses, ransomware, infested freeware - well, you get the idea!

Do you know how to protect yourself from ALL of the threats listed above?

If you don't, I can PROMISE this...

It's not a matter of IF you become a victim - it's truly a matter of WHEN!

They always say, "What you don't know can't hurt you." Well, here in the Internet age, ignorance is NOT bliss!

Millions of people who didn't think it could happen to them fall victim EVERY DAY - simply because they didn't KNOW there was a threat!

That's CRAZY. In fact, it's not just a little crazy, it's "Trying-To-Jump-The-Grand-Canyon-With-A-Bicycle" INSANE!

Especially when it's SOOOO easy to avoid the problems in the first place IF you know what the threats are AND how to avoid them!

Bottom line - You need to know exactly what dangers lurk around the dark corners of the internet - or you WILL be the next victim! You absolutely, positively MUST know HOW you can get attacked and HOW to defend yourself!

And THAT'S why we created this absolutely fantastic new E-Book!

AND we've written it so EVERYONE can understand!

Each and every chapter is written in fun, easy to read language that you'll discover is REALLY SUPER-SIMPLE to follow!

We even have loads of pictures and illustrations!

I know there's a few people out there crazy enough to think:

"There's nothing of value on my computer, I have nothing to hide, so I don't care if someone gets in or I get a virus."

Music to a hacker's EARS! The bad guys rely on IGNORANCE in order to attack your PC! They rely on people who think that there's nothing of value on their computer - and NOTHING could be further from the truth!

Even a computer with nothing but a fresh Windows install is a juicy target!

If your computer or phone is compromised - either by a hacker or malware (viruses, rogueware, spyware, etc) any of the following can happen:

arrow Your identity is stolen (easier than you think - we spill the beans)
arrow Your credit card information is stolen
arrow Your bank account is compromised
arrow Your friends e-mail addresses are stolen - then attacked
arrow Any documents are fair game and can be used for identity theft
arrow Files or entire drives can be deleted - all your music, photos, etc - GONE!
arrow Your computer can be turned into a server for adult sites
arrow Your computer can be used to commit fraud - and YOU take the blame
arrow Your computer can be used as an illegal attack "zombie"
arrow Your computer may be held ransom until you pay up - happens 35 MILLION times a month!
arrow You will be blasted with non-stop pop-ups
arrow Your computer will be inoperable to the point of needing an expensive overhaul

So, yeah, it IS a big deal if you get compromised. In addition, if your computer is used for illegal purposes by the hacker the feds could come knocking on YOUR door - not theirs.

Oh - and just think how expensive it would be to take your computer to a shop to get it working again - all because YOU didn't know what's in our life-saving e-book!

We want to show you how to recognize and avoid the pitfalls that MILLIONS of people fall victim to each and every day. You know - the people who never thought it would happen to them.

By the time you finish reading this incredible book, you'll have your computer locked down so tight the folks over at Fort Knox will come to YOU looking for advice!

We've divided the book into 12 sections and there's a VERY brief outline below. But...

PLEASE keep in mind you're only seeing a small FRACTION of the information that's jam-packed into this breakthrough book!!!

There's another 85% of the book we haven't even hinted at below! WOW!

When it comes to attacking your computer, there are no shortage of tools at the disposal of the bad guys! Do you REALLY know how to stay safe? This section will show you the threats - and how to avoid them! We show you how to set up your computer to guard against all types of malicious software - viruses, spyware, adware, rogueware, ransomware - we show you the software and techniques you need to block it ALL!

Oh, and just wait till you see the free anti-malware titles and amazing firewall we've discovered!


Everyone loves to use their laptops with public WiFi. Hey, what could be better than sitting down in your hotel room, at an airport, or coffee shop and logging on for some free Internet?

Well, hackers LOVE these places too - only it's your data they're after!

In fact, I'd go so far as to say if you don't know what we have in our book you probably shouldn't even be using public WiFi - EVER! It's FAR more dangerous than most people realize!

Your accounts can get compromised, your passwords stolen, and your e-mail intercepted - and that's just for starters. Identity theft, attacks on your friends / contacts are ALL possible - AND probable!

Oh, yeah - and the hacker doesn't even need to break into your computer to pull this off! He just logs onto the wireless network and goes to work with software that can "spy" on you!

We'll show you how he does it - and how YOU can stay safe!


The online world is a dangerous place - from scams, to hijacking, to malicious pops-ups, to fraud - there's a lot of ways to trip and fall out there! You need to know how to tell the good from the bad, how to spot phishing scams, online scams, and con artists. You need to know how to properly set up your browser, how to stay safe on Facebook, how to respond to malicious pop-up windows, how to deal with cookies, and more!

A lack of knowledge in ANY of the areas above is a guarantee for trouble down the road. And that's a HUGE problem! All it takes is one scam, one vicious pop-up, or one drive-by infection to compromise your data, ruin your computer, and get your identity stolen - what you DON'T know WILL hurt you

Oh, this is HUGE - this chapter ALONE is worth the price of the entire book! We reveal all the pitfalls people make when setting and using passwords - and show you how to avoid 'em!

Knowing the difference between a strong password and a typical password is the difference between getting your accounts hacked or staying secure.

We also talk about how you handle passwords in general. If you don't know the critical 7 steps we outline in this book even the strongest of passwords are at risk! Getting your accounts hacked can RUIN your life in ways you've never even thought of!

What happens if a hacker breaks into your bank account? Or your credit card account? Or heck - even your Amazon account? Talk about a nightmare! Our passwords section gives you the key to minimizing your risk!

It takes less than 30 minutes to compromise an unsecured computer connected to the Internet. There are thousands of hackers out there scanning for weaknesses right now - you're likely getting scanned dozens of times a day - you could be getting scanned even as you read this!

Is your home network set up properly or are you about to be the next statistic? Make sure you know for sure with our book!

We're going to show you how to lock down your home network - your router, your wired network, your wireless network - everything. We'll show you how to set the right encryption on your wireless, how to make sure your firewall is engaged properly, and even how to name your network to avoid getting personally targeted for a WiFi attack.

E-mail is literally the door to your digital world. A compromise here - by either a hacker or malware program - can be devastating! If there's ONE place you need to be safe, it's when you deal with your e-mail!

Just think - what would happen if someone had access to your e-mail account? Chances are they could easily piece together enough information about you to steal your identity (just think of all the items in your inbox, sent items box, and outbox). In addition, every private account you have online - your bank, credit cards, Amazon, Paypal, etc ALL use e-mail to recover passwords. If the bad guy has your e-mail account, he can be in ALL your accounts in a matter of MINUTES!

You DO NOT want your e-mail compromised - and we're going to show you how to keep it locked down tight. Everything you need to know to set the right kind of password, avoid scams, and KEEP IT PRIVATE!

This is the fun section! We have a LOAD of general safety tips designed to help you keep safe in all your online endeavors. We'll show you a "secret" file you can use to prevent your computer from ever seeing another malicious site. We'll show you how to properly dispose of an old hard drive. We'll show you how to avoid "bad" freeware. We'll show you how to avoid ransomware. And that's just for starters!

There's a literally TRUCKLOAD of advice in this section that'll help keep you super-secure and safe!

And that's just a small sample of what we're going to cover!

In addition to the sections above, there's also a section on why the bad guys are after you and what they can do if they get access to your PC. We also cover just what to do if you get infected - and 6 easy step to follow for getting uninfected! Our book also includes tips for keeping your computer physically safe from theft - after all, if your computer gets stolen, what's the point of the rest of the security?

Finally, we've also included a glossary to help with the terms found throughout the book and 20 of our favorite FREE security-related programs! The money you save on commercial software will pay for this book 20X over!

Whew - this is BY FAR the most important book ANY computer user will ever read!

We've looked around - and there isn't anything like this anywhere! Amazingly enough, finding a traditional book on computer security is almost impossible - and when you DO find one, it's written in such a technical manner you'd need a degree in Computer Science to figure the thing out!

This innovative new book is TRULY unprecedented! It's easy to read, packed with pictures, screen shots, and illustrations, and hey - we even try to make the whole thing entertaining! You'll BLAST through the material and before you know it everyone will be coming to YOU for advice on computer security!


Yup, EVERTHING we know about Internet security for the home user is JAMMED into this earth-shattering e-book!!

Your cost? Get this - we're almost giving this away!

Just $5.92 and you get an immediate download! How cool is that? You could be browsing the pages of this e-book in a matter of MINUTES! Oh - and no special reader required either - it's a standard PDF file that can be read with the free Adobe Reader!

HURRY! Grab your copy of this indispensable book now for just $6.97 !


PS - Anyone who thinks they don't need this information and that an attack "won't happen to them" is living a lie. It's like not wearing a seatbelt because "so far" you've never been in a bad accident.

Bottom line - If you're using the Internet and you don't know the information we outline in our e-book, then it's not a matter of IF you'll get compromised - it's simply a matter of WHEN.

Don't Surf The Internet Without It!


You Know What Makes A Photo an AMAZING work of art?

When you turn it into a digital painting or drawing!

We've got this for less than $1 !!!

Ever thought about being a little artistic and trying your hand at turning a photo into a work of art? Maybe you wanted to illustrate a story or create a logo for your business or church. You have plenty of ideas, but you don't know how to make them happen.

If you've even CONSIDERED trying to express yourself artistically, now is definitely the time!

From comics to logos to professional designs and even digital painting and drawing, this software is the best, cheapest, and easiest solution!

It comes with an array of brushes, paints, pens and textures all preloaded to help you turn any project into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. So, you know that adorable picture you took of your cat? Yeah go ahead and turn it into a digital drawing! Or better yet, turn that wedding photo into a wonderfully bright and colorful painting that you can share with your whole family!

But that's not all this can do! You can free draw and paint, create logos, cartoons, comics, and more all with your mouse!

With paper textures, brushes, paint colors, effects, blending options, custom color palettes and more... well, you have every tool you could ever need!

This is a PROFESSIONAL quality program with PROFESSIONAL quality tools!

You'll be ready to make anything.

THIS IS THE tool for graphics designers!

It's all the power of the big names without the spending hundreds of dollars for a program or an expensive monthly subscription.


If you're looking for my #1 recommendation for making your digital artworks top-quality -


No graphics tablet is required... BUT... if you've got a graphics tablet, you're REALLY gonna love these! They have full graphics tablet compatibility!

Again - IT'S ALL only $0.99 !!!!


Click that link above before these are all gone! Because again once this is GONE THAT IS IT!!! NO MORE!!!!

Frankly, I've never seen anything quite like it and it's crazy how it happened. Here's what went down: our Windows guru Cynthia and I were talking about that HUGE Windows 10 Anniversary Update. (Yeah typical Microsoft, they changed EVERYTHING once again), and what kind of a guide we wanted to do.

Well, she says, "I want to do something COMPLETELY DIFFERENT." How about instead of an eBook organized by typical chapters where folks have to plow through a ton of information that they aren't ever going to use about things they don't need to do on their PC, we KEEP IT SIMPLE?

You guys loved our other comprehensive Windows guides, but a lot of you said it was a whole lot to watch or read when you just wanted to find out how to do one thing find a program or make a shortcut. She said you wanted shorter, simpler, instructions, a completely clickable table of contents, and larger print!

I didn't know if she could make it happen, but when I saw this guide, I was beyond thrilled.

All they have to do is click what they want to do from a list of common tasks and BOOM! it takes them right to the instructions.

Click on "I Want To Send And Receive Email" or "I Want To Change The Desktop Background" and BOOM, you're instantly taken to clear, concise instructions on how to get it done. If you want to know a little bit more, you can dive in a little deeper or you can go right back to the table of contents.

No going through 45 different kinds of settings to see all the possibilities. No chapters devoted to features you'll probably never use at home. Just the instructions you need to get the job done.

  • Find a program or file
  • Send an email
  • Surf the web
  • Write a document
  • Use the Windows store
  • Play a game
  • Find your photos
  • Turn the PC Off and On
  • Change account settings
  • Display what you want on the Start Menu
  • Use Cortana
  • Customize the Desktop
  • Customize the Taskbar
  • Use older programs
  • Find settings & control panel
  • and much, much more!

Just when you get used to Windows 10, Microsoft decides that everything has to change again! The Lockscreen and the Start Menu look different, and wait until you find out what they've done to Cortana! Plus, there's a whole new feature that lets you draw on the screen!

Oh, and Microsft Edge is so different, it might as well be a whole new program! Don't worry, we break down all of the big changes into 12 simple sections. Just click on a section in the Table of Contents and you'll go right to a simple description of what's new.

  • Change to the Lockscreen
  • Changes to the Start Menu
  • Changes to the Taskbar
  • What's New With Cortana
  • What's New With Security
  • What's New With Microsoft Edge (Just about everything)
  • What's New With Updates
  • What's Going Away
  • and much, much more.

Yeah, I know. It's a heck of a lot of changes!

  • How To Skip The Lockscreen Sign In
  • How To Download & Install Windows 7 Games
  • How To Stop Windows 10 From Updating
  • How To Merge Settings & Control Panel

If you want an in-depth book that covers every single thing you could possibly know about Windows 10, this is not that eBook. This is a quick and simple guide that shows you how to get the basics done fast!

Want to print a tip? This is great because you can easily just print the few pages you need and not bother with the whole darn guide. Listen, you don't need to sit down and read this thing end to end (unless you want to). You can open it up, head to the "I Want To" section and just click on the thing you need to do. It's the ultimate reference guide!

If you bought our super in-depth Ultimate Windows 10 eBook or our Windows DVD, this is the perfect companion. First, it covers all the change in the Anniversary Update PLUS, it gives you an instant quick-access guide.

Don't think this guide is skimpy! It's over 250 pages long! But you only have to read pages you need! This is the guide you've been waiting for! Best of all, check out the price. It's only $7.97 .

Click the store link below to add it to your cart and have it on your PC instantly.


Everyone's got a TON of pictures... but making them beautiful can cost a bundle!

We've got the EASIEST software out there for color correcting, fixing photo flaws, and precision editing of all your photos from your vacation, family reunion, anything!

And listen up pros! It edits RAW files, too! (Just like that subscription software that costs hundreds of dollars a year! )

Let your creative ideas flow! It's photo editing software for the rest of us AND IT'S DIRT CHEAP!

If you have older photos, you might be thinking "I really love this photo, but it's almost unrecognizable now!"

GUESS WHAT? You can restore your photos yourself! No need to spend hundreds of dollars to send it out.

You can fix almost ANYTHING on any image!

Red eye, blur, framing, brightness, contrast, and much more... all fixed in seconds!

Photo editing has never been so simple. You don't need a graphic design degree to get your pictures lookin' PERFECT!

Image Broadway gives you all the tools you need to make every single shot PICTURE PERFECT!

I've only scratched the surface of everything this powerful software can accomplish! If you need something done to a photo, you can do it right here!

This does a lot of the same stuff as Photoshop and those folks charge you an expensive monthly subscription. I bet you think software with this many features has GOTTA be pricey, right?

WRONG! C'mon this is WorldStart we're talking about!

It's only $0.99 At that price, these aren't gonna last long! I wasn't joking when I said I only have a few available... So, once they are gone... THAT'S IT! So you gotta act fast!


WARNING: Very limited quantity available! Due to a special deal from my supplier, I was able to get just a few of these for SUPER cheap!


If you have a smartphone or a tablet, then you probably have an Android device. Let's face it - Android is everywhere - and sooner or later you'll want to stop struggling and get the most out of yours!

But the problem is... it's NOTHING like what we used before!

Apps? Widgets? Touchscreen gestures? It's all new, it's all different, and there are NO good guides out there that give you a proper rundown on how to use these things!

It's not like you can just ignore them, either.

So, with that said... if you're going to be using Android, you might as well know how to use it properly!

That's what this Android guide is for!

Our writers are constantly answering questions about how to their WiFi working, or how to download apps, or even just "how do I turn this thing on?!"

We took the problem head on: we gathered all the resources we could, had every tech genius in the office collaborate, and even recorded some in-depth video informationals so we could put together this guide!

This is quite simply the most thorough, most detailed, easiest-to-understand guide to Android you'll EVER find!

While it's focused on tablets, the Android operating system is almost identical for smart phones too... so 99% of the information here is applicable to both!

I wish I could tell you EVERYTHING that's in this guide... but there's too much to pack into one e-mail!

After all, the guide is over 130 digital pages long, with videos and graphics that make sure you know EXACTLY what we're talking about!

This is 15 chapters of chock full of the critical information you've been dying to know!

Here's a rundown of all the chapters, just so you can get an idea of how thorough this guide really is:

Welcome to Android
Getting Started With Gestures
The Homescreen
Android Settings
The File Manager
Apps & Widgets
Customize Your Homescreen
eReaders & eBooks
Movies & Music
Pictures & Videos
Office Apps, Printing, & Cloud Storage
Using The Calendar To Manage Your Life
Video & Voice Calls
Android Security
The Best Apps For Games, Social Media, News & More

By the end of this guide, you WILL know how to use your Android device.

You WILL be able to answer any questions your family and friends have.

And most importantly... you will NOT have to deal with the frustration of awkwardly pressing buttons and apps until your tablet or phone does what you want it to.

While I can't go into detail about everything this guide has (it's just so much information) but I can give you a sneak peek at just what you'll be finding out!

First off...

There's a whole introduction to just exactly what Android is.

There are a LOT of misconceptions out there as to what an Android tablet or phone is, what its relation to Windows or Mac is (none at all!) or how you can use it with the Internet!

You might learn a thing or two you didn't know before you even get into the meat and potatoes of this guide!

For instance, what do you need to get online wirelessly with your tablet? Do you know EVERY piece of equipment used?

You will once you see the quick video introduction!

But that's just the beginning (literally!)

How about USING your tablet or phone?

Those things don't come with a mouse, and most of them don't come with a keyboard! So how exactly do you type? How do you select or click stuff?

We have that information too!

Chapter 2 goes DIRECTLY into gestures and using your tablet! You'll find out the difference between swiping, pinching, tapping, and holding. Even people who have owned Android devices for a while are going to discover new things!

One good example is the "hold" menu. A LOT of people actually don't know about that one - and it can open up a lot of new features or options for using apps, pictures, or music!

And remember - when this guide is explaining these features, it's in clear & concise language. You will NEVER be confused by the terminology used, and you definitely won't feel like you have to go back and repeat sections.

It's so simple you'll get it all the first time you see, read, or watch it!

Of course, you can't forget about apps either!

What is an app?

Where do you find them?

How do you download them?

Which app is the one you ACTUALLY want?

Okay, you got it downloaded... how do you USE it?

If you think we forgot about apps in this comprehensive guide, you're nuts!

They're one of the most important aspects of the Android operating systems, and we go into full detail.

And my guide doesn't stop there!

Once you have your apps and widgets... maybe you want to make sure it's all on your homescreen right?

You're going to love the chapters on the homescreen!

We start off by giving you in-depth information on everything that goes on the homescreen...


You'll know how to get your e-mail, contacts, even up-to-date weather RIGHT ON YOUR HOMESCREEN!

This is the screen you see the MOMENT you turn your device on every time!

So it's important to make sure that it has all the stuff you need (and none of the junk you don't!)

You can get all SORTS of widgets or apps on here...

You can even change the background!

If you don't know how to customize it, you might be losing important apps to second or third pages, which makes you have to swipe to the side EVERY time you just want to look at your e-mail!

If you have an Android phone or tablet, it's a guarantee you have a camera built into it.

Nowadays, it's almost pointless to have point & shoot cameras... because the ones in our Android devices is SO good!

This guide shows you how to operate the camera, switch between front & back cameras, and even activate your video recording!

Don't let a SINGLE feature of your Android device go to waste!

Use this guide to make sure you're getting ALL the benefits of what has to be the most significant technology this century so far!

Whenever you use technology (especially something with your e-mail, passwords, WiFi connections...) you NEED to stay secure!

Not only do we show you the must-have security app for Android (the that ALL the Android users in my office use) I even show you some things that even advanced Android users don't always pay attention to: permissions!

What are permissions? Well, just like the name implies, they're the things that your apps want access to before they operate...

With Android 101, you can download your apps knowing exactly what they'll do, exactly what they'll need, and knowing you didn't pickup one of the dreaded "fake apps" that are growing more and more popular from malware creators!

To learn more, you simply HAVE to check out the guide!


I feel like I've been going on and on forever!

Take it from me - Android is here to stay. As popular as Windows is for computers, Android is the same for tablets and smartphones.

Whether you've had Android devices for a while, or at planning on taking the leap soon... PLEASE grab a copy of this guide!

You won't find another guide out there that's both thorough and concise like this one.

And DEFINITELY not at the monster deal I'm offering today:

Just $6.97 for 134 pages of information, pictures, and video on how to use pretty much ANY Android device!

That's right!

You get ALL This information more a measly $6.97!

There are NO guides like this anywhere else. At all!

Every bit of information in here came right from the minds of me and my tech team. And trust me, they know Android.

If you go through this guide, it's practically impossible for you to have any questions on how to use Android!


Check out the link below to grab your DIGITAL COPY TODAY for just $6.97 (this is a limited time price!)


Remember pulling out the Game Of Life on a cold winter day and spending an exciting afternoon playing with friends and family! You traveled along that road experiencing the ups and downs of life. Maybe that was your first taste of having bills! Man, it was all SO SIMPLE THEN! Experience those good times again in this interactive 3D version of the family classic.

You don't need a crowd to play either! No pieces to lose! Remember how easy it one to lose those tiny people pegs? They ended up ground into the carpet or inside the dog? No bulky boards to find a place to store. It's all right there on your Windows PC any time you want to play.

The first-person car-cam actually lets you drive down the road of life! Choose a college, a career, pick a spouse, start a family! I make way better decisions playing this game that I did in real life! HA! You might even end up a millionaire! It's the classic game you love with amazing new features.

It's a great way to share this classic good time with younger kids or to relive fun family times. The best part! THE PRICE. Only $0.99 ! You read that right. It costs less than it did to buy the board game 40 years ago! What a deal! We don't have many of these in stock, so get your before we run out for good.

Click the link below to add hours of gameplaying fun to your cart right now.



Loans can be a complicated business. These days, it seems like everyone offers some kind of financing. You can finance everything from a car to a house to a smartphone. But just how much are you really paying?

Annual percentage rates and loan terms can be one complicated bit of business. And lots of times the people offering the loans talk so fast that the borrower doesn't get a chance to wrap their mind around how much cash it will actually take to actually pay off a loan.

For instance, let's say you are offered a loan for $10,000 payable over 5 years with a monthly payment of $287.68. SOUNDS KINDA OKAY right? WRONG! Your simple loan of 10 grand, now costs you over $17,000.

But thankfully Steve created this super- handy program that lets you look at the pros and cons of loan offers side-by-side so you can make a better choice... Like making at 3-year loan and saving over 3,000 by paying $100 more a month.

Now I know there are other loan calculators out there but they are SOOOO crazy complicated! I mean you need every single point of information to even get it started! And most of them don't even save your information. Plus, they only let you run one loan at a time. You can easily compare up to 3 loans at a time!

But It Does So MUCH!

Paying attention to your money is the only way to get your finances under control. Loan companies don't want you to pay attention - they want your money! With Steve's Simple Loan Calculator you can keep one step ahead of them!

Download your Simple Loan Calculator right now for just $4.97 !!!!

Go ahead and click the link below to take back control!


You need to look out for your family! Losing a loved one is painful and stressful. The last thing you want is for them to be saddled with the additional responsibility of trying figure out your wishes or who gets what family heirloom. If your wishes aren't made clear, some probate judge you've never heard of could end up making decisions and leave your family in a lurch.

That's why you need a will! I know that heading to a lawyer's office to draw one up can seem like a scary, time-consuming, and expensive process. But it doesn't have to be.

This simple software makes it easy to make your wishes known. And don't worry! This comprehensive program won't let anything fall through the cracks that might cause a family feud later. The easy- to-use program will walk you step-by-step through the process and provide you with practical, relevant legal information so you can make the best decisions for you and your family!

Estate planning made easy. Choose an executor, decide who gets what property, made guardianship arrangements for minor children, and don't forget about pets! This program lets you provide for their care, too.

It doesn't matter if you're young or old, a medical crisis can leave you incapacitated at any moment. Just telling your family about your wishes in case the worst happens isn't enough (trust me, I speak from experience).

With this program, you can explicitly spell out your wishes for extraordinary care and life support and name the person you want to make the final decisions. That way there's no room for family members to argue over what you might want and whose job it is to decide. They'll be under enough stress.

Now I know (again speaking from experience) that estate lawyers cost a small fortune. That is money A LOT of us don't have! But you aren't going to spend thousands on this! Heck, you're not going to spend hundreds on this... You can give yourself and your loved ones' peace of mind for just $0.99 !!!



Once this is gone - IT'S GONE! We will not be able to get more in at this rock bottom price!

Oh! This is just FANTASTIC!! I'm so excited - we've just found an amazing program that lets anyone and everyone create their own website!It's super easy to use and no web programming knowledge is necessary at all! If you can use a word processor, you can use our newest program - WebEasy 6!

We've had version 4 and 5 and they were good, but this version 6 really takes it up to the next level! WOW! We're talking everything you need in order to create an amazing, professional-looking website! You'll be online with your own personal or business site in no time!

First off, I want to stress you don't need ANY background in HTML, JAVA, or web programming - if you can use a word processor you can do this! It includes a whopping 120 pre-made, professional-looking templates! You're bound to find several that are just perfect for your needs, and if you don't they are easy enough to modify! It's amazing how well done this is!

As for the type of sites this can do, well - your imagination is really the limit! You can make a simple personal site to show off your family photos, you can build an information site about your favorite subject, you can create an online business complete with shopping cart, you can put together a "group" site complete with calendars, news, schedules, whatever! Pretty much anything you can think of, this can do - and probably already has a killer template ready to go!

Oh, and using it is sooooo simple - all the tools are really easy to understand, so it's simple to add graphics, photos, text, flash animations, etc. Oh, get this - it includes an amazing 85,000 different photos, clipart, buttons, borders, animations, music, sound effect and more! Talk about having a custom site huh! WOW!!!

What if you don't want to use templates at all? What if you're a more of a "from scratch" kind of designer? Well, once you see how easy it is to create a site from scratch, you may decide to go it alone! The tools are so easy to use - most of it is a matter of drag and drop! So, start from scratch, or use a template - either way the site you create is going to blow people away!

OK, all that's great, but what do you do after it's built? Well, you can host your website though the publisher (a 1 click operation - now that's handy), upload to any number of free sites available online, or go for a high-quality paid hosting service of your choice. Easy!

Once you're up and running, how do you let everyone know you're there? HA! This has you covered there too! This includes tools to help you optimize your site for a high rank in the search engines - and it helps you to submit your site to all the major search engines! It does it all!

Now, most web site software is really expensive - You'll need an expensive subscription to the Creative Cloud to use Dreamweaver! That's $100 a year! Why pay that much when this does pretty much the same thing?

Your cost? Get this - just $0.99 !!! This is a fantastic deal on some of the easiest, most powerful web creation software on the market - give it a try - you'll love it too!


PS - Please note that this was a limited quantity deal, so once these are gone, we will NOT BE ABLE TO GET IT AGAIN AT THIS SUPER LOW PRICE!


If you cross stitch, I don't have to tell you how much fun it is to create something beautiful with your own two hands. It's relaxing and it's a great way to express yourself.

The only real downside is that you need a pattern. And you're limited to the patterns available out there which are all someone else's designs. That's fine, but wouldn't it be cool if you could make designs that were really special to you? Designs you aren't going to find hanging in someone else's house?

Thanks to this amazing and affordable software- IT COULDN'T BE EASIER!

With Cross Stitch Designer you can take your very own photographs and turn them into beautiful and easy-to-follow cross stitch designs. And don't worry! You don't need a degree in graphic design to make it happen!

Thanks to the Quick Design Wizard, you can load your favorite photos and get started in minutes. There's a HUGE library of over 250 templates to get you started. And you'll even get a printable materials list that tells you exactly what you'll need to complete the project, including your favorite brand of floss!

If you want to customize the design, you can! Change the color palette and adjust the types of stitches to suit your preferences. The only limit is your creativity.

Think About The Beautiful Works Of Art You Can Create:

Imagine giving a beautiful needlework representation of a wedding photo as a 1st (or 50th) anniversary gift? An actual image of a home for a housewarming present? Easing a friend's grief over the loss of a beloved pet with a treasured cross stitch of her furry friend? If you can imagine it, you can stitch it with this easy-to-use program.

All for less than the price of a large cup of coffee! Under $1 !

If you stitch, you need this. If you have friends who stitch, they need this! At only $0.99 , you can afford to pick one up for them.

But do it now, because we've got a limited supply! Click the link below to add one or more of this fantastic program to your cart now!


Everyone LOVES a good game relaxing game! MY FAVORITE GAME EVER is to play Mahjongg!!! But the ones you can download for your phone or tablet are ruined by ads that constantly pop up! Not this game!

This version of Mahjongg is the best because not only do I get to feel like I am traveling through history, but I also get to pick the tile designs, and even the music! Once I popped this in, I seriously was playing until my kids came home from school!

The variety is endless!

We are talking a whopping 300 boards and 3 difficulty settings! HOURS AND HOURS of fun! Not to mention that each board is different every time, because the tiles won't ever land the same!

Did I mention that this is AD FREE?!?!! Yeah so you don't have to wait 10 seconds between matches because of an ad!!! YOU CAN JUST KEEP ON PLAYING and you can do all that for just $0.99 !!!!

Click the link below and grab your copy today!


We'd all love a beautiful tropical fish tank in our home or office. We imagine staring at the colorful creatures as they swim by. It sounds sooo soothing.

But the reality is that they are crazy-expensive, the fish die, and the maintenance is way over the top! You need a chemistry degree to maintain a salt-water tank!

Wouldn't it be cool to have all that beauty but no worry about losing an expensive fish? To worry about cleaning the tank or adding chemicals?!?! YEAH, I THOUGHT SO TOO! That's why I just LOVE this:

I seriously could not stop playing with it! I spent hours creating the perfect tank, enjoying the amazing little creatures I picked to populate the tank and even virtually feeding my creations!

It's completely customizable! This virtual fish tank will let you choose between 20 exotic fish, 5 cool backgrounds, and even pick plants and objects to fill your tank!

You can even knock on the tank to get the fish to react with just a click of the mouse!

Once you get your tank all set up, you can choose to make it your SCREEN SAVER!

So instead of the black screen with silly designs floating around you can have this cool virtual fish tank come up!

Now setting up an exotic fish tank will run you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars!

But you can have this gorgeous virtual tank that can be easily changed for just $0.99 !!! Yeah see I told you this was WAYYYY cheaper than a normal tank. Heck, you can't even get fish food for that price!

Go ahead and click the link below and grab up your copy and get started on your tank today!


FACT: Your computer will crash. It may not be today, tomorrow, or the next day, but at some point, you will lose your data, photos, pictures, song and more!

YOU NEED TO BACKUP! And we found the absolute best way to back up your information! It's not only easy but, get this, it costs less than $1 !!!

Turbo Backup backs up any type of data to your favorite storage media! So, you want to back up onto a flash drive? PERFECT! How about a CD or DVD? YUP! You can even backup to a network drive or remote server!

Backing up your data can often be time-consuming and not to mention the HUGE FILES that come along with that! But you won't have to worry about that because...

Now, what could be better than that? Well, I will tell you!

Turbo Backup also lets you control how, where, when, and what you want to backup! So, you know all those family photos you took last year? Well you can perform a backup to a DVD of those pictures with ZERO problems and in no time flat!

The wizard will walk you through 7 steps on your backup preferences. Name your backup, select the folder or files to backup, choose the compression type, decide if you need encryption, choose between full, progressive, or current data backup, tell it where you want to store your data, and then set up your schedule. From there it is NO WORRIES! That's it you are done!

Usually backup software can be seriously expensive or you get get saddled with an overpriced subscription! But with this simply amazing software, you can backup and protect your important files for just $0.99 !!!

BUT the only catch with a price that low is that ONCE THIS IS GONE, that is IT! We will no longer be able to get any more at this price EVER AGAIN!

So stop thinking about it and grab yours today before you really NEED it!


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