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Question: What can you use more of?

Yeah, I know your first answer might be money - but one thing I can always use more of is LIGHT!

Light in those hard-to-reach places. Light when I open a dark cabinet or a little extra light when I'm working on a project.

I don't want to drag a lamp out and plug in in every time. You'd kill yourself tripping over the cords. The other day my cat got caught up in a tangle of cords where I carelessly had a lamp plugged in while I was trying to hook up a game console and BAM! Down everything went. I'm lucky the lamp didn't break.

And trying to hold a flashlight while you need your hands to plug in cables is darn near impossible.

That's why I was so excited to find this COB LED Hanging Light at an amazing price.

You've never seen a light quite like it. It's the brightest, clearest light you'll ever see! But that's not even the coolest part about this pocket-sized illumination machine!

Hang it up by the handy hook! Stick it to any metal surface with the magnetic back. Put it right where you want it! Yep! Light just where you need it EVERY time!

It's so compact, it fits right in your pocket! AND it slips easily into a toolkit, glove compartment, or a drawer.

This isn't just three or four LED lights. This baby has COB LED lights. Nothing shines as bright as COB LED lights (except maybe the sun)!

You'll have PLENTY of light to get any job done! The only drawback is that you may need a pair of sunglasses!

Way more than a work light! Put it in dark spaces like attics, closets, or cabinets!  Suddenly, let there be LIGHT!

120 COB LED LUMENS in one cordless, hands-free light that goes anywhere! And the price? $6.97 !!!

If you haven't already clicked the store link below to add it to your cart, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

One thing my customer service reps tell me they hate coming in to find in the morning are dozens of emails from disappointed customers who missed out on our deals. So make their day and get yours now!

Hey everyone, I hope you read that all really carefully, because I REALLY want to make sure that nobody misses out on this amazing deal.

Our backup batteries lately have been INSANELY popular... to the point where we've sold out of pretty much every single one we've had.

I have an inbox full of e-mails for people begging me to get more of this one, or more of that one.

Well, I simply can't. But this is still good news...


2200 mAh for UNDER $10! NO JOKE!

I know some of you out there are going "Hey Steve, what ARE these things?"

Well, you know how when you want to charge up your smartphone, your MP3 player, or other device... you need to plug it into a USB port? This is a MOBILE USB port that can charge your device even if you're nowhere near a computer, a laptop, or even a wall adapter.

It is invaluable for travelers, campers, business people, or really ANYONE. Because, we all know our phones have a battery life of about 20 minutes, right?

At 2200 milliamp hours, you're talking at LEAST double the power of any typical smartphone. Take your device from 0% to 100%! It Will BLOW YOU AWAY!

So, if you've got a device that has a Micro USB... This guy can charge it! But if it doesn't... DON'T WORRY! You can use your own cord as well!

To be honest, I used to be a little skeptical of battery backups for USB devices... That all changed now that I have this guy! You'll even find yourself using it at home because it's that easy to carry around!

You can get all that for just $9.97!

CLICK THE LINK BELOW to grab yours today!

Grab yours up before Wednesday. Because that's when the sale ends.


If You've EVER Tried To Move Files From PC to PC...


You Need Your Files & You Need 'em Now!

Transfer ALL Your Files At Wicked High Speeds!


All The Software Is Built INTO The Cable! YES!

Transfer Between PCs & Macs Too! NO KIDDING!


You Know What ISN'T Fun?

Transferring files between computers the "old" way. That is, CDs, DVDs, or flash drives. It's a lot of back-and-forth and a LOT of time.7

You've been DREAMING of a way that lets you just hook your two computers together and share the data...

I mean, don't you just hate it when...

6 You get a brand new machine and your photos, music, and documents are all trapped on your old computer?
5 You have a desktop and a laptop but sharing files between them is a complete nightmare?
4 You and a friend want to swap files, but there just isn't an easy way?
3 You have more than one computer in the house, and you'd like to get files from one to the other?

Bottom line - You're gonna need to get files from one computer to another sooner or later!

Sure there's lots of ways to do it - and they all fall under "hard and miserable"! You could spend your afternoon burning CDs, emailing the files to yourself (please tell me you don't do that), or grabbing an Ethernet cable and networking the computers together.

Yeah, that didn't sound very good to me either. Come ON! Your time is WAY more valuable than that!! Right?

Join us here in this decade doin' it the EASY WAY...

Grab the amazing Targus High-Speed Transfer Cable! It effortlessly networks your two computers together with just a cable - all automatic!

I looked up the word "easy" in the dictionary and I think I saw a picture of the Targus High-Speed Transfer Cable!

How's it work?

Simple! Just plug one end into each computer's USB port - you're over half way done! That's right - if you can use a USB plug - YOU'RE already an expert! EASY!

Oh, and you'll absolutely love this - once you plug in, a friendly "Windows Explorer" style window automatically pops open so you can quickly drag and drop your files from one computer to another! That's really it! So easy it ought to be illegal!

YESSSSS!! This is works back and forth with everything from Win 98 right up to Windows 8 - talk about great compatibility!!!


Plus it's lightning fast too! This uses high-speed USB 2.0 so it's the smokin' hot Ferrari of data transfer! There's nothing like a fast, zippy progress bar on your screen to bring a smile to your face!

Without a DOUBT - this is the one accessory NO computer user should be without! Just imagine - next time you need to transfer documents, loads of photos, tons of music - it can all be done with this little cable! Oh, and you are in for a real TREAT when you upgrade to your next computer! You know ALL those files you need to get from one machine to another? Yup, use this cable, sit back, and relax! It's done baby!!

You and I BOTH know you've gotta be crazier than an outhouse rat to sit there trying to copy all your data to CDs or flash drives - or worse - trying to network two computers together just to get your data moved!

If you're ever, in your life, going to buy another computer YOU need this!! Heck, if you're ever going to transfer a batch of files from one computer to another you need this!

Best computer accessory. EVER.


YOU get a deal so smokin' hot you should need a permit from the fire dept.!

Today only, you can get this for just $10.97! Oh, and take it from me - once you get your hands on this bad boy you'll be patting yourself on the back for grabbin' it!! It's THAT good!

A word of warning though - this was a VERY limited quantity buyout, so once these are gone, we can't get more. Don't get left out in the cold - GRAB this deal today!

Every once in a while, I'll come across a deal that I can't even believe. When I got a sample of these Thump Bluetooth Wireless speakers and tried it out, I checked the price twice to make sure the decimal point wasn't in the wrong place.

It sounded as good or better than those fancy speakers my brother-in-law spent a house payment to buy.

When I shut my eyes, I thought for a minute that the Rolling Stones were actually in my office. I opened my eyes and there was no Mick Jagger, just this tiny little audio powerhouse.

You can bet I called my supplier ASAP and said, "I'll take all that you've got!"

I read an online review of this amazing speaker that asked "Why does no one know just how great it is?"  I don't know, but I'm sure glad they don't know yet, because then I wouldn't be able to give you this amazing deal!

Oh, and that tremendous value comment came from someone who paid $39.99 and not our amazing price of only $9.97!

How much do I love this little speaker? Let me count the ways!

Use a wireless Bluetooth connection or plug it in! That's right! It works with almost every device!  Use Bluetooth to instantly pair it with your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Or plug it into any device with a 3.5 mm jack! The high-quality Bluetooth connection will give you crystal-clear audio.

Use It With - Phones, Tablets, Music Players, Computers.  iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android phones & tablets, PCs, Macs - it works with everything!

Bluetooth or wired, it doesn't matter! 

The technology on this tiny dynamo is astounding! The drivers are magnetically shielded to give you a dynamically tuned, full-range sound for less than $10 !

I know some of these little speakers just sound like you're using a tin can on a string. Not this one. You have to check out the deep, tight bass! I've never heard anything like it at this price.

Just recharge the built-in lithium-ion battery via USB. But don't worry, you won't have to do it often. You'll get up to 6 hours from one charge!

This compact, sleek beauty fits right in on your desk without taking up room or right into your pocket, purse or backpack to go anywhere.

You have to hear it to believe it! These amazing little speakers are the best-kept secret in audio. So SHHHH... don't tell anyone. At least until after you've ordered a few for yourself at only $9.97!

Hurry! People are opening their newsletters and adding these to their carts right now!  Click the store link below to get yours now, before they're all gone!

Once the word gets out, I can't imagine that these will last until the sale ends on Wednesday! Get yours now!

Instant Immersion French Level 1 Software CD- Sale Price $2.97
(Original Retail $29.99)

Living in another country is the best way to learn a foreign language, but for most of us, that is not an option. Instant Immersion’s award-winning language software was designed using the same proven techniques and methods that occur in an immersive environment to help you learn as quickly, easily and naturally as possible. Associating words with pictures is a proven way to reinforce a new language in your memory. Furthermore, there are opportunities to record your pronunciation and hear it repeated to judge your progression. A game-like atmosphere makes learning fun, and a modern, intuitive interface helps you easily navigate the programs and keeps track of your progress. Instant Immersion’s best-selling programs have helped more than 6 million people with their language-learning goals. Now, it’s your turn! - Click For Full Review

Sonic Entry Wireless Audible Door and Window Alarm System- Sale Price $12.97
(Original Retail $39.99)

Protect your home's doors, windows and cabinets with the Sonic Entry Wireless Audible Door and Window Alarm System! The alarm system alerts you if an intruder enters your home. Great for monitoring door activity with children! - Click For Full Review

AA to C & D-Sized Battery Converters- Sale Price $4.97
(Original Retail $29.99)

Converting AA-size batteries into C or D-sized batteries is easy. These battery converters eliminate the need for you to carry C or D-sized batteries altogether. - Click For Full Review

When the sample for this came into the warehouse, it seemed so light and small, I wondered how it could protect hands from high heat. But let me tell you, IT WORKS.  We tested it ourselves in the WorldStart Test Kitchens, which are located in the kitchen of my house. Let me tell you, I put this thing through the paces.

First of all, I fired up the oven to a blazing 500 DEGREES and put a cast-iron Dutch oven in there. Nothing holds heat like cast iron and in no time that pot was smokin' hot. I even tested it with an instant-read thermometer to make sure it was 500 degrees. I slipped on the mitt, touched the handles, lifted the lid and I didn't feel a thing. AMAZING!

I usually don't like oven gloves, because they're big and bulky and, for me, make it harder to get a firm hold on pot handles and lids. I usually go with towel for the control, but they aren't that effective against heat and I've got the scars on my hands to prove it.  And I may or may not have set one or two of them on fire.

The slim design of this glove slides over your fingers for complete protection, but still gives you total flexibility. I was skeptical that something this lightweight could really protect my fingers, but IT WORKED PERFECTLY. I didn't feel a thing.

It's also great for stirring. Nobody likes grabbing a hot spoon, but have you ever tried to stir with a bulky oven glove? I even tested it out by flipping a steak using only my hands. The surface that touches the pot is specially ridged for a firm grip. Great control and my fingers didn't feel a thing!

Best of all, this is completely washable. I was making kind of sticky pan sauce last night and got a little on the glove. It rinsed right off under the tap. A towel or a cloth oven mitt would have required a round in the washer. You can even put these right in the dishwasher. It's so CONVENIENT!

It also worked perfectly for picking up a cookie sheet from the oven. I will warn you, that if you have any heavy pots or cookie sheets, it's best to buy two of them.

But for only $6.97 , why not? You'll probably want to get four in case you have a helper in the kitchen.

Everybody who works here wants at least two for their kitchen, but they'll have to wait to see if there are any left over, because I'm giving you first crack at this special deal for a limited time only.

Click the link below to put one (or more) in your cart for only $6.97!

And remember: it's buy one, get one free! So every "1" you add to your cart, you'll get TWO!

Get yours now before we run out or the price goes back to $10.97 !

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