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The Nifty Fifties - 50 Movie Set


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Product Description

Product Description

Over 65 Hours of the best of the 50s!

The 1950's marked the introduction of cultural and technological changes (i.e. Rock 'N Roll, TV sets) that reverberated into the themes and acting styles of this era. Many stars made their debut in the 50s while others continued their rise in stardom including Sidney Poitier, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor, Charlton Heston, Debbie Reynolds, Robert Wagner, Eva Gardner, Kim Novack, Marilyn Monroe and Gregory Peck.


The Admiral was a Lady  (1950)  B&W  Edmond O’Brien

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn  (1955)  B&W  John Carradine

Affair in Monte Carlo  (1952)  B&W  Merle Oberon

Africa Screams  (1950)  B&W  Abbott & Costello

The Angel with the Trumpet  (1950)  B&W  Eileen Herlie

Battles of Chief Pontiac  (1952)  B&W  Lon Chaney, Jr.

Behave Yourself  (1951)  B&W  Farley Granger

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef  (1953)  Color  Robert Wagner

The Bigamist  (1953)  B&W  Edmond O’Brien

A Bolt of Lightning  (1951)  B&W  Charlton Heston

Borderline  (1950)  B&W  Fred MacMurray

Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory  (1952)  B&W  Clayton Moore

Captain Scarface  (1953)  B&W  Barton MacLane

The Capture  (1950)  B&W  Lew Ayres

Cause For Alarm!  (1951)  B&W  Loretta Young

Chained for Life  (1951)  B&W  The Hilton Sisters

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court  (1952)  B&W  Boris Karloff

The Conquest of Everest  (1953)  Color  Edmund Hillary

Cyrano De Bergerac  (1950)  B&W  Jose Ferrer

The Groom Wore Spurs  (1951)  B&W  Ginger Rogers

Home Town Story  (1951)  B&W  Marilyn Monroe

The Hoodlum  (1951)  B&W  Lawrence Tierney

Indiscretion of an American Wife  (1953)  B&W  Jennifer Jones

The Jackie Robinson Story  (1950)  B&W  Jackie Robinson

The Lady Says No  (1952)  B&W  David Niven

The Last Time I Saw Paris  (1954)  Color  Elizabeth Taylor

Lay that Rifle Down  (1955)  B&W  Robert Lowery

Life and Loves of Mozart  (1955)  Color  Oskar Werner

A Life At Stake  (1954)  B&W  Angela Lansbury

Lilli Marlene  (1951)  B&W  Lisa Daniely

The Limping Man  (1953)  B&W  Lloyd Bridges

Love Island  (1952)  B&W  Eva Gabor

The Man Who Cheated Himself  (1950)  B&W  Lee J. Cobb

The Man Who Had Influence  (1950)  B&W  Robert Sterling

The Man with the Golden Arm  (1955)  B&W  Frank Sinatra

Manfish  (1956)  B&W  Lon Chaney Jr.

The Mark of the Hawk  (1958)  Color  Sidney Poitier

Martin Luther  (1953)  B&W  Niall MacGinnis

My Outlaw Brother  (1951)  B&W  Mickey Rooney

Never Wave at a WAC  (1952)  B&W  Rosalind Russell

The Night America Trembled  (1957)  B&W  Warren Beatty

The Painted Hills  (1951)  Color  Lassie

Plan For Escape  (1952)  B&W  Peggy Ann Garner

The Second Woman  (1951)  B&W  Robert Young

The Snows of Kilimanjaro  (1952)  Color  Gregory Peck

St. Benny the Dip  (1951)  B&W  Dick Haymes

A Tale of Two Cities  (1953)  B&W  Wendell Corey

Three Husbands  (1951)  B&W  Eve Arden

The Trial of John Peter Zenger  (1953)  B&W  Eddie Albert

The White Orchid  (1954)  Color  William Lundigan


Disc 1

The Last Time I Saw Paris

Starring Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Walter Pidgeon

(1954) Color 116 Minutes Unrated

A reporter covering the VE day celebration in Paris meets and falls in love with a beautiful girl.  Married shortly after the war, the couple lives on his meager wage he earns as a news-wire reporter while he works on his novel.  After giving up on his job and living for a while on his oil well earnings, the couple grow apart until a tragic event brings the man out of his self-destructive behavior.  

My Outlaw Brother

Starring Mickey Rooney, Robert Stack, Robert Preston

(1951) B&W 82 Minutes Unrated

J. Dennis O’Moore (Mickey Rooney) is on a trip out West to visit his brother Patrick (Robert Stack).  While visiting a small border town, he meets Texas Ranger Joe Walter (Robert Preston) who informs him that his brother is a wanted outlaw and that he is assigned to track him down.  At first, Dennis refuses to believe the ranger but, when evidence proves the claims against his brother, he decides to track down Patrick himself and bring him to justice.

Three Husbands

Starring Eve Arden, Ruth Warrick, Vanessa Brown

(1951) B&W 78 Minutes Unrated

A recently deceased playboy is awarded one final request before gaining his heavenly reward. Before he passed away, the playboy had sent letters to his three card-playing friends stating he had affairs with their wives. The departed man wishes to see what happens to the couples after the three men read the letters.

St. Benny the Dip

Starring Dick Haymes, Lionel Stander, Freddie Bartholomew

(1951) B&W 81 Minutes Unrated

Three small-time confidence men pull a scam that unfortunately brings out the police in full force to track them down. Finding themselves in a mission down in the Bowery, the three men quickly disguise themselves as priests and begin the charade of tending to the poor, in order to fool the authorities. While the trio may look the part, they initially keep their old habits until circumstances make the men begin to change their ways and outlook towards life.

Disc 2

The Snows of Kilimanjaro

Starring Ava Gardner, Gregory Peck, Susan Hayward

(1952) Color 114 Minutes Unrated

On a hunting expedition in the wilds of Africa, a famous novelist is gravely injured in an accident. While being tended to for his injuries, and with doubt for his survival, the writer being to recount his life and his missed opportunity for true love. Spending most of his time traveling the world and seeking adventure, he ended up losing the woman he loved and tried to compensate for his loss through his writing, which he found to be unsatisfying though successful.

The Lady Says No

Starring Joan Caulfield, David Niven, James Robertson Justice

(1952) B&W 83 Minutes Unrated

A woman author writes a best-selling book that bashes men and is surprised when a Life Magazine photographer attempts to woo her. This unlikely pair starts out as bitter rivals on opposite sides but, as time goes on, the woman eventually realizes she’s fallen for him. Meanwhile, the photographer tries to win over the woman not knowing she has feelings for him.

The Man Who Cheated Himself

Starring Lee J. Cobb, Jane Wyatt, John Dall

(1950) B&W 80 Minutes Unrated

A veteran San Francisco police detective has been seeing a married socialite when she kills her husband, claiming he was going to kill her. Hoping to keep his involvement with the married woman a secret, the detective helps her cover up the murder by setting it up to look like the death was a result of a botched robbery attempt. The detective thinks he is in the clear when he’s assigned to investigate the case but, his partner for this investigation is his own brother, an up and coming detective that he’s taught everything he knows. Will the detective be able to keep his brother from discovering his involvement in the death and discovering the truth behind the murder? 

The Bigamist

Starring Joan Fontaine, Ida Lupino, Edmond O’Brien

(1953) B&W 79 Minutes Unrated

A successful traveling salesman from San Francisco spends much of his time traveling back and forth to Los Angeles, much to the frustration of his loving wife. When the childless couple decides to adopt, the responses he gives to some of the agency’s questions raises some doubts in the mind of the adoption agency caseworker. Digging deeper into the salesman’s background brings up a startling fact; the man has a second wife and child in Los Angeles. Exposed for what he has done, the salesman tries to explain the story behind his two marriages.

Disc 3

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Starring Thomas Mitchell, John Carradine

(1955) B&W 48 Minutes Unrated

This classic tale from author Mark Twain was brought to the small screen for the first time in the 1950’s and features Thomas Mitchell and John Carradine.  This classic novel features the tales of Huckleberry Finn, a young mischievous boy who heads down the Mississippi River in search of adventure.  Along with his companion Tom Sawyer, the two find excitement and danger on their travels. 

Martin Luther

Starring Niall MacGinnis, Annette Carell, Alexander Gauge

(1953) B&W 106 Minutes Unrated

This biographical account of Martin Luther’s actions that eventually created the Protestant and Lutheran religions was filmed in conjunction with the Lutheran Church.  Niall MacGinnis portrays the monk who’s nailing of his list of 95 theses to the church door created a stir so large that it shook the very foundations of the Catholic Church.  This film shows the struggle between Luther and the organized church and how the Catholic Church was not fully explaining things he questioned, which led him to be labeled a heretic.

Africa Screams

Starring Bud Abbott, Lou Costello, Hillary Brooke

(1950) B&W 80 Minutes Unrated

Stanley Livington (Lou Costello) is a timid book salesperson who has memorized a map from a rare book, which leads to a hidden diamond mine in Africa.  Livington’s friend, Buzz Johnson (Bud Abbott), uses this information to attempt to scam money from explorer Diana Emerson (Hillary Brooke), who is searching for the mine.  Emerson decides to take both Livington and Johnson up on their offer and the trio begins leading an expedition into the darkest wilds of the African jungle, where adventure and hilarity abound. 

The White Orchid

Starring William Lundigan, Peggie Castle, Armando Silvestre

(1954) Color 78 Minutes Unrated

An archeologist sets out to explore the jungles of Mexico to find and document the lost civilization of the Toltecs. An attractive female photographer accompanies the expedition to photograph the findings and falls for the handsome plantation owner who is guiding the group, although the archeologist has discovered feelings for her. Finding the ancestors of the Toltecs living in a hidden city, the expedition begins to document them until an accidental death places them all in great danger.

Disc 4

The Jackie Robinson Story

Starring Jackie Robinson, Ruby Dee, Minor Watson

(1950) B&W 77 Minutes Unrated

The life of Jackie Robinson from his college days, to the military and then his becoming the first African-American professional baseball player in the modern era is covered in this feature.  Robinson portrays himself in this feature that allows your insight into the psyche of Robinson, Branch Rickey and his fellow Brooklyn Dodgers teammates.  This feature shows the pressure that was placed upon Robinson by the public and by some of his fellow players, due to the racism that was common during that era.

Cyrano De Bergerac

Starring Jose Ferrer, Mala Powers, William Prince

(1950) B&W 113 Minutes Unrated

This screen adaptation of the Edmund Rostand novel features Jose Ferrer reprising his Tony award-winning role as Cyrano, the swashbuckling swordsman and poet who fears he will never be loved due to his enormous nose.  Loving the fair Roxanne from afar, the maiden confides with Cyrano her love for Christian, a handsome man but without the ability to express himself in matters of the heart.  Cyrano discovers Christian’s feelings for Roxanne and agrees to help the man with his courtship of the fair lady by providing him the words to do so.  Eventually, Roxanne discovers the truth behind the lovely words used to win her heart and she’s reunited with the dying Cyrano, who passes away happily in her arms.  Jose Ferrer not only was a Tony winner for his stage portrayal of Cyrano but he was also an Oscar winner for Best Actor for this screen performance.

The Mark of the Hawk

Starring Sidney Poitier, Eartha Kitt, Patrick Allan

(1958) Color 85 Minutes Unrated

Obam (Sidney Poitier) is faced with a dilemma when he returns to his African homeland for a political position after spending time in London attending school.  Obam’s brother is the leader of the rebel faction opposed to the current government, mainly controlled by the wealthy white landowners.  Our new appointee must now try to balance his feelings with his duty to country as the struggles of his people raises struggles with his own convictions.

The Limping Man

Starring Lloyd Bridges, Moira Lister, Alan Wheatley

(1953) B&W 76 Minutes Unrated

An American World War II veteran returns to England after six years to visit an old flame he met during the war. Upon arriving at the airport, the American witnesses one of his fellow passengers getting gunned down by a sniper and is questioned by the police. When he finally arrives at the woman’s residence, he discovers she had some connections to the man who was killed, that cast both of them under a shadow of suspicion with the authorities. The reunited lovers must remove the doubts in the minds of the police by tracking down the truth behind the shooting and bring the true culprit to justice.

Disc 5

Buffalo Bill in Tomahawk Territory 

Starring Clayton Moore, Slim Andrews, Charles Harvey

(1952) B&W 56 Minutes Unrated

Buffalo Bill finds his Indian friends are being accused of raiding settlers in order to cover up a land grabbing scheme by some criminals. It seems the reservation land contains gold the bandits wish to mine and they must get rid of the Indians to gain access to the land. Buffalo Bill must uncover the culprits behind the raids before more bloodshed happens on both sides.

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef

Starring Robert Wagner, Terry Moore, Peter Graves, Richard Boone

(1953) Color 101 Minutes Unrated

A father and son team, Mike and Tony Petrakis, make their living diving for sponges off the Florida coast. Their catch is stolen by Arnold and the Rhys brothers, forcing Mike and his team to seek new sponges at the perilous 12 Mile Reef. Meanwhile, Tony meets and falls for Gwyneth Rhys, the sister of the men who took the sponge catch. Tragedy strikes the Petrakis, which forces the younger Petrakis to keep the family business going on his own.   

Behave Yourself

Starring Farley Granger, Shelley Winters, Lon Chaney Jr.

(1951) B&W 81 Minutes Unrated

Young newlyweds Bill and Kate Denny (Farley Granger and Shelley Winters) take in a stray dog named Archie.  Archie is really a trained dog that is a go-between for two rival gangs of criminals.  With a million-dollar counterfeiting scheme causing hostilities between the two gangs, our newlyweds and their adopted dog are thrown into the middle of the mix..

Love Island

Starring Eva Gabor, Paul Valentine, Malcolm Lee Beggs

(1952) B&W 62 Minutes Unrated

A love triangle in tropical paradise begins when a US Navy pilot crash lands on a South Pacific island.  There the pilot befriends a native beauty and the relationship stirs up jealous feelings in one of the tribesmen.  The jealous suitor has the beauty’s father arrested by the native chief with the stipulation the charges will be dropped when the beauty agrees to marry him.

Disc 6

The Night America Trembled

Starring Warren Beatty, Vincent Gardenia, Warren Oates, James Coburn

(1957) B&W 51 Minutes Unrated

Another classic dramatic presentation brought to you by Studio One, originally a radio program brought out as an Emmy-winning weekly television program shown on the CBS television network from 1948 to 1958.  This particular episode centers on the tale of the 1939 Halloween Night radio broadcast of The Mercury Theater’s “The War of The Worlds”.  Narrated by Edward R. Murrow, this program presented a dramatization of the studio end of the broadcast as well as audience reactions through vignettes.  Guest stars abound in this episode, which opened the tenth season of this program, including Ed Asner, Vincent Gardenia, James Coburn, Warren Oates and a youthful Warren Beatty.   

Never Wave at a WAC

Starring Rosalind Russell, Paul Douglas, Marie Wilson

(1952) B&W 87 Minutes Unrated

A divorced Washington D.C. socialite is distraught when her boyfriend, a Colonel in the Army, gets stationed over in Paris. Hoping to reunite with her boyfriend, the woman joins the WACs, with the hopes that her capital connections will get her stationed over in Paris. Unbeknownst to her, her ex-husband is working for the Army and gets wind of her plans, so he sabotages her plans and has her assigned with a regular WACs outfit assigned to test equipment.

Plan For Escape

Starring Peggy Ann Garner, Jean Carson, Frank Overton

(1952) B&W 60 Minutes Unrated

This drama was a presentation of the Emmy winning CBS series Studio One, a weekly dramatic program that ran for ten seasons. This series originated as a weekly dramatic radio program that moved to television in the late 1940’s. Viewers were treated to performances by some to the great actors and actresses of their time. The feature performance here is about a gangster’s wife, tired of the lifestyle her husband’s career brings, given a possible escape when her husband is killed by rival gangsters.

Home Town Story

Starring Marilyn Monroe, Jeffrey Lynn, Donald Crisp

(1951) B&W 61 Minutes Unrated

Blake Washburn (Jeffrey Lynn), a politician, loses a re-election bid and blames Jonathan McFarland (Donald Crisp) for his loss.  Washburn takes over control of his uncle’s newspaper and uses the format to attack the local business leaders, and especially McFarland. After a tragedy strikes close to home for Washburn, he discovers the error of his ways.   

Affair in Monte Carlo

Starring Merle Oberon, Richard Todd, Leo Genn

(1952) B&W 64 Minutes Unrated

A young bride-to-be runs off with a young man she had just met, rather than marrying the older gentleman she was planning to marry in a few days.  This event surprises the patrons at a local café who cannot believe the woman could do such a thing to the bridegroom.  While the café crowd discusses their disbelief on how the woman could fall in love with another man in just three days, a writer recounts to the group his own past experience with a similar situation to help the group understand the woman’s decision.

Disc 7

Indiscretion of an American Wife

Starring Jennifer Jones, Montgomery Clift, Gino Cervi

(1953) B&W 63 Minutes Unrated

Jennifer Jones and Montgomery Clift star as a visiting American housewife and the Italian lover she meets while visiting relatives in Rome. When the time comes for her to leave for America, she decides to break off the relationship and makes plans to return home to her husband. When saying goodbye to each other at the train station, the Italian gentleman professes his love for her and asks her to stay. While waiting for her train, the woman begins to reconsider her decision to return home to her husband.

The Second Woman

Starring Robert Young, Betsy Drake, John Sutton

(1951) B&W 91 Minutes Unrated

Robert Young stars memorably in this dark mystery with more than its share of twists and turns.  Young plays an architect who remains devastated by the death of his wife-to-be in a tragic car accident. A friend, played by Betsy Drake, helps him look into a series of “accidents” that are wrecking his life and all that he holds dear. 

The Capture

Starring Lew Ayres, Teresa Wright, Victor Jory

(1950) B&W 91 Minutes Unrated

An American oil man in Mexico tracks down and kills a suspected payroll robber.  Afterwards, he begins to doubt the actual guilt of the man he’s killed, so he sets out to find the man’s family and meets his widow.  Falling in love, the two are married but the oil man still has guilt about his responsibility in the man’s death.  Discovering the identity of the true culprit, the oil man sets out to get him but the criminal dies before he arrives.  Now accused of murdering the criminal, the oil man must face his conscience and the consequences for his deeds.

Lay that Rifle Down

Starring Judy Canova, Robert Lowery, Jil Jarmyn

(1955) B&W 71 Minutes Unrated

A young woman works for her aunt in the woman’s hotel in a small town but dreams of bigger things. A group of con men arrive in town hoping to use the young woman in their scheme to swindle her aunt and the town’s banker. Things get complicated when one of the con men has a change of heart and when oil is discovered on the aunt’s property.

Disc 8

Life and Loves of Mozart

Starring Oskar Werner, Johanna Matz, Erich Kunz

(1955) Color 100 Minutes Unrated

This dramatization of Mozart’s life centers upon the premiere of his latest creation, “The Magic Flute”.  While not depicting the precise lifestyle of the famous composer, this film does attempt to display the fame and notoriety that Mozart had achieved.  This interesting biopic gives everyone a chance to see the brilliance of his craft and the buffoonery that Mozart often found himself involved with.

The Painted Hills

Starring Lassie, Paul Kelly, Bruce Cowling, Gary Gray

(1951) Color 69 Minutes Unrated

A prospector finally strikes it rich and heads to town to look up his long-time partner. He discovers that the man has died, so the prospector takes in his partner’s orphan son and has his faithful dog Shep (Lassie) keep an eye on him. When the prospector is lured to his death by his new partner, Shep decides to protect the boy and avenge his master by taking on the murderer. This was the seventh and final Lassie film produced by MGM studios.

The Groom Wore Spurs

Starring Ginger Rogers, Jack Carson, Joan Davis

(1951) B&W 81 Minutes Unrated

A movie star cowboy turns out to have the opposite personality from his on-screen persona. After getting into some trouble in Las Vegas, the movie cowboy is freed through the effort of his female attorney.  Marrying each other, the attorney decides to try to change her husband into the on-screen hero he portrays.

Battles of Chief Pontiac

Starring Lex Barker, Lon Chaney Jr., Helen Westcott

(1952) B&W 73 Minutes Unrated

Prior to the start of the American Revolutionary War, an American frontiersman attempts to broker a peace treaty between the British colonials and Chief Pontiac.  When a Hessian commander takes up a campaign to eliminate Pontiac’s people, it threatens the entire region with all-out war. The frontiersman must put a stop to the Hessian’s plans and keep the peace process going if he plans on saving the new settlers.

Disc 9

The Angel with the Trumpet

Starring Eileen Herlie, Basil Sydney, Norman Wooland

(1950) B&W 99 Minutes Unrated

An Austrian girl is forced to marry for the sake of the family, rather than for love, which causes her great pain when the man she truly loves commits suicide, rather than see her married to another. Her depressing life takes a further turn for the worse when the Nazis rise to power in Germany and her Jewish ancestry creates some problems between her and the Gestapo. The woman takes steps to do right by herself for the first time in her life after vowing to never allow someone else to determine her fate.

Cause For Alarm!

Starring Loretta Young, Barry Sullivan, Bruce Cowling

(1951) B&W 73 Minutes Unrated

While recovering from a heart attack, a gentleman mistakenly believes his wife is having an affair with his doctor and the two of them are plotting to kill him. The man writes a letter to the D.A. detailing his suspicions about his wife and his doctor and has his wife mail the letter.  After she returns from mailing the letter, the man confronts his wife about what he has written and becomes agitated to the point where he pulls a gun on her. The stress becomes too much for the man and he immediately dies from another heart attack, forcing his innocent wife to try to get back the letter before it gets to the D.A.’s office.

The Hoodlum

Starring Lawrence Tierney, Edward Tierney, Allene Roberts

(1951) B&W 61 Minutes Unrated

A career criminal is finally released from prison and he moves back home with his family, who have been put through the wringer because of his activities. Taking a job at his brother’s gas station, the ex-convict spends much of his time intimidating the customers and scheming to seduce a bank secretary, in order to use her for a planned bank robbery. Meanwhile, he has seduced his brother’s fiancée, gotten her pregnant and abandoned her, which makes the despondent girl commit suicide.  All paths in the story lead to the fateful bank robbery and a final confrontation between the criminal and his brother.

A Life At Stake

Starring Angela Lansbury, Keith Andes, Douglass Dumbrille

(1954) B&W 75 Minutes Unrated

A gentleman begins to suspect the mysterious accidents that have befallen him recently are not just a coincidence.  He begins to suspect that someone may be trying to kill him in order to collect on a life insurance policy.  Could it be his hard-driving business partner wanting to keep the company going or his bored but seductive wife that is interested in the money?  Will he discover the truth behind the accidents before someone does him in? 

Disc 10

The Admiral was a Lady

Starring Edmond O’Brien, Wanda Hendrix, Rudy Vallee

(1950) B&W 87 Minutes Unrated

This romantic comedy centers around a recently discharge WAVE who becomes the love interest of four men, all whom lead a leisurely lifestyle. While attempting to feign off these would-be suitors, our heroine attempts to track down her missing fiancé, who is on the run from an angry millionaire. Hoping to find her fiancé, our former WAVE finds herself falling for one of her lazy suitors.


Starring Fred MacMurray, Raymond Burr, Claire Trevor

(1950) B&W 88 Minutes Unrated

A gang has been smuggling drugs from Mexico and two government agents working on the case set out to break up the ring. Unfortunately, neither agent knows the other one is working on the same side and this leads to complications, especially when they must pretend to be a married couple to avoid suspicion from the police. As their distrust of each other shrinks as they spend more time together, the determination to stop this ring grows, as well as the danger of being exposed for who they really are.


Starring Lon Chaney Jr., John Bromfield, Victor Jory

(1956) B&W 88 Minutes Unrated

A trio of treasure hunters is searching the West Indies for a hidden fortune. The lure of gold makes for a rise in tension as the men come closer to the treasure’s location. The deep-sea divers hope to track down the gold, but find that greed and hatred leads to murder.

Chained for Life

Starring Daisy Hilton, Violet Hilton, Mario Laval

(1951) B&W 70 Minutes Unrated

The Hamilton Sisters, Dorothy and Vivian, are Siamese twins living life as best as they can. Working as a novelty singing act for a vaudeville show, the twins are exploited by their unscrupulous manager both financially and emotionally. When one of the sisters is charged with murder, it falls upon the court to figure out how to punish the one sister, if convicted, while sparing the other sister.

Disc 11

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court

Starring Thomas Mitchell, Boris Karloff, Berry Kroeger

(1952) B&W 51 Minutes Unrated

This adaptation of the Mark Twain classic tale presents the story of a modern-era gentleman who is thrust back in time to 6th Century England, during the time of King Arthur.  Working his way into the favors of the king due to his knowledge from the future, our hero incurs the wraith of Arthur’s court magician, Merlin.  This version of the tale was brought to the small screen as part of the Studio One television series shown on CBS from 1948 to 1958. 

The Man with the Golden Arm

Starring Frank Sinatra, Kim Novak, Eleanor Parker

(1955) B&W 119 Minutes Unrated

Frank Machine (Frank Sinatra), an expert card dealer and heroin addict, is finally released from prison and hopes to get his life in order and kick his drug habit. Frank’s wife, who was in a car accident years before caused by him, fakes paralysis in order to keep him under her control. She wishes him to continue his gambling habits to support her; all the while he is struggling to kick his drug addiction and is also afraid that he’s lost his gambling touch.

 Lilli Marlene

Starring Lisa Daniely, Hugh McDermott, Stanley Baker

(1951) B&W 75 Minutes Unrated

During the World War II battles in North Africa, a section of the battlefield is overrun numerous times by both the Axis and the Allies.   Found in this battlefield is a bar run by a husband and wife, with their daughter waiting tables.  During one of the times the Germans occupy the territory, it is learned the daughter is the woman referred to in the famous song, “Lilli Marlene”.  The German officer demands the daughter sing the song to him nightly, otherwise he will harm her parents.

Captain Scarface

Starring Barton MacLane, Lief Erickson, Virginia Grey

(1953) B&W 70 Minutes Unrated

Foreign spies have a plot to blow up the Panama Canal, which involves the kidnapping of an atomic scientist.  While traveling by tramp steamer to a secret South American headquarters, the spies and their captive scientist have to reckon with Captain “Scarface” Trednor (Barton MacLane), a less-than honest but patriotic gentleman.  Captain Trednor uncovers the plans of the foreign agents and decides to fight for what’s right.

Disc 12

The Trial of John Peter Zenger

Starring Eddie Albert, Murray Matheson, Marian Seldes

(1953) B&W 60 Minutes Unrated

This drama was a presentation of the Emmy winning CBS series Studio One, a weekly dramatic program that ran for ten seasons.  This series originated as a weekly dramatic radio program that moved to television in the late 1940s.  Viewers were treated to performances by some to the great actors and actresses of their time.  In this episode, the landmark libel case brought up against newspaper publisher John Peter Zenger is retold, with Eddie Albert as the title character.

The Conquest of Everest

Starring Edmund Hillary, John Hunt, George Band

(1953) Color 77 Minutes Unrated

This documentary presents an accounting of the famous first ascent to the top of Mount Everest, the world’s tallest peak.  Recounted here are the Mallory expedition from the 1920’s and their failed attempt to climb to the peak as well as a full account of the 1952 successful expedition headed by John Hunt and Edmund Hillary.  Using footage filmed during the ascent and utilizing the personal accounts of expedition members, this documentary offers great insight into the minds and operation of these famous explorers. 

A Tale of Two Cities

Starring Wendell Corey, Wanda Hendrix, Judith Evelyn

(1953) B&W 59 Minutes Unrated

This Charles Dickens classic tale was brought to television on Plymouth Playhouse, a weekly series brought out in 1953 by the ABC network.  This story centers on two men, both in love with the same woman, during the height of the French Revolution.  With the Reign of Terror swirling around them, the men come to terms with their relationship with the woman and one gentleman makes the ultimate sacrifice for the other. 

Road to Bali

Starring Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Dorothy Lamour

(1952) Color 91 Minutes Unrated

Bing Crosby and Bob Hope team up again for their sixth adventure together, this time as two American vaudevillians performing in Australia. When the prospect of a double shotgun wedding looms on the horizon, our pair quickly sign up as deep sea divers and head off to Bali. Our boys meet and both fall in love with the same girl, Princess Lalah (Dorothy Lamour), and when scoundrels decide to usurp her throne, the boys lend a hand in helping out.

A Bolt of Lightning

Starring Charlton Heston, Rita Vale, Anne Seymour

(1951) B&W 60 Minutes Unrated

This program is from the famous Studio One television series shown from 1948 to 1958 by CBS and was a continuation of the successful radio series of the same name.  This series received multiple Emmy awards as well as nominations and brought to the small screen some of the brightest and biggest stars, directors and writers of it’s time to present to the audience a dramatic feature each week.  Charlton Heston stars as James Otis, a colonial American attorney and patriot who fought the unjust practice of ‘writs of assistance’ utilized by the British authorities in the Colonies.


Format: DVD Run Time: 65 hr 9 min Rating: No Rating Region Code: Region 1

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