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Laplink PC Mover Ultimate Package


Product ID 8978
Weight 1.00 lbs
Original Retail $110.00 - (save 83%)
Shipping FREE In The US - (International Varies)
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Packaging Retail
Return Policy 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Sale Price $18.97
On Sale - Save 17% off our regular low price!
The price will increase to $22.97 in 2015-05-26 00:00:00 GMT-05:00



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WS Review Product Description

Moving SUCKS!

And Moving Files Between Computers Is No Different!

That'll Drive ANYONE Insane!

LapLink's PC Mover Has a Cable That Does It All For You!

It's The ONLY Cable That Transfers Software...

And NO Other Cable Is This Easy!

(Think About All The Programs You'd Have To Reinstall Manually...)

We've Got It For $90 LESS Than The Manufacturer!

With BONUS PC Sync & SafeErase Software!

A Terrible Realization...

Your PC has been STRESSING you out for years! It's slow, it crashes all the time, and it sometimes won't even turn on!

So you spend weeks finding a new one at the right price, take it home, and get it all set up...


You've got a LOT to transfer (even if it's not a brand new PC!)

Photos, music, videos, e-mails, favorite webpages... and especially your EXPENSIVE programs!

Regular transfer cables and software just won't get all that! And the few things they DO transfer over go so sloooooow you might as well do it yourself!

Programs in particular do NOT transfer over at all with regular cables! So you don't need a regular cable, you need...


The most INGENIOUS program bundle EVER created for PC users!

If you are planning on getting a new PC any time in the near future - LapLink PC Mover is AN ABSOLUTE MUST-HAVE!

If you're buying a new computer with Windows 7 or 8 on it - it's even MORE important that you have this! Here's why!

It's ALL in The Cable - And The Transfers are LIGHTNING Fast!

**Pay Attention - This is IMPORTANT!**

The secret to the BLAZIN' speed is all in the included cable... And it makes USB cables look SLOW!  

It's fully compatible, AUTOMATIC, and 100% Plug & Play!  Just follow the prompts, plug it in and watch in awe as your transfers are completed with UNBELIEVABLE SPEED

Seriously - What would take a standard USB cable hours - this can do in minutes!  And what would take a USB cable minutes - this can do in seconds!

Results don't lie: this ethernet cable is the King of Transfers!

There's nothing to install - no drivers, no networking, nothing!  Just follow the simple prompts and get ready for your TRANSFERS TO POSITIVELY FLY!


Move EVERYTHING From Your Old PC to Your New One With EASE!

This awesome software lets you transfer everything - from your files to your software programs - onto your new computer. Most transfer cables only let you transfer over old files...but what about all of that IMPORTANT software that you've spent a FORTUNE on?

Moving files is simple - moving software is not. In fact, it used to be nearly impossible!


When most software is installed, you get components and pieces of the software scattered all over your hard drive .

Manually finding every part and putting it back on a new computer, placed where it should be and registered with Windows is almost impossible.


This is the ONLY program on the planet that allows you to do an upgrade from computer-to-computer while keeping ALL of your files and software!

Why? Because for some reason, Microsoft doesn't really support FULL upgrades. You can buy it, but once you install it - you're in for a nasty surprise! You'll be told that ALL of your software is now gone, and that it'll try to relocate it. It can't. Hope you backed everything up...

That's right - if you're upgrading (especially from Windows XP)... WINDOWS WILL LEAVE ALL YOUR SOFTWARE ON YOUR OLD PC!!!

GUESS WHAT? This is the ONLY software that solves that HORRIBLE problem!

Everything will be there when you've finished, and all of your data will be where it should be! LapLink PC Mover is like a MIRACLE!

The Test Results BLEW US AWAY!

Before we get started on a test run for you, just know this: all you need to know in order to successfully run this program to click your mouse!

Step 1: Install the software on both PC's

VERY EASY! Now just attach them with the INCLUDED Laplink cable. SIMPLE!

Ready to start making decisions? Go ahead! Exclude any files you don't want to keep. Wanna keep all of your data file folders? Leave the check marks in the little boxes, and they'll be kept!

Step 2: Let LapLink scan and find ALL of your old software!

When it's done, it'll give you a list with check boxes - leave checks in the ones you want to transfer over to your new PC. It's THAT EASY! Being able to select only the programs you want to transfer is AMAZING!

Oh, it even tells you when you already have the same software on your new PC (this program will not overwrite existing files, so you don't need to worry about data loss).

Step 3: Walk away and let LapLink do it's thing!

Once you've selected everything you want transferred over, your job is done! Now LapLink will AUTOMATICALLY transfer EVERYTHING you asked it to!

This obviously takes some time - especially if you're transferring large amounts of date. No big deal! The easiest solution is to let it run over night - when you get up in the morning, your new computer will be decked out and ready to go!



You won't be on that computer forever... and a deal like this doesn't come every day!

Plus, the software is upgradable to the newest version whenever you decide to make the switch! So, if you're planning on a new PC anytime in the future, grab this title now and you'll have it RIGHT when you need it!

If PC Answers Magazine says it's awesome...IT IS!

"Instead of messing around with program installation and data copying , PCmover is the ideal tool for anyone making the change to a new PC."
-PC Answers Magazine


Hold onto your seats, we're not even DONE yet!

Everything above was PC Mover - but this is PC Mover ULTIMATE! That means you get MORE software, MORE utilities, for LESS!

PC Sync Lets Multiple Computers "Stay On The Same Page!"

If you have a PC and a laptop, or maybe even a PC and a Mac... you probably struggle to keep files updated on both! Maybe you uploaded family photos on your Mac, but you want 'em on your PC too!

Doing this a million times in a row is the definition of tedious!

All you need is PC Sync! It lets you transfer files back and forth with a simple drag-and-drop interface!

But that's only HALF of what it does!

THIS IS EVEN BETTER: It AUTOMATICALLY syncs files and folders you set it to! Make a photo folder on one PC, set it to auto-sync, and BOOM! PC Sync takes care of the rest!

This will LITERALLY cut all your file uploading and managing in half! Who could argue with that?!

My keyboard is DYIN' at this point, there's WAY too much to tell you about... like the OTHER software bonus that comes with this!

SafeErase - Because Deleting Is NOT Enough!

You may have heard it before. Just deleting a file doesn't ACTUALLY delete it! That means your tax files from last year are probably still accessible on your PC!

SafeErase takes all the worry out of deleting your files!

  • Faster deletions!
  • 6 methods for GUARANTEED removal!
  • You even get a deletion report!

This'll get everything you want it to: Internet history, old documents, entire partitions to ENTIRE HARD DRIVES!

If you're thinking of throwing out or selling your old computer... don't you DARE do it without using SafeErase first!


If you got these individually from the manufacturer, this is what they'd have you paying: $59.95 for PC Mover. $29.95 for SafeErase. And $19.97 for PC Sync!

That's $110!!!





That's HALF of what you'd pay for a single one of these pieces of software normally! Do NOT pass this up!

You're not going to find this for less than 40 bucks anywhere... except at WorldStart!

For today only, this BRILLIANT program can be yours for just $18.97 with FREE US SHIPPING!


PS: Remember, you can get this software now, while it's still available, and not buy your new PC until next year... or how ever long you want - and this program will automatically upgrade itself to the newest version when you install it. How sweet!

LOW SUPPLY WARNING - We were only able to get so many of these! If you don't grab your copy quick, you might not get a chance! And if we have any left, they go up to $22.97 Tuesday!!


Product Description

It's not a simple transfer cable, it's SO much more!  It's Laplink PCmover Ultimate!

PCmover is the ONLY software that moves all programs, files, and settings!  Laplink PCmover Ultimate lets you transfer items from an old PC to a new PC, including PCs running Windows 8!

PCmover automatically moves all the programs, files and settings you select from your old PC to your new one and all of your applications will be installed automatically ready to use!  The process of setting up a new PC is now simple by using a step-by-step "wizard-like" process.  It's perfect for anyone of any skill level!

Automatically move the currently logged in user as well as selected applications, files, and folders to your new PC.  In less time than you realize, you will be able to transfer everything across a Laplink High-Powered Ethernet cable!  Stop wasting hours or days with PC setup!


Key Features

  • Automatically move programs, files, and settings from your old PC to a new one!
  • No need to re-install all of your old programs.  Just transfer and they will be installed automatically!
  • Lightning fast transfer speeds using the included ethernet transfer cable
  • Simple "wizard-like" process makes transferring easy for anyone of any skill level!
  • Transfer the files and programs to a new PC that only you select!
  • Something not quite right?  Use the handy undo functionality to go back to the previous state!
  • Free Transfer Assistance!  Have a trained Laplink expert help you with PCmover!


3 Easy Steps!

  • Install - Simply install PCmover on both your old and new computers and go!
  • Transfer - Click through the easy-to-use wizard to select which type of transfer you want to do!
  • Done! - Your new computer has the same personality and functionality as your old PC.  No need to reinstall programs because PCmover did it for you!



  • Laplink PCMover software
  • SafeErase software
  • Laplink PC Sync software
  • Ethernet transfer cable






System Requirements

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8
  • 200 MB of hard disk space

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