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TurboBackup 9.1


Product ID 8946
Weight 1 lbs
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WS Review Product Description

Where Does Data Go When a Hard Drive Dies?


Don't Have a Backup?

Then You Won't Have Your Data Ever Again - It's THAT Simple!

WorldStart's Got The Program To Make Backups EASY!


No Hassles, No Complicated Steps!

Full Restores - Partial Restores - Whatever You Need!

Compress, Repair, And Catalog Backups Automatically!

You'll NEVER Worry About Crashes Again!


There's Two Kinds Of People...

Those who keep backups... and those that will wish they had!

Which one are you?

MILLIONS of people suffer hard drive crashes every year. Add on to that all the viruses and malware. Don't forget user error too, sometimes we delete stuff not realizing how important it was until it's too late!

What do you keep on YOUR computer? Software? Music? Videos? Photos?

You can't replace a family photo!

Rebuying your music would require a second mortgage!

All that software you learned and configured... it's even MORE expensive to replace!

It's too much for ANYONE to handle losing forever!

But look, I get it. Keeping backups is annoying. If you tried it before, by week 45 of pressing the button to backup your data AGAIN, you probably started going "Why bother?"


Easy & Painless Backups - Schedule It And FORGET IT!

TurboBackup takes ALL the "work" outta keeping your system backed up!

Scheduling your backups takes only a few minutes at MOST (depending on how much you wanna backup) and it lets you set them to constantly backup automatically!

Look at the screenshot below - there's TONS of options to get the automatic backups that you NEED!

And that's just the tip of the iceberg!

There may be a lot of backup solutions out there, but nothing comes close to how thorough and flexible this one is!

Everything can be done with The Wizard! If you've used any of the default Windows programs, you're probably familiar with "wizards." They walk you through each step with simple selections and easy to understand language. It gives you full control without requiring a computer science degree!

TurboBackup 9.1 gives you the best of both worlds: It's easy as pie for the average user, but it has a great amount of depth for those special backup needs!

For instance, it allows you to backup to pretty much whatever media you want!

Trust me, this is SO useful!

The interface is just a simple selection one too! My kids are using this for their backups now! There's no tech jargon here, just simple point and click selections!

Most people will probably stick to the top three, but it never hurts to have options!

And really, this selection is great! Backups are nice to have on an external hard drive, but stuff like family photos and music are so much nicer on a flash drive! That way you can move 'em around in addition to making sure they stay safe from crashes!

Increment Your Backups!

A lot of backup software out there, particularly the automatic ones, limit you to just ONE backup file that keeps getting overwritten every time you do it! Sure, in most cases that might not effect you much, but what if your automatic backups happened a few times after you deleted something important?

Now you can't get it back - what's the POINT of the backup then?!

TurboBackup lets you catalog your history of backups! So now if you accidentally delete something, THEN back up your computer... you didn't lose it! Don't fret!

You can just go back to the incremental backup that took place BEFORE you deleted it and TA-DA! The file is back again!

Talk about saving your hide!

I could go on and on and on all day about why I love TurboBackup 9.1! Just look at this list of features and you'll see just how extensive it can be!

WOW - that's quite a list!

Security Matters Too!

If your backups aren't protected, your files are SO much easier to steal! An unsecured backup on a vulnerable computer is basically a gift-wrapped treasure chest of data for theives!

TurboBackup lets you encrypt & password your backups so that ONLY you can get access to them!

But don't be fooled - this is STILL the easiest software out there! Nobody has ever combined power and simplicity quite like this before!

And I'm not the only one going crazy over TurboBackup 9.1!

You don't get awards like this without being a pretty impressive piece of software, after all!

Plus there's at least two dozen more awards from the over the years on top of this!

"TurboBackup, by FileStream, Inc. is a powerful program for backing up all of your important data. You can backup one computer or backup multiple computers on your network. The program is really easy-to-use and perfect for users with all levels of experience. I like the fact that the program lets you back up to external drives, CDs, and DVDs. That gives you extra flexibility when backing up."

- Michael E. Callahan aka Dr. File Finder

THAT'S a glowing recommendation!

So now you're wondering... "Is this gonna cost me an arm and a leg?"


Not only can you keep your limbs, you can keep the money in your bank too - because this is practically pocket change! Only $14.97 and you get FREE shipping in the US!

If you skip this one, orderlies might show up at your doorstep to bring you to a padded room! That is, if losing all your files hasn't already driven you nuts!

Please Note: We Are Currently Unable To Offer Coupon Discounts On This Item


Product Description

TurboBackup is the go-to solution for backing up shared documents across multiple destinations. It offers the ability to back up different versions of the same file to protect your documents. For everyday use, the new release 9 offers simple drag-and-drop backup.

  • New Templates for backing up file from local Google Docs (Drive), iCloud, Dropbox, SkyDrive

  • New Windows 8 Compatible


Key Features

  • Many easy-to-use backup templates
  • Compress backup, Locked files backup, and incremental backup
  • Schedule backup and unattended silent backup
  • Prepare backup wizard for sizing space requirement
  • Full, partial, and previous version restores
  • Create and repair backups and catalogs
  • Using catalog to preview and find backed up files
  • Detailed logs and E-mail backup notification


Back Up To

  • Hard Drive
  • CD/DVD
  • Thumb Drives
  • USB Hard Drive
  • Remote Server
  • Network Drive


How Can TurboBackup Work for You?

Use TurboBackup to archive all your photos

If you want to archive your photos to CD/DVD, select My Photos task first. Click on the Edit Icon, choose the CD/DVD as the Backup Media. If you periodically archive your photos, Progressive Backup gives you a fast backup to the CD/DVD you provided. If you want to know ahead of time the number of CD/DVD are required, click Prepare Backup. TurboBackup will analyze your data and give you an estimate.

Use TurboBackup to back up your work folders

Click on the New Icon to create a task for your project, drag and drop your folder to the task or inside your Backup Wizard. Choose the Hard Disk or USB as the backup media and use Daily Backup to backup today's work or Progressive Backup for the new and updated files. You also have the option to keep all versions of the same file.

Use TurboBackup to restore lost, damaged, or changed files 

Restore in TurboBackup is a fairly simple task that can have your backed-up files restored in no time. To begin you select the task, then click on Restore Icon to restore individual files, groups of files, or all of the files that you've backed up. If you have more than one copy of the backup data, you have choice to restore from a particular backup. Or you can use the Previous Version function that shows you all backups of the same document to choose from.

Use TurboBackup to backup to remote server

To back up large files from your desktop or laptop directly to FTP server is quite fast in TurboBackup. FTP is the fastest internet protocol to transfer and share large files. It transfers files dramatically faster than traditional http or email. The built-in FTP feature in TurboBackup enables the transfer of large files and folders. Simply choose the backup media as FTP servers and follow the step-by-step wizard to set up the task.


System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8

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