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Serif Complete Creativity Suite 2


Product ID 8662
Weight 1.00 lbs
Original Retail $67.99 - (save 63%)
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Return Policy 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Price $24.97



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WS Review Product Description


Professional Quality WITHOUT the Professional Costs!

This is the ULTIMATE collection of software for everything related to graphics!

You're gonna get ALL OF THIS... AND MORE!

Photo Editing, Enhancing, and Touchups!
Make Your Own Panoramas Instantly!
Create Your OWN Greeting Cards!
Art, Vectors, and Everything Visual!

This isn't an "everyday" kinda deal!

Check out EVERYTHING this collection has to offer! It's UNBELIEVABLE!

This is the one photo editing program that beats 'em all!

Easy & Powerful - That's an unstoppable combination!

Take all the power and features of any photo editing software out there... then make 'em easy enough for ANYONE to use!

From professional photographers to people who still take pictures with their thumbs in the way... fixing photos has NEVER BEEN MORE SIMPLE!

Everything you need is right at your fingertips...

Cropping, filters, editing raw images, noise reduction, exposure correction, color tone balance... EVEN HDR PHOTO MERGING!

PhotoPlus alone is worth twice the price of this WHOLE COLLECTION!

Making your own panoramic photos used to be IMPOSSIBLE! But with PanoramaPlus X4 - ANYONE CAN DO IT!

Turn standard vacation photos into unbelievable panorama shots that will have everyone FLOORED! Scenery shots from across the world take on a whole new life in a panoramic perspective!

You can't even IMAGINE how much they'll try to charge you to buy one of these straight up... or the cost to edit existing photos into a one!

With this software, you can stitch them together in seconds, print 'em out in a few more, and be done... WITHOUT having to empty your wallet!

If you've ever shopped for cards, you KNOW how much of a scam that is! A fancy lookin' piece of paper for like 10 bucks. REALLY?

You sign it, send it, and it gets read then left on the table... or even just thrown away!


Why not make your own?!

Personalized and Economical - Cards right from the store SUCK! Making your own gives you that unique touch that people will really appreciate!

Not to mention you can finally...

When you're making your own cards... they don't cost you a dime!

If you make just TWO CARDS with this software, you've saved yourself the entire cost of the WHOLE PACKAGE!

That's like getting all this software for free! WOW!

It has SO MANY templates and ideas to choose from! Print out the included ideas or make your own! It'll walk you through EVERY step!

Or take the amazingly crafted templates and add your own pictures to them! Like the wedding anniversary template? Pop your wedding photos in and now you have a fancy, no-cost card you can print whenever you'd like!

DrawPlus X4 gives you the PERFECT outlet for your creativity! From touching up your favorite photos with fixes and enhancements, to creating brand new works of art completely from scratch!

Easy To Use With Professional Power
Realistic Brushes, Textures, and Tools!
Artistic Effects & Filters
Vector Tools & Editing
Enhance, Animate, & More!

If you can think it, you can make it with DrawPlus X4!

Anything you need graphics for, DrawPlus X4 can help! Designing business cards? Got a website? Making flyers?


When you want something to look its best... you need DrawPlus X4!

We've NEVER sold a package deal like this before!

I looked around, and guess what?

Almost every individual software in this bundle is the SAME price or MORE than the bundle itself!

We're talking up to $25 for just ONE of these programs individually.

Or you could pay LESS than the individual price and get THREE extra programs essentially for free!


If you only want ONE program out of this bundle, it's still a better deal than you'll find anywhere else! That's a jaw-dropper!

Product Description

Serif Complete Creativity Suite 2 provides all of the tools you need to express your creativity right on your computer.  It includes the photo editing of PhotoPlus X4, the vector drawing of DrawPlus X4, the digital crafting of CraftArtist Greeting Cards, and the photo stitching of PanoramaPlus X4.  Fix and enhance photos, draw and animate graphics, create and share stunning panoramic pictures, and make high quality cards for all occasions with the Serif Complete Creativity Suite 2.


PhotoPlus X4


With PhotoPlus X4, anyone can turn good photos into great pictures. Advanced tasks like editing RAW files and HDR imaging are made straightforward, while common fixes like red-eye removal, resizing, and removing flaws from portraits are always at your fingertips. Fix old and damaged photos using powerful restoration tools or get creative with filters, effects, and brushes. PhotoPlus X4’s impressive compatibility allows you to open, edit and export Adobe  Photoshop  documents as well as all the popular image file types. And with an effective picture filing system, PhotoPlus X4 makes editing, enhancing and organizing your digital pictures easy.


  • Professional Tools and Features - Import and export HD photos and Adobe Photoshop files - with layers intact - and apply adjustments as individual  layers.  Edit RAW files from popular digital SLR cameras in PhotoPlus X4's RAW Studio, and easily change image features.
  • HDR Merge - Using the HDR Merge Feature, you can create jaw-dropping pictures with an amazing color range by merging photos with different exposure settings. Merge two or more photos (RAW or common image files like .jpg and .tif) for amazing results.  You can always edit HDR images further in PhotoPlus X4.
  • Edit Photos Fast - Make your pictures look fantastic by applying popular adjustments quickly within the PhotoFix studio.  The intuitive tools make it easy to remove red eye, spots, and blemishes, too.  Plus, you can quickly correct images or crop them to any size.
  • Quick and Easy Adjustments - Easily adjust white balance, curves, hue, saturation, and more.  All adjustments can be applied to the entire picture or specific areas of a photograph with the easy-to-use mask brush.  You can resize an image to suit any need with PhotoPlus X4's resizing tools that let your pictures retain as much detail and quality as possible.
  • Get Creative - Remove people and objects from a photo with precision using the intuitive and easy-to-use Cutout Studio.  There are also lots of practical filters and one-click effects to sharpen images, reduce noise, transform photos into art, or add stylish effects.
  • Paint and Pen Tools - There are lots of brushes and textures to choose from, or you can even create your own.  Calibrate your graphics tablet's pressure sensitivity in the built-in studio to paint or draw with life-like brush and pen strokes (Graphics tablet not included).  Or add text, complete with effects like drop shadow and reflection, to any image - perfect for adding captions and comments to photos.
  • Be More Productive - PhotoPlus X4 uses multi-core technology that can access all the processing power in your PC to make photo editing faster than ever.  Work faster by assigning your favorite tools and functions to any key on your keyboard and speed up your workflow by using macros to automate complex or frequent tasks.
  • Convenient Help - Help is always available in PhotoPlus X4.  There are step-by-step instructions for common tasks in the helpful "How to" tab, and the "Do this for me" options provide instant results.  There's even more help and photo editing techniques in the video tutorials and detailed written guides.
  • Manage and Find Photos - Keep on top of your growing photo collection and find your photos faster than ever before.  Import and edit photos from anywhere and easily create categorized albums where you can tag and rate images for quick sorting and searching.
  • Share Your Images - A great way to show off your photos is to display them on a Google map of the world and show off your map to friends and family - then zoom in to see your photos in each location.  Photos with geo-tags are automatically placed on the map at the location where they were taken, but you can add pictures manually, too.


  • Compatible with common image formats including RAW and Adobe Photoshop files
  • True 16 bits per channel image editing
  • Achieve stunning photo effects with High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging
  • Full layers and layer masks
  • Apply non-destructive adjustments and filters
  • Bring old and damaged photos back to life with tools that restore and repair
  • Quickly and accurately extract people and objects from photographs
  • View, organize, and share images with the included AlbumPlus Organizer
  • Incredibly easy to use, with interactive How To guides and great tutorials


DrawPlus X4

Serif DrawPlus X4 is powerful, fun, and versatile designer that makes creating beautiful artwork and graphics easier than ever. Design attractive logos and documents for print, create eye-catching web graphics and banners, and paint and sketch with easy tools that let you edit at any time.  Enhance your photos by quickly transforming them into stunning pieces of art, turn drawings into animations, and output your designs at high quality and at any size - whatever your level of experience.

Design Unleashed - DrawPlus X4 makes it easy to achieve creative results fast.

  • Easy to Use - Be creative with DrawPlus X4, whatever your experience, with video tutorials to smooth the way.
  • Instant Results - Ready-to-use designs and an on-screen gallery of instant art and symbols get you results fast.
  • Versatile for Any Project - You can tackle fun, serious, print, web, large, small, static, and animated graphics.
  • Professional Power - Use high-end tools, techniques, colors, color management, and professional graphics formats.
  • High Quality - Get high quality artwork out of DrawPlus X4 at any size with dynamic printing and exports.
  • Go Back and Edit Anytime - All the shapes, lines, paintbrush strokes, text, and effects you create are editable, all the time.

Create Stunning Artwork - Sketch and paint naturally using realistic brushes and media.

  • Paint with Realistic Brushes - Paint with lifelike watercolor, charcoal, and many other brush tips - without mess.
  • Easy Changes - Use the Undo button, edit stroke paths, or change the brush tip, even for existing strokes.
  • Creative Textures - Brushes for fog, clouds, smoke, and more along with photo-quality stitching, glitter, and more.
  • Intelligent Drawing Tools - QuickShapes, curve smoothing, and smart tools all help non-artists achieve fantastic results.
  • Advanced Vector Power - Enhance your drawings with editable perspective warps, skewing, roughening, and shape blending.
  • Amazing Effects - Apply and customize impressive effects like bevels, glows, surface textures, and Instant 3D.
  • Achieve Even More with a Graphics Tablet - Give your artwork even more hand-made realism with a graphics tablet.  Pressure-sensitivity offers your strokes natural faintness and depth  for better brushwork, sketching, writing, shading, and more natural flair. (Graphics Tablet not included)

Logos & Web Graphics - Craft high impact and high quality graphics for print and the web.

  • Ready-to-Use Gallery - Simply drag and drop instant artwork and also reuse your own favorites from your own Gallery.
  • One-Click Graphics Styles - Realistic styles for your headlines and logos include marble, metal, glass, wood, and organic textures.
  • Logo-Friendly Design Tools - Use perspective and cool warps, add Instant 3D, and work on graphics in isolation in Solo Mode.
  • Rollover Web Buttons - Make attractive and professional-looking web buttons that change with mouse cursor interaction.
  • Animated Web Banners - Give your website a slick, polished banner featuring your own title, imagery, message, and hotspots.
  • Charts and Plans - Live connectors make charts and diagrams easy and 2D plans are a breeze using scaled dimensions.

Transform Your Photos - Enhance, cut out, or transform your photos into works of art.

  • Enhance Photos - Remove blemishes and fix photo flaws - and change or undo image settings at any time.
  • Apply Artistic Filters - Turn photos into watercolors, oils, and more, and limit stylish changes to specific areas.
  • Editable Shape Art - Turn sketches, logos, web graphics, and photos into high quality vector artwork you can easily recolor, tweak, silhouette, and resize without losing quality.
  • Remove Backgrounds Easily - Quickly and accurately cut away image backgrounds to give subjects total focus, or use parts of a photo as shape art to use as silhouettes and much more.

Easy Animations -  Create jaw-dropping Flash web animations and fun cartoons.

  • Make Flash Animations - Create clever cartoons and interactive animations in your own unique style.
  • Smooth Movement - Use Keyframe mode to automatically smooth motion in your animations.
  • Use Interactivity - Create games, puzzles, and more, and save as Flash, movie files, or animated GIFs.
  • Go Pro - Use ActionScript commands to be even more professional in your animations.
  • Interactive Demos - Use interactive animation features to showcase products and more.
  • Stopframe Movies - Stopframe animation mode gives you total, frame-by-frame control.
  • Make a Screensaver - Enjoy your animated creations any time as movie screensavers.

Highly Compatible - Share your artwork in standard formats and fully edit PDFs.

  • Get Artwork and Images from Anywhere - Open or import artwork and documents from almost anywhere, with support for 18 popular drawing, graphics, and image formats.
  • Incredible PDF Editing - Open and full edit PDFs from other computers and programs, changing text, layout, pages, colors, and images - anything - and simply save as PDF again.
  • High End Graphics Support - Collaborate with other artists using EPS, SVG, AutoCAD, and Adobe Illustrator files.
  • Export Optimizer - Create the right image every time; preview the quality and size of up to four image types at once.
  • Share on DrawPlus.com - Showcase your work and chat with other DrawPlus users in the free DrawPlus.com community.


Powerful Vector Graphics

  • Vector graphics with node editing
  • Full PDF editing
  • Intelligent QuickShapes
  • Shape painting, erasing, and cutting
  • Ready made artwork Gallery
  • Dynamic fills and transparencies
  • Built-in photo editing
  • Professional blend modes
  • Replicate and Transform wizards
  • Mesh fills and envelopes
  • Artistic text-on-a-path
  • Roughen and smooth vector outlines
  • Add perspective
  • Turn shapes into Instant 3D objects
  • Create multipage documents
  • Manage multiple layers
  • Pressure-sensitive lines
  • Smart color picker tool
  • RGB, CMYK, Pantone, and HSL color
  • Pseudo 3D plane drawing
  • Stop frame movies and key frame Flash animations
  • Blend shapes

Stylish Painting and Sketching

  • Realistic paint brush textures
  • Editable brush strokes
  • Pressure sensitive tablet support
  • Photo-quality special effects brushes
  • Stitching and edge brushes
  • Background texture brushes
  • Pressure Studio for calibration
  • Customize tablet and pen buttons
  • Make your own brush textures

Stunning Web Graphics

  • Create image slices and maps
  • Rollover web buttons
  • Animated navbar graphics
  • Professional web banners
  • Efficient optimized exports

High Productivity

  • Tutorials and videos
  • On-screen How To pane
  • Customizable workspace
  • Customizable keyboard shortcuts

Photo Editing

  • Image correction and adjustment
  • Remove blemishes and red-eye
  • AutoTrace Studio
  • Image Cutout Studio
  • One-click Instant Artist styles

Amazing Animation

  • Stop frame mode with onion skinning
  • Key frame mode with tweening
  • Export as Flash
  • Insert Flash SWF files into DrawPlus animations
  • Save as movies and screensavers

Great Compatibility

  • 18 standard file types supported
  • PDF import, editing, and export
  • Save PDF/X-1a for pro printing
  • Import Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator files
  • Import EPS and CAD graphics
  • Microsoft HD Photo supported
  • Edit SVG graphics
  • Optimize exports for print and the web

Charts, Plans, Diagrams

  • Tree diagrams with live connectors
  • Org chart and flowchart symbols
  • Scaled dimension lines for plans
  • Ready-made artwork for room, office, and garden layouts

CraftArtist Greeting Cards

CraftArtist Greeting Cards makes it easy to personalize birthday, Christmas, and greeting cards for family and friends to show that you care.  There are hundreds of card templates and designs to choose from, giving you unlimited creative possibilities.  Using the CraftArtist software, you'll be able to easily and quickly make cars that aren't just pre-made templates, but are exactly the way you want them. Personalize your cards by adding text, photos, and embellishments - you can even print out your design as separate items to cut out and stick on by hand. Amaze friends and family with your unique, high-quality designs and never buy cards again with CraftArtist Greeting Cards.


  • Personal unique cards that you can make and print at home
  • Loads of card templates for you to customize and personalize
  • Easily and quickly create any type of creative card project you want
  • High-quality card designs that are perfect for any occasion
  • Includes a wide variety of kits created around popular card themes
  • Kits feature embellishments, papers, photo frames, and an alphabets

PanoramaPlus X4

PanoramaPlus X4 is the powerful, easy-to-use photo stitching software that lets you create and share stunning panoramic pictures and virtual reality movies.  PanoramaPlus X4's automated stitching process makes it easy to create breathtaking landscapes even if you have never done it before.  You can upload Panoramas directly to Facebook and Flickr or export as QuickTime virtual reality formats with a few clicks of the mouse.  Making perfect panoramas has never been this easy or this much fun! PanoramaPlus X4 is the perfect addition to your software collection.


  • Create stunning panoramas in 3 easy steps 
  • Upload panoramas directly to Facebook and Flickr
  • Stitch all your panoramas simultaneously  
  • Import and create panoramas from video 
  • Rotate, straighten, crop, and perfect your image 
  • Upload any file format including RAW 
  • Export to your panorama to PDF
  • Create a 360 degree virtual reality movie


  • PhotoPlus X4
  • DrawPlus X4
  • PanoramaPlus X4
  • CraftArtist Greeting Cards



Serif Complete Creativity Suite 2

Serif Complete Creativity Suite 2

Serif Complete Creativity Suite 2

Serif Complete Creativity Suite 2





Serif Complete Creativity Suite 2

Serif Complete Creativity Suite 2



Serif Complete Creativity Suite 2





Serif Complete Creativity Suite 2





System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Pentium PC with DVD-ROM drive and mouse (SSE-enabled processor required)
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 3.5 GB of available hard disk space
  • 1024 x 768 resolution, 16-bit color display
  • Additional disk space and memory required when editing large of complex documents


  • Windows-compatible printer
  • Scanner and/or digital camera
  • Pressure-sensitive graphics tablet (e.g. Serif Graphics Pad or equivalent) or other input device
  • DirectX or OpenGL 3D-accelerated Graphics card improves performance for Instant 3D feature

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