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Adobe Photoshop Elements 11


Product ID 8600
Weight 1.00 lbs
Original Retail $99.99 - (save 25%)
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Return Policy 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Price $74.97



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WS Review Product Description

Looking For The BEST Bang For Your Buck?

Tired Of Lackluster Photos & Images?


Perfect For ALL Skill Levels!

Fix Any Photo, Enhance Any Image...


Don't Spend $500 On The Bloated Versions...

This One Has EVERYTHING You Need For Only $74.97


Do It The Easy Way And Save Some BIG BUCKS!

Everyone has photos! Some people even have art. It doesn't matter what it is - the point is you should have access to SOME sort of photo editing software!

But what do you do when nothing seems suitable for YOU?

The "big name" software is WAY too expensive (we're talkin' like hundreds of dollars!) and using it is no cake walk! I'm pretty tech savvy and the first time I opened Photoshop, I felt like a deer caught in the headlights!

Let's cut RIGHT to the chase!

I don't say this lightly: Photoshop Elements is the BEST all-around photo editing software for 99% of users.

It does EVERYTHING you need. It automates a LOT of the process, but lets you retain control when you need it.

And here's the best part: it is NOT intimidating in the least!

The word that's tossed around a lot is "streamlined." What you'd have to spend days learning in other photo editing software, this lets you do it in minutes.

The tools, the interface, the features... it's all EASY!

Remove Red Eye Instantly
Import All Your Photos In Seconds!
Fix Lens Distortion, Exposure and Tones With One Click!
Add Filters To Enhance Your Photos!
Professional Quality Effects That ANYONE Can Do!
EVERYTHING You'd Ever Need!

It's hard to cover ALL the tools you'll have with this software! So hopefully you'll believe me when I say that it just does EVERYTHING!

If you're looking to touch up your favorite photo, or if you want to really want to WOW someone by turning a favorite image into a real work of art... you can do it all in minutes!

Here's a personal note from me: My grandparents had some FANTASTIC old family photos. I mean DECADES worth of photography... but with that time came damage. Photos had creasing and spots and everything else that happens over the years.

I gave them a copy of this software as a gift and, just as I had hoped, THEY were able to quickly and easily scan and restore a lot of those photos to their original beauty! It's just AMAZING what you can do easily with this software!


You can ORGANIZE all your photos too!

Sure, you COULD just plop all your files in a folder... but how are you gonna show off that one shot you love if it's in the middle of 200 other ones?

You can sort via people, places, and events with the organizer view!

The software can even detect people from its history to automatically sort new photos into the folders of people you've previously taken photos of! WOW!

Oh, and if that sounds cool, wait until you hear this!

The Elements Organizer can detect duplicates and "almost duplicates!" That'll make sorting a BREEZE!

Too Much To Tell!

I WISH I had the time to detail out every little feature included! I highly recommend you check out our product page (with the link at the bottom) to see EVERYTHING! That list is HUUUUUUUUUUUGE!

But there is ONE thing I can tell ya - the price is DIRT CHEAP!

$74.97 with FREE US SHIPPING is all it takes to get the BEST!

You'd pay TRIPLE that price minimum for other mainstream photo editing software. And this is ADOBE - you don't get better than that! It's the #1 name in photo software. PERIOD!

Product Description

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11 is the photo-editing software that lets you celebrate life's best moments in creative style.  Enhance your photos with powerful, easy-to-use editing options, and then quickly share via print, the web, Facebook, and more.  Bring all your photos and video clips together and keep them easily organize to find them quickly when you need them.  Create the way you want and the effects you want while fixing common flaws instantly - and share your creations in many ways from one convenient place.  Live in the moment knowing you can easily turn your everyday snapshots into sensational photos with the tools of Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.


New And Improved

  • Quickly Turn Photos into Stunning Illustrations - Get the wow without the work by simply clicking to apply new Comic, Graphic Novel, and Pen and Ink filters.
  • Discover and Friendly and Intuitive Environment - Organize, edit, create, and share more quickly and easily thanks to big, bold icons; a helpful Action bar; and the ability to choose from Quick, Guided, and Expert editing modes to fit your needs.
  • Manage Your Photos More Easily - Intuitively sort and manage photos and video clips based on people, places, and events using new Organizer views.
  • Create Pro-Quality Photographic Effects - Use new Guided Edits for step-by-step help creating tilt-shift effects that make photos look like miniature scenes, vignettes that draw attention to the center of your photos, and high- and low-key effects that add energy or drama with high levels of white or black.
  • Combine Elements from Different Photos - Cleanly extract something from one photo to put in another.  Photoshop picture editing technology makes it easy to select and refine the edges of hair and other tricky content so you can add relatives to the family portrait, put a friend onstage with her favorite singer, and more.
  • Map Your Memories - Relive your journeys by viewing your photos and videos on a map based on where they were taken.
  • Get Fresh Looks with New Templates - Impress friends and family by sharing photos in eye-catching new templates for printed photo keepsakes and Online Albums.
  • Photo Editing on the Next Level - Expand your editing options by importing and apply effects and styles from popular photo sites and blogs - even import actions that automate repetitive editing tasks.


Product Features

Bring All Your Photos and Video Clips Together

  • Import Photos with Ease - Move photos from your memory card to the your computer according to your preset preferences.  Or scan several photos at once, and Photoshop Elements automatically straightens and saves each photo separately.
  • See Everything in One Place - View your photos and video clips in one convenient location.  Photos are instantly organized by date, and related photos can be automatically grouped based on the time or the event where they were taken.
  • Get the Big Picture - Get the full effect of your photos and video clips from within the Organizer with full-screen previews that let you make quick edits to photos while viewing them.

Easily Organize and Find Your Photos

  • Manage Your Photos with Greater Ease - Intuitively sort and manage photos and video clips based on people, places, and events using the new Organizer views.
  • Find Photos that Contain Specific Objects - Get more precise matches with Object Search, which automatically finds your photos based on what's in them.
  • Organize Visually - Categorize and find your photos the easy way with visual tags that represent people, places, events, and objects.  Instantly see every photo you've ever taken of your dog, for example, by simply clicking its visual tag.
  • Tag Faster Using Your Facebook Friends List - Use your Facebook friends list to quickly tag faces in your photos and share them on Facebook.
  • Easily Find Similar Photos - Count on improved search to find photos that have common content and color characteristics.
  • Quickly Find Specific People - People Recognition automatically identifies the people in your photos so you can find the ones you need fast.
  • Easily Manage Even the Biggest Photo Library - Let Photoshop Elements automatically detect or duplicate or near-duplicate photos so you can quickly group them and delete the ones you don't need.
  • Quickly Find Your Best Photos - The Auto-Analyzer tags your media so you can easily find your most interesting, highest quality photos and video footage.
  • Bring Together the Photos that Meet Your Needs - Just set your criteria to bring together the types of photos and videos you need automatically in a Saved Search.
  • Create Quickly - Speed up the process of making creations by having all your open photos, photo book pages, and saved albums right at your fingertips in a dedicated Project Bin.
  • Search Just About Any Way You Wish - Find just the media you're looking for by typing tag names, dates, and other file information into a search box.  Flip through photos taken on a particular day; view photos on an intuitive Timeline; or browse by day, week, month, or year.
  • Pinpoint Your Search -  Make quick work of complex searches with the power of visual tags.  Instantly find photos that show only Jack, but not Jack and Jill, for instance.

Instantly Fix Common Flaws

  • Go From Flawed to Phenomenal in Seconds - Get just the photo fixes you're looking for with one-step picture-editing shortcuts that whiten teeth or make skies a vibrant blue.  Instantly remove clutter, too.
  • Choose the Best Result - Perform a full range of common photo adjustments - including color, contrast, and lighting corrections - with just one click.  Then choose the best result from a group of adjustment previews.
  • Instantly Unclutter or Repair Photos - Make unwanted Photo Elements vanish with one stroke of the Spot Healing Brush, which beautifully blends even the most complex background.  Also, instantly fix old or torn photos so you can make new prints.
  • Get Realistic Skin Tones - Easily adjust skin tones for a more natural look, even in poorly lit photos.
  • Say Goodbye to Red Eye - Let Photoshop Elements eliminate red eye automatically as you download photos from your camera.  Or you can remove red eye from individual shots with ease.
  • Correct Lens Distortion - Easily correct camera lens distortion at photo edges and keystone effects that exaggerate perspective.

Use Automated Options for Great Results

  • Use Actions to Speed Up Common Tasks - Save time by importing actions that automate repetitive editing tasks.
  • Get Better Composition with Crop Guides -  Make any photo more interesting or energetic using crop guides.  Choose either the Rule of Thirds of Golden Ratio option to create the best composition for your photo.
  • Recompose to Any Size without Distortion - Automatically crop out areas within the photo to quickly resize it - even go from a landscape to portrait or vice versa - without distorting key elements like people or buildings.
  • Fine-Tune Exposure - Easily adjust color, brightness, and contrast in a photo.
  • Quickly Select an Area for Adjustment - Make image selections in just seconds so you can easily adjust specific areas of a photo. Simply brush your selection, and then use sliders to make the adjustment blend perfectly with the background.
  • Easily Replicate Photo Elements - Want more birds in your sky or flowers in your field?  Quickly replicate photo elements by using the Clone tool to copy one portion of a photo and add it to another area.
  • Retouch Skin and Soften Other Surfaces - Soften surfaces while keeping edges and details crisp with a Surface Blur filter that works great on portrait shots.
  • Create Richly Layered Photos - Add sophistication to your photos.  Reveal one portion of a photo through another photo by using layer masks to control the transparency of specific areas.

Create Perfect Shots with Ease

  • Choose From Three Editing Modes to Fit Your Needs - Jump into Quick mode to start enhancing you photos right away, use Guided mode for step-by-step help with more sophisticated techniques, and move up to Expert mode for advanced options that enable you to create amazing photos.
  • Easily Match a Favorite Photo Style -  Want to imitate a favorite photography style like a dramatic high contrast or a beautiful color tone?  Photomerge Style Match analyzes a photo's stylistic qualities and then automatically applies them to another photo.
  • Get the Best Exposure - Want to capture all the details in a scene that includes light and dark areas?  Snap one photo with flash on and one with flash off, and Photomerge Exposure will combine the shots into a single, perfectly lit photo.
  • Clean Your Scene of Unwanted Elements - You took five shots of your subject, but pedestrians and cars distract from the scene in every one.  Use Photomerge Scene Cleaner to brush away any elements that changed positions between photos.
  • Create the Perfect Group Shot - Never let a frown or a closed pair of eyes ruin a group photo again.  With Photomerge Group Shot, easily combine the best facial expressions and body language from a series of group shots to create a single, perfect composite.
  • Have Fun with Blended Faces - Take advantage of smooth image-blending technology to combine the eyes, noses, and other features from different faces for entertaining results.  Try on the facial features of a favorite friend or celebrity and more.
  • Create Fuller Panoramas - Easily create your best-looking panoramas yet.  Photomerge Panorama uses powerful blending capabilities to fill in jagged edges as it automatically stitches together multiple horizontal or vertical photos.

Artistically Enhance Photos

  • Quickly Turn Photos into Stunning Illustrations - Get the wow without the work by simply clicking to apply new Comic, Graphic Novel, and Pen and Ink filters.
  • Paint Effects onto Specific Areas - Simply paint on any of 100 effects and patterns to enhance specific areas of your photos.
  • Easily Create Dramatic Black-and-Whites - Dramatically transform your color originals by converting them to elegant, nuanced black-and-whites.  Large preview images make it simple to get desired results.
  • Give Photos Extra Dimension - Add depth with drop shadows, bevels, glows, and other effects, which can be automatically applied to any element placed on a layer.
  • Go for Classic Sepia - Give your photos a classic look by instantly converting them to sepia tone.
  • Instantly Apply Multiple Effects - Add hundreds of cool filters that help you create real-world photographic effects, simulate painting, liquify your subjects, and much more.  Easily mix multiple effects, change their order, and preview them in the filter gallery.
  • Tell Your Story in Stylized Text - Type titles and labels right onto your photos and edit them at any time.  Easily choose typefaces from the Font menu, which displays characters for each typeface.
  • Instantly Add Shapes - Decorate your photos with geometric shapes, symbols, stamps, and thought bubbles from the built-in library.
  • Add Decorative Edges - Crop your photos into fun shapes with a single click of the Cookie Cutter, or select from hundreds of decorative edge designs.
  • Use Advanced Digital Photography Tools - Adjust the exposure of specific photo areas using professional darkroom tools like dodge, burn, and sponge.  See real-time changes when you adjust a photo's color range using the Histogram palette.
  • Get Help and Inspiration - Get help brining your ideas to life - or just trying new tricks - with tutorials that give you even more ways to explore creative possibilities.  Tutorials are easily accessible through the Help menu.

Create the Way You Want with Flexible Layout Options

  • Add Curving, Flowing Text - Give photos or creations added flair with text that curves or flows any way you wish.  Easily use text to outline shapes or objects, or have text follow any path your choose.
  • Create Professional-Looking Photo Books - Quickly create photo books with flexible options that allow you to view spreads, rearrange pages, and more.  Click the Order button to have your books professionally printer, hardbound, and delivered to your door (Services and fees vary worldwide).
  • Create with Drag-and-Drop Simplicity - Drop photos into flexible layouts, drag to resize images, and move photos anywhere on the page with ease.
  • Create the Way You Want - Make photo creations the way that works best for you, thanks to Basic and Advanced design modes that let you choose your level of control.
  • Get Just the Right Look - Access every image editing option from within your layouts so you can customize any detail you wish.
  • Create Exactly the Look You Envision - Customize all the elements of your chosen layout: Adjust layout colors to better complement your photos, add graphic elements to enhance or personalize the theme, and add text or effects such as drop shadows and glows.
  • Add Perfect Page Embellishments - Quickly browse hundreds of frames, themes, backgrounds, clip art, and effects in the Artwork palette.
  • Use Quality Raw Images in Your Creation - Take advantage of a smoother workflow when using raw images in your photo creations. Photoshop Elements automatically optimizes your raw files for use in photo book layouts, scrapbook pages, and more.
  • Conveniently Print Creations at Home - Admire and share your photos in custom wall calendars, greeting cards, and photo books that you can print out with your home printer.
  • Make the Most of Your Photo Paper - Quickly drop your photos into Picture Packages that let you print photos from your desktop printer in a variety of flexible layouts.
  • Save Photo Creations in Popular Formats - Enjoy the flexibility to print, upload, and share your photo creations just about anywhere thanks to the ability to save to JPEG and PDF formats.

Easily Create and Share Online

  • Share Videos on Vimeo - Quickly share your video clips and movies on the popular Vimeo site.
  • Upload to YouTube - Upload your video clips to YouTube directly from the Organizer.
  • Share in Exciting Ways on the Web - Share your memories in one-of-a-kind Online Albums with your choice of animated templates that let you show off photos and videos together, with music.  New templates are included.
  • Share Photos and Videos on Facebook - Conveniently share photos and videos on Facebook directly from the Organizer, which automatically optimizes your media so it looks its best.

Share in Many Ways from One Convenient Place

  • Print and Share Using Integrated Online Offerings - Easily order prints, cards, and photo books and share photos and photo creations online.  With all your photos at your fingertips, you can quickly upload the ones you want to a variety of online offerings.
  • Create Fun Mini-Movies - Turn a series of photos into an eye-catching mini-movie.  For example, use your camera's burst mode to take a sequence of action shots ,and then let Photoshop Elements string them together to create a sense of motion (Windows only).
  • Tell Great Stories with Slide Shows - Create an entertaining slideshow complete with captions, documentary-style pan and zoom effects, amazing transitions, voice narration, and music (Windows only).
  • Send Personalized Photo Email - Send photos within a themed email with captions and backgrounds.  Photoshop Elements offers fun templates and optimizes your photos so they download quickly, look great, and won't overload your friends' mailboxes (Windows only).








System Requirements

  • Windows XP with SP3, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
  • 1.6 GHz or faster processor (including single-core support)
  • Color monitor with 16-bit color video card
  • 1024 x 768 monitor resolution
  • Microsoft DirectX 9 or 10 compatible display driver
  • 1 GB of RAM (2 GB for HD video functions)
  • 4 GB of available hard disk space (additional free space required during installation
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • Internet connection required for Internet-based services
  • Macintosh Requirements 
  • Macintosh OS X 10.6 - 10.8
  • Multicore Intel processor
  • 1024 x 768 display resolution
  • QuickTime 7 software required for multimedia features
  • 1 GB of RAM (2 GB for HD video functions)
  • 4 GB of available hard disk space (additional free space required during installation
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • Internet connection required for Internet-based services

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