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iolo System Mechanic Premium


Product ID 8075
Weight 1.00 lbs
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Return Policy 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Price $24.97



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WS Review Product Description


Before I even get into the WHOLE story here, I bet you're interested in the NEW BENEFITS with this latest version!

If you thought the previous System Mechanic made your PC faster, wait until you see this stuff!


You know how somtimes it seems like a really simple program slows your WHOLE computer down? That's because it's using up all your CPU processing power! OptiCore spots these greedy programs and makes sure they only use exactly what they need!

Put simply: Using multiple programs won't slow your computer down anymore!

Programs use RAM to store temporary data so you can repeatedly access it more quickly. Except... some programs don't understand the "temporary" part, and TRAP your RAM even when they don't need it!

RAMJet uses a 3-tier system to free RAM so your PC isn't slowed down by programs you aren't even using anymore!

This gives you faster launch times, program speeds, and overall performance!

Do you know what disk defragmentation is?

With AcceleWrite, you don't have to! It optimizes the "location" that data is saved so your computer spends less time tracking it down later! With AcceleWrite, you won't have to run Disk Defrag anymore; it intelligently places data where a defragger would put them in the first place!

Not only will this keep your PC fast, it will extend the life of your hard drive too! YES!

But then... that's just the new stuff. What about everything ELSE System Mechanic has to offer?

Well, just look below!


Bring your computer back to its peak with this amazing SOFTWARE SUPERCHARGER! We're talking lightning fast boot-ups, programs that load instantly, and an error-free existence.

Sounds good? Maybe you want more?

Oh, we've GOT more.

Clean up unused files. Keep your system registry and memory in optimal conditions. Make sure your drivers are all up-to-date. It's a total pit crew for your PC.


How about computer security made EASY? Turn your computer into Fort Knox. Hackers won't stand a CHANCE! Keep your personal files PRIVATE AND SECURE.

System Mechanic is the ULTIMATE PC RENEWAL for ALL your computers!

Bring your computer back to its peak with this amazing SOFTWARE SUPERCHARGER! 



Lightning-Fast Start Times!
Programs Loading INSTANTLY!
Computer Errors Fixed!
Rock Solid Protection from Security Flaws!
OPTIMIZED Registry and Memory!
Automatically Updated Drivers!
Secure Online Data Backups!
Computer Security Made Easy and Automatic!
Quick PC Clutter Clean Ups!
Improved Protection from Viruses and Malware!

This is the one piece of software EVERYONE needs to have! It's THAT simple!

The BRAND NEW System Mechanic will breathe new life into an old PC. Heck, it'll even fix up the PC you just purchased!

And after you get your PC supercharged, it'll KEEP it that way.


NOTHING compares to System Mechanic. Period.

Okay, so System Mechanic has a LOT of stuff. I mean, a LOT!

Here's a tiny look at what you're getting when you install this software:

That's Only A FRACTION Of The Features!

That list there is about as simplified as it can get... and it STILL doesn't show you everything that comes with the software!

From faster bootups to faster loading to faster Internet to faster SSDs to, well, faster everything!

It cleans the mess. It fixes the errors. It even removes the junk.

And the best part? It MAINTAINS your computer afterward. With the built-in anti-intrustion tools and the system maintenence features, once you get your PC lightning fast, it will STAY lightning fast!

The moment you pop the disc in your drive, it's gonna BLOW YOU AWAY!


No hunting for updates! And no outdated features! You get the latest and the greatest.

The second thing you'll probably notice is this:

Oh no!! But wait! This is a lot more common than you might think. Even EXPERTS can't prevent computers from degrading without software like System Mechanic.

For everything you might know about your computer, there's at least a hundred more potential problems lurking around the corner.

But, now that you have System Mechanic, it only takes one click to get ALL those problems out of your life forever.

That's the one-way ticket to a lifetime of carefree, computer BLISS.

If you want System Mechanic to give your PC the works, that's all you have to do.

But maybe you're a little more tech-savvy than most of us. Want to get under the hood with it? NO PROBLEM! Every single tool and utility with System Mechanic can be used manually to allow you total control over what it fixes and what it leaves alone.

It's the perfect program for ALL levels of technical experience.

Either way, when you let System Mechanic do it's work, you're going to get to computer paradise:

Remember, it's never what you know that hurts your PC. It's the million little things you could have NEVER expected.

But nothing surprises System Mechanic! It sees every nook and cranny and makes them sparkle.

Want a sneak peek at how this incredible software gives your PC the power-wash you always dreamed of? If I tried to talk about EVERY feature of System Mechanic, we'd be here until the Sun burnt out. Get ready for some major highlights that'll have your jaw dropping.

Booting up your PC is always a pain. No matter what you do, you could cook a Thanksgiving dinner before your computer is done starting. It doesn't have to be like that.

By eliminating unnecessary or even HAZARDOUS programs from your startup, there'll be no more watching the clock, wondering when you can actually begin to use your computer. And without all these wasted resources going to unneeded programs, your computer will stay fast after booting.

Do you LIKE some of your startup programs? No worries. If you don't want System Mechanic to take control, you can go in and see each and every program it wants to disable. Regardless of which path you take, it's easy and fast to get your PC booting properly.

Oh, and do you ever get those annoying error messages when you boot up? Chances are after this, you'll never see them again! YES!

In addition to startup programs, there's ALWAYS just TONS of files and applications that end up on your PC. Sometimes they came installed with the computer, other times they sneak in through vulnerabilities or hidden in other software.

No matter how they go there, they are taking up GIGs of space!!

Don't worry, CRUDD Remover is on the job.

All this CRUDD (Commonly Redundant or Unnecessary Decelerators and Destabilizers) adds up into one giant, super slow, gunk of a mess.

Even if you knew what programs were the trouble makers, it would take AGES to manually hunt through and clean up all those files. System Mechanic removes the work and eliminates all that unwanted mess - in minutes!

This tool is crazy!

Not only are you going to get even MORE speed by removing all that useless junk from your PC, but talk about clearing space! Your hard drive has its limits, so taking this giant burden off its back is going to give you a lot more wiggle room for stuff you DO want.

Surfing the Internet Collects Clutter! Your computer has an "amazing" ability to hold onto a lot of useless stuff that you never even knew it saved. PC Cleanup has your back.

With the push of a button you can clean out tons of wasted space and temporary files that you didn't even know were there to begin with! WOW!

This is the ultimate solution to loaded hard drives.

You can get back hundreds of megabytes in storage space... heck, you might even get a couple GIGABYTES of space back. Maybe you won't need that $200 external hard drive you were thinking about.

Now you're saving space AND money!

Computers always manage to have a ton of errors without any indication of how to solve them. How can anyone expect you to fix a problem when all you get is a string of numbers and a giant OK button. Let System Mechanic take care of it for you!

From unintelligible error messages to mysterious lockups and even full-on system crashes, System Mechanic will find the solution.

The All-In-One Repair Tool came straight out of your dreams and now it's a reality. This program will AUTOMATICALLY fix pretty much any problem your computer throws at it. No error is too obscure for System Mechanic.

This is the total tune-up, repair, supercharge, computer fixing miracle.

EVEN IF YOUR COMPUTER WON'T BOOT PROPERLY! SERIOUSLY! You can use the System Mechanic CD to boot and recover your computer. It's a life-saver.

If just cleaning up junk didn't make your computer as fast as you wanted it, System Mechanic is only warming up.

It's got a toolbox FULL of utilities to make your computer so fast it won't be street legal.

SSD Accelerator (BRAND NEW!) - Take your SSD to the next level by automatically maximizing performance and speed without sacrificing anything!

Designated Drivers - Out of date drivers can make your computer run sub-optimally, or sometimes make devices not work at all. Let this utility take the wheel for you and get all your drivers safely up to date.

Memory Mechanic - The more you use your computer, the more memory that will be taken up. Sometimes memory fragments or doesn't release properly and you run into problems that can even cause your computer to shut down. No more! Memory Mechanic will make sure your system memory is operating at full throttle!

Registry Tuner - Errors in system registry can range from causing lockups to total system failure. Registry Tuner will hunt through and clean up as many errors as it can find to get your PC running faster.

Registry Compactor - System Mechanic never leaves a job half-done. After cleaning out the registry, the compactor makes sure that the gaps left from removed bloat are closed so your computer doesn't waste time dialing through empty registry entries.

Just running ONE of these things is going to give you astonishing speed. But when you get them all going? Oh man, you're going to think someone slipped a supercomputer under your desk.

But that's not all, honestly it's barely even HALF of the performance tools alone.

Speed is great, but how about some raw, mind-blowing power?

If you use some serious software, or even just want to get the most out of your PC as possible, System Mechanic has the adrenaline shot your computer needs! 

EnergyBooster! Take your PC to the next level with this incredible tool. By automatically turning off unnecessary background programs, your computer's limited resources are going to be free to turn their attention to the tasks YOU need them on!

Don't let worthless background processes hog your memory or processor, use them how you want them.

If you do high-quality video, audio, web design, ANYTHING, you'll immediately notice how ridiculously fast EnergyBooster makes your PC.

Interested in something BRAND NEW? System Mechanic is always expanding its armory of tools and this version is no different.

With new AcceleWrite, you'll almost never have to worry about disk fragmentation again. By automatically ensuring optimal storage of files, the creeping slowdown that your computer experiences over time from disk defragmentation is a thing of the past!

It does the work for you, which means more time for yourself and a healthier life for your PC.

Hey - maybe you're tired of SUPER SLOW internet?

That's when NetBooster takes the stage. Each Internet connection is unique and your computer can't be pre-configured from the factory for an optimal setup for YOUR system. NetBooster examines your current connection and makes those specific changes so you get MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE.

And remember, if you don't want to go through these individually, System Mechanic can do pretty much everything on its own. It's impossible NOT to get huge gains from running this software, and it's as simple as a few mouse clicks. What more could you ask for?

Especially nowadays, computer security has become a really big issue. You may think you're secure, but new vulnerabilities pop up ALL THE TIME! Even the tiniest of security holes can spell disaster for your privacy or your computer's ability to function. With so much on your computer, there's no excuse for taking risks.

With just one button, System Mechanic will comb your computer for security flaws and fix every single one it finds. Blocking off hackers from entry, you get peace of mind that your files and confidential information are safely protected.

You can NEVER be too secure.

After your vulnerabilities are patched up, what about other kinds of intrusions? Unwanted programs, intrusions, or malware trying to hijack your system. System Guard will be the shield that keeps your PC defended and in tip-top shape.

System Guard does SO MUCH at once. If new programs try to add themselves to your startup, it will let you know. Dangerous programs trying to run? System Guard stops them IMMEDIATELY.

Browsing can be hazardous, but with System Guard, your computer and browser are protected from even the wiliest of hacking attempts. If you've ever had your homepage suspiciously changed or a new toolbar appear out of nowhere, you'll know how important System Guard is!

Privacy is just as important as vulnerabilities when it comes to security. With System Mechanic, you can make sure nothing you do gets to the wrong hands. With the Privacy Cleaner, anything you do can be erased, from browsing or search history to cookies and chat transcripts that websites or programs often automatically save.

Or maybe you need something deleted? I mean... REALLY deleted. The Incinerator will make sure any of your private files, from old taxes to company memos can't be easily recovered by ANYONE.

System Mechanic takes security seriously, and you can rest easy knowing you have the best programs protecting your PC and files.

System Mechanic is loaded with SO MUCH and if you want to, it can be COMPLETELY AUTOMATIC. But if you want to know exactly what it's doing, you can examine every tool to see what it intends to fix or change.

You'd be INSANE not to take advantage of all these amazing tools, but if you want to, you can pick and choose what you use and how you use it.

But that's not all! It comes with a tool to completely customize your PC's operations. From hiding unwanted icons to making your start menu react faster, there's almost nothing out of your control - AMAZING!

System Mechanic looks too good to be true, right? Especially with all the extra free stuff, how can so much power be packed together into one amazing product? Well, you don't have to take our word for it! With over 36 million users and countless awards tell you all you need to know.

Talk About Award Winning!

My laptop was in a mess! It was slow to the point of stagnation at times but a colleague recommended your software and the result was near-magical! Speeds have improved dramatically and it has given me a great feeling of confidence. Michael H.

After I ran System Mechanic the first time, I thought I had a new machine! John N

I love your product. It's not only a great product, but it?s fun to use. Sometimes I play with the different categories and I just enjoy myself....Norton & McAfee could learn a thing or two or three or four from you...lol....Have a great new year. Ray H

System Mechanic saved me from having to purchase a whole new computer. Well worth the investment! Arthur H.

System Mechanic is a great addition to my computer. I feel much more in control of what's going on inside it. The Internet optimizer worked great, a 1MB would take 22 seconds to download, now it takes just 7 seconds!! That is a 300% increase in internet speed. I was able to get at and get rid of a lot of unnecessary garbage that was choking up my computer. This product rates 5 out of 5 in my books! John T.

Without a doubt, [System Mechanic is] the complete difference between a well working machine and being the typical frustrated computer user?From novice to expert, this product rocks and I would recommend it to anyone who uses a computer for whatever reason. Chris H.

This product is much better than Norton Utilities and SystemWorks which I had been using since 1995. Keep up the good work!! Vern H

In my twenty years of personal computing, System Mechanic is one of the best -- if not THE best -- software I have ever installed on a PC. I recommend it without hesitation to all my friends and presentation audiences. Keep up the great work. Bob S.


And now for the BEST PART!

With all this greatness in one package you're probably expecting it to be really expensive. Well, you're right and you're wrong.

If you go out to Best Buy to buy this? You'd be looking at THIS price:


Heck, at Amazon you're still looking at nearly $25!

WorldStart beats ALL these "deals":

For System Mechanic, with the built-in security and full-system repair it's only $24.97!

I don't even have a joke for the person crazy enough to miss this because there's nothin' funny about passing up the deal of the millenium!

NOTICE: This is the last batch for awhile. Once these few we have left sell out, it looks like it will be 2015 before we get the next round. Don't miss out - order today!


Not sure if you need System Mechanic? Scan your PC for FREE to find out!




  Now available for use on Unlimited PCs



Fix and speed up your PC automatically with System Mechanic!  Looking to give your PC start-up, internet speed, or gaming performance a boost?  What about repairing potential damaging PC problems?  Maybe you're just concerned about your computer's privacy.  System Mechanic helps you out with those and so much more!

Boost Speed with System Mechanic

BRAND NEW: LiveBoost Technology

Your computer’s ability to respond quickly to the operating system and the programs it runs is based on a critical triangle of components: the Central Processing Unit (CPU), RAM and the Storage Drive. If performance at any point on this triangle is impeded, the entire triangle is affected and your computer develops sporadic lags and glitches. LiveBoost Technology opens the door to “performance at the speed of thought,” even though today’s applications try to aggressively monopolize your computer.

You don't have to be an expert - it's easy to let System Mechanic automatically performs a 229-point diagnostic computer inspection in just a few minutes using over 50 tools to uncover why your PC is running so slowly. Here's a quick look at the dashboard:

  • Easy to understand system overview
  • Quick or Deep analysis optins
  • Comprehensive status gauge
  • Clear explanation of each problem
  • Straightforward actions to fix all problems or only those you want!

Automatically eliminate each and every root problem affecting your PC's speed and stability

Achieve maximum PC performance with System Mechanic's comprehensive set of tools to address each of the 12 root causes of PC slowdowns. System Mechanic is the only product available that resolves each and every one.


System Mechanic cleans up Windows!

  • Cleans over 50 different typs of junk files
  • Removes invalid installers and programs
  • Wipes internet history, clutter and cache
  • Regains thousands of megabytes of hard disk space

PC system-clogging clutter zaps Windows performance

PC system-clogging clutter builds up silently over time in the background from untidy programs, unclean computer shutdowns, and general everyday use. If not regularly cleaned, these junk files can cause the computer to undergo superfluous and wasteful processing that slows you down.

     iolo Labs identified the top 3 ways clutter degrades performance:
  1. Critical indexes Windows maintains to organize its files become bloated with meaningless junk, causing overall sluggishness during file and program access. 
  2. Useless files are included when defragmenting your hard drives, adding to the time and processing power required.
  3. Hard drive space is unnecessarily reserved, leading to premature upgrade costs or replacements.

Sweep away junk files and automatically keep Windows spotless

With System Mechanic, you can eliminate wasteful system-clogging clutter and enable patented ActiveCare® technology to keep your PC automatically clutter-free and running at its peak. Your system will start up quicker, work faster, and perform with greater reliability.

Virtually everything you do on a PC is stored in activity logs or leaves a trail, even long after it's been "cleared."

System Mechanic ensures your privacy

Choose what traces of activity to permanently remove
  • Employs multi-pass military-grade wiping to ensure complete removal of all deleted data
  • Defeats forensics recovery techniques
  • Permanently and completely removes internet history and cache
  • Integrates Incinerator® technology with Windows Recycle Bin for high security
  • Cleans up after all major web browsers, online chat, and web toolbars

Why deleting, emptying, and clearing are not enough

Savvy PC users know to "clear the cache and browser history" as a basic privacy precaution, but most are unaware of the multitude of locations where common programs leave a vivid trail of activity that can be financially or personally devastating in the wrong hands.

Deleted files are not really erased - their space is simply marked "available" by Windows, and their contents can persist for months or years, even after you empty the Recycle Bin or format your hard disk!

Wipe files and purge activity logs the right way

Activity log tracks left by dozens of new programs as you use them can be safely and securely wiped away by the improved Privacy Cleaner™ tool in System Mechanic, which now leverages military-grade Incinerator® multi-pass data shredding technology.


System Mechanic safely repairs errors and fragmentation, cleans out clutter, and tunes up your PC, so it runs smoothly, reliably, and up to 300% faster.

What System Mechanic does to fix your PC

  • Updates critical device drivers
  • Repairs and compacts registry
  • Eliminates memory leaks
  • Fixes random crashes and restarts
  • Revives unstartable systems
  • Repairs and prevents corrupted drives
  • Fixes security vulnerabilities
  • Repairs broken internet connections
  • Scans for and replaces out-of-date drivers
  • Automatically maintains PC health with patented ActiveCare® technology

System Mechanic knows what to fix

System Mechanic is radically different and much more effective than one-size-fits-all "utility" or "cleaner" type products on the market today. iolo Labs provides intelligent live updates, called Tune-up Definitions™, based on analysis of repair and optimization results from millions of PCs worldwide.

Tune-up Definitions teach System Mechanic about the latest PC performance issues as they manifest and evolve in real time, keeping the product agile, safe, and powerful. It's the brains behind its success, providing intelligence about the impact of specific settings, programs, and services unique to your PC.


Computer viruses, hackers, and other internet dangers continue to pose a high risk, and can wreak havoc by causing permanent computer damage, destroying data, and enabling identity theft. Antivirus and firewall protection are just the first steps to keeping your data safe.

To bolster this protection, take a look at System Mechanic's offerings in the Enhance Protection category (accessed from the Individual Tools pane):

Security Optimizer™

Fix Security Vulnerabilities

Find and repair Windows security flaws that leave your system open to attack.

Viruses and other malicious programs exploit security vulnerabilities in operating systems and web browsers. With this wizard, you can easily repair the security flaws that leave your system open to attack.

Registry Backup

Back Up or Restore Registry
Protect the registry by performing regular backups.

The system registry is critical to your computer's ability to run correctly. Protect these vital settings by using this wizard to schedule regular registry backups or do backups and restorations on demand.

System Guard®

Configure Automatic System Defense
Stop possibly malicious programs and processes from loading, and block changes to Internet pages.

Without your knowledge, malicious software can attempt to execute itself or include itself in your Windows startup process. Hidden files can change your web browser's Home page and Search page to point to their site. Use this innovative System Guard feature to block unauthorized changes to your system.


"One of the most complete, effective, and easy-to-use tune-up utilities" – CNet, 2009

"A must have for reviving well-used computers." – PC Magazine, 2012

"Having a program explain, in simple English, what it was doing was not only a nice feature but it also taught me something." – WIRED, 2010

"I bought the original System Mechanic and thought it could never be improved upon, but you seem to have outdone your earlier work and made a truly remarkable upgrade." – Jerry W., Ph.D.


iolo System Mechanic Premium


iolo System Mechanic Premium


iolo System Mechanic Premium


iolo System Mechanic Premium


iolo System Mechanic Premium



System Requirements

  • Windows Vista/7/8
  • 256MB of RAM
  • 30MB of free hard drive space
  • Program Includes (1) Year of Program Use/Updates from Date of Activation

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