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Professor Teaches Windows 7


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WS Review Product Description


Got Windows 7? 

It's time to get the MOST out of it! Steve here, and we have some absolutely amazing software that's going to be a godsend for EVERY Windows 7 user!

This ingenious software will show you everything you need to know about Windows 7 - in a fully interactive, easy to understand hand-on way!

There's never been a more complete and informative tutorial before... EVER.

I gave this tutorial to my friend (who claimed he's a Windows expert...) a few days later he called me back and was SHOCKED at the sheer volume of new things he never even knew he could do! It's THAT thorough!

And hey, I'll admit it...

I even found a new trick or two and I've been at this stuff for DECADES now!

If you've ever been fed up trying to get Windows 7 to work how you need it to, you are NOT alone! It doesn't matter how much experience you have with computers, every version of Windows changes so many things!

Stop the headaches and get control of your computer!

Over 170 Lessons!

YES! When we say “complete”, we mean CRAZY COMPLETE! Every nook and cranny of Windows 7 is put into an interactive, multimedia instructional to make you tech savvy.

Did I Say Multimedia?

Yep! You aren't just sitting there reading some text on the screen, you get fully-engaging audio and visual presentations that make you feel like you have Bill Gates sitting right next to you!

Every topic and every click is covered fully so you aren't EVER confused or left guessing!

Tired of figuring out what these computer terms are? Professor Teaches Windows 7 includes a full glossary of ANY key terms it uses or you need to know.

And it features a simple list and alphabetical search to find out what you need!

It even highlights keywords you may not be familiar with during the lesson so you can quickly look them up and not fall behind!

Hands-On Learners Rejoice! I don't know about you, but I have a WAY easier time learning when I can try it myself. And that's why I LOOOOOVE  these tutorials! They don't just tell you what to do, they give you realistic simulations and have you ACTUALLY go through the process, step-by-step!

That's two HUGE advantages - One, anyone will remember better by actually performing the tasks... and two, because it's a simulation, you can't mess anything up! No risks, no worries!

Think you have it down? Take the quiz at the end of the chapter and find out for sure! If you're missing something, it's easy to go back and review. 

And with the Professor Answers quick assistance, if you forget something down the road, you'll have an informative lifeline to get you the answers you need!

There's simply no smarter or easier way to learn Windows 7.

Check Out This Small Selection of the Lessons!

  Windows 7 Basics
  Using The Desktop
  Working with Files and Folders
  Personalizing Windows 7
  Printing and Printer Features
  Working with Applications and the Internet
  Creating Shortcuts
  Working with Desktop Gadgets
  Personalizing the Desktop and Folder Settings
  Searching for Files and Folders

Wow! That's a lot of information... and this is just a tiny taste of the 170+ potential lessons!

Maybe you don't need every lesson! No problem! You are completely free to pick and choose each individual lesson! Each section covers a very specific topic, so just hit Next to skip the stuff you already know!

Oh, how long will it take? No worries - each chapter gives you an estimated time to completion!

Done with the basics? Step it up to Windows 7 ADVANCED topics! Give yourself the edge when using Windows 7 and make sure that your time at the computer is as quick and simple as you want it to be!

It's no surprise how fantastic this software is when you look at the facts: Professor Teaches has been a huge name in tutorial software for YEARS! You don't get respect like this for nothing:

I can't stress how much you get with this software. There's simply no FASTER or EASIER way to learn Windows 7! Novices and pros alike will get SO MUCH out of just a small amount of time spent with it!

You spend hours and hours with your computer - why not make those hours 100X more enjoyable by simply LEARNING how to use it better??

It really is the ultimate upgrade!!

Oh, and check out this price - it's the lowest ever! Make yourself a Windows 7 master for only $14.97!


Product Description

Professor Teaches Windows 7 provides realistic, interactive, and complete training for Windows 7.  Build your skills with Professor Teaches tutorials and learn everything you'll need, from beginning to advanced lessons.  Each interactive tutorial is organized for fast and easy learning with practical exercises that build skills quickly and effectively.  Professor Teaches Windows 7 is the quickest and easiest way to build your skills and improve your productivity with this new operating system.

Steve's Demo:

Key Features

  • Realistic - Realistic simulations provide an accurate learning environment so your use of Windows 7 is fast.
  • Interactive - More than just videos, you'll interact to perform the correct action during each exercise for better learning and retention.
  • Complete - Hundreds of learning lessons for beginner through advanced subjects are included.
  • Hundreds of learning lessons
  • 5 to 10 hours of training per course
  • Beginner to Advanced lessons
  • Self-paced learning objectives
  • Introductions and Summaries
  • Interactive exercises
  • Professional voice narration
  • Realistic simulation of software
  • End-of-chapter quiz questions
  • Checkmarks for completed lessons
  • Glossary, Index, and Search
  • Professor Answers for instant training
  • 5 courses, over 20 chapters, and over 170 lessons


  • Realistic, Interactive, and Complete Training - Realistic simulations provide an accurate learning environment so your transition to Windows 7 is fast and easy.  More than just videos, you'll interact to perform the correct action during each exercise for better learning and retention.  Hundreds of learning topics and beginner through advanced subjects are included.
  • The Fast, Easy Way to Learn Windows 7 - Learn from each of the 5 courses and over 50 lessons.  Professor Teaches courses use real-world settings and accurate simulations to help you apply your new knowledge directly to daily tasks and the knowledge you gain becomes an asset for life.
  • Simplify the Way You Use Your PC - Everyday tasks are made easier when you learn the essentials and advanced concepts from Professor Teachers, such as improved desktop navigation, enhanced searching to help you quickly locate your files, and maintaining system security. This full interactive tutorial is organized for fast and easy learning with practical exercises to build new skills and Windows proficiency.
  • Includes Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Topics - Chapters are organized into specific learning objectives, easily available from the main menu.  Learning objectives guide you to success, colorful graphics and clear instructions keep you interested, and professional voice narration assists retention.
  • Interactive Training for Windows 7 - Self-paced, interactive lessons allow you to practice in a realistic simulation of the software.  Accurate screen presentations, menus, and buttons provide an easy transition to the real application.  Step-by-step interactive exercises help you achieve high retention rates and practical exercises and examples make learning easy.
  • Complete and Comprehensive Content - Introductions, summaries, and end-of-chapter quiz questions all reinforce learning.  All 5 courses use the same design and education methods to ensure consistent quality throughout.
  • Windows 7 - Learning to use Windows 7 simplifies the way you use your PC.  Everyday tasks are made easier when you learn the essentials and advanced concepts from Professor Teaches, such as improved desktop navigation, enhanced searching to help you quickly locate your files, and maintaining system security.  This fully interactive tutorial is organized for fast and easy learning with practical exercises to build new skills and Windows proficiency.
  • Windows 7 Advanced - Reach expert skill level in the Windows 7 operating system with advanced courses.  Learn how to understand QuickLaunch Bars, use Jump Lists, view Libraries, work with Send To and Backing up and Restoring Files, and Using Windows Meeting Space, plus much more.
  • Internet Explorer 8 - Build your skills and learn everything you need to fully utilize your web browser. Learn to use the exciting new features, from accelerators to the SmartScreen filter, and advanced toolbar searches to tabbed browsing.
  • PC Security Fundamentals - Learn the fundamentals of PC security with over 30 lessons, including defeating malware, managing firewall settings, managing cookies, and protecting your privacy.
  • Includes Just-in-Time Training - Get quick assistance with Professor Answers.  Find answers to your questions faster and easier than Microsoft Help.  Powerful Search and Browse features are just one click away to help you locate the specific topic training you need, right when you need it.  Then, it provides mini-training sessions to give you the knowledge and experience you need immediately.

Included Lessons

Windows 7 - Over 50 Lessons

  • Resizing and Moving Windows
  • Customizing the Start Menu
  • Creating Shortcuts
  • Using the Taskbar
  • Managing Multiple Windows
  • Customizing the Taskbar
  • Working with the Sidebar and Gadgets
  • Switching Users
  • Exploring the Computer's Contents
  • Searching for Files and Folders
  • Moving, Copying, and Deleting Files
  • Using the Recycle Bin
  • Personalizing the Desktop
  • Modifying the Color Scheme
  • Changing the Monitor Resolution
  • Selecting a Screen Saver
  • Personalizing Sound Effects
  • Fine-Tuning System Setting
  • Modifying Folder Options
  • Customizing the Startup Folder
  • Adding and Changing User Accounts
  • Printing with Windows 7
  • Adding a Printer
  • Working with the Printer Dialog
  • Working with the Print Queue
  • Troubleshooting Printer Problems
  • Installing Fonts
  • Burning Files to CD and DVD
  • Creating XPS Documents
  • Working with Third Party Software
  • Setting Up an Internet Connection
  • And More

Windows 7 Advanced - Over 30 Lessons

  • Understanding Quicklaunch Bars
  • Using Jump Lists
  • Viewing Libraries
  • Working with Send To
  • About Windows Touch
  • Introduction to Windows 7 Security
  • Working with the Security Center
  • Managing Firewall Settings
  • Using Windows Defender
  • Setting Internet Security Options
  • Using Parental Controls
  • How to Update Windows 7
  • Managing Peripheral Hardware
  • Performing Disk Maintenance
  • Working with Programs
  • Backing Up and Restoring Files
  • Obtaining System Information
  • How to Transfer Computer Settings
  • Using Windows Meeting Space
  • Troubleshooting Problems
  • Viewing Your Network
  • Getting Remote Assistance
  • About the Sync Center
  • And More

Internet Explorer 8 - Over 60 Lessons

  • Using AutoComplete
  • Interpreting Error Messages
  • Managing Favorites
  • Tracking Your Browsing History
  • Understanding the Status Bar
  • Entering Information into Forms
  • Listening to Radio Webcasts
  • Creating an Online Photo Album
  • Using the Bing Toolbar
  • Customizing Search Settings
  • Using Autosearch
  • Saving Web Pictures
  • Working with LinkedIn
  • Social Network Privacy
  • Creating a Blog
  • And More

PC Security Fundamentals - Over 30 Lessons

  • Defeating Malware
  • Managing Firewall Settings
  • Using Windows Defender
  • Setting Internet Security Options
  • Using Parental Controls
  • Securing Your Browsers
  • Keeping Windows Patched and Updated
  • Protecting Your Privacy
  • Managing Cookies
  • About Inappropriate Content
  • About Online Fraud and Predators
  • About E-mail Threats
  • Dealing with Spam
  • E-mail and Instant Messaging Viruses
  • Securing Email Using Encryption



Chapters are organized into specific learning objectives - easily available from the main menu.



Professor Teaches Windows 7Professor Teaches Windows 7Professor Teaches Windows 7Professor Teaches Windows 7



Professor Teaches Windows 7


System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
  • Pentium PC or higher
  • 16 MB of RAM
  • 200 MB of available hard disk space per application
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • 1024 x 768, 16-bit color display
  • Sound Card
  • Speakers or headphones
  • Mouse

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