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LapLink Disk Image


Product ID 7784
Weight 1.0 lbs
Original Retail $79.99 - (save 69%)
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Packaging CD Sleeve
Return Policy 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Price $24.97



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WS Review Product Description

Wish Your Computer Had a REWIND Button?

Wanna Go Back To BEFORE It Had All Those Problems?


Take a SNAPSHOT Of Your Hard Drive...

And Restore To It In MINUTES!

FULL System Restores, Retrieve Lost Files...

Move ALL Your Data From One PC to Another...


LapLink Disk Image Is The EASIEST Software Out There!



Hard drive crashes are INEVITABLE!

It's happened to everyone. And if you're saying "Well, it hasn't happened to me yet!"  then it's probably just around the corner!

Your hard drive won't last forever and when it's day comes, you NEED to be ready!

It's like nothing else! The ordinary person cannot recover lost data. Period!

And even if you happen to have the ridiculously expensive recovery software, there's no guaranteeing WHAT you recover!

It might be the important family photos you lost. It MIGHT be an arbitrary text file you accidentally made four years ago!

The bottom line...

A Computer Crash Can Be DEVASTATING...

And what's worse?  It's nearly impossible to restore it back to where it was before the crash.  Your data is completely gone - photos, documents, music, financial records, e-mails - everything in your digital life is just plain gone!

Oh, and what about your software? You can spend DAYS trying to locate and reinstall your old software!  Months, even! But after all that hard work, you're almost guaranteed not to have everything you did before the crash.

And good luck trying to recover those old serial numbers to prove that you indeed bought that software at some point. Who just keeps that stuff lying around?  Nope - if your computer crashes, you're gonna burn...

Let's face it: a system crash is inevitable at some point. Be it in the form of a crash, malware or a virus. What's going to happen to all of your files, software and programs?  How long will it take you to recover and reinstall everything?  How much money would it end up costing you?  It's going to be a miserable experience...

Unless you have LapLink Disk Image, of course...

Then everything is fine!

Computer Crashes No Longer Mean a Thing!

Before we get to any of the specifics with this program, there's a couple of things you should know: this program is very easy to use (anyone can do it) and the bottom line is this:

LapLink Disk Image makes an EXACT copy (image) of your hard drive. If your PC crashes and you've used this program first, you can restore EVERYTHING back to the way it was when you did the backup by sticking the disc in and letting it do it's thing!

This image can be created on another hard drive, an external drive, a zip drive, a set of CD's or DVD's - whatever works for you.  It's fast and couldn't be easier to use - IT RUNS DIRECTLY THROUGH WINDOWS!

That's right: software, files, programs, pictures, music...EVERYTHING!

Whether you accidentally downloaded a terrible virus, are experiencing a massive PC crash, got a ton of malware, have a PC that won't start - whatever - if you've used Disk Image, you'll have access to everything you backed up before your PC kicked that digital bucket.  

Restore Individual Files!

This is TOO cool!  Disk Image allows you to restore individual files as needed!  

Let's just say you accidentally deleted an important file.  Or somehow, you managed to corrupt a bunch of pictures you had saved on your computer.  Disk Image allows you to restore ANY file you want - YOU get to pick and choose!

Simply pop your disk in and choose which file to reinstall.  It's laid out right in front of you, and it's a quick and easy process.  No matter what happens to your files, hardware, pictures - whatever - you can rest assured that it's safely backed-up and ready to be reinstalled whenever you need to!

Creating Back-Ups has NEVER Been Easier!

Maybe you just got a new computer and want to bring certain things over from your old one - no problem!  Disk Image lets  you pick and choose!  

And let's say you just bought yourself some EXPENSIVE new hardware.  Install it and copy it with ease!  Now it's backed up in case anything at all should happen to it!

And speaking of getting a new computer...maybe you're not aware, but most newer computer's don't come with a Windows restore disk anymore! Nope, the almighty dollar must be more important to them than customer loyalty...so get ready to shell out an extra 40 bucks on top of that new computer cost.  OR use Disk Image - and restore windows on all your programs on your computer!  

Look at that - this program has already paid for itself!


Added Bonus: Makes Adding A Larger Hard Drive Super-EASY!

Eventually you're going to run out of hard drive space.  This happens to pretty much everybody, that's why external HD's are sold everywhere. Now, maybe a better idea would be to actually just put in a new, larger hard drive - but that's normally the kind of thing that would even give Stephen King nightmares!

Ahh, but if you have Disk Image, it's a snap! Just create an image of your current system onto the new drive and BINGO - Install the new drive and everything is just like it was before the upgrade - except now you have all the extra space! Sweet!

I'd say this alone is more than worth the cost of the program!

Talk About a BRILLIANT Program - Just Look at these Features!

Let's just sum this up, shall we?  This might seem like a big bad program, but trust me - it's simple to use, powerful, and it WILL save you time, money and sanity!  Check it out:

 Makes an EXACT replica of the data on your PC!
 Allows you to restore ANY AND ALL of your programs and data!
 Optional Boot CD - repair & restore everything even if Windows won't start!
 More Options: create FULL or PARTIAL disk images - it's entirely up to you!
 This program allows you to burn the saved image to any disc: CD's OR DVD's!

THE BEST PART: It's EXTREMELY user friendly with a simple-to-follow wizard!  Anyone can use this amazing program with ease!


Save Yourself a TON of Misery for a VERY SMALL PRICE!

So WHEN your computer finally crashes, will you be prepared?  Today, you can take advantage of a HUGE deal on this brand new, computer saving software!  For just $24.97 with FREE US SHIPPING, you'll be all set no matter what happens!


Product Description

Protect your PC with a perfect copy (image) of all your applications, files and settings. Quickly and easily restore your PC and recover damaged or lost files due to corrupted systems, viruses, hackers or other malware. Even restore to a PC with different hardware using the Hardware Independent Restore feature. 

By using DiskImage you aren't just securing data, but your entire PC. When you restore an image, the old PCs setup is restored along with the data regardless of whether it is onto the same PC or onto another one. DiskImage is the perfect solution to protect against unforeseen data loss.

Key Features


Easy-to-Use Wizard  
Create images and perform restorations with the easy-to-use one click wizard. 


Advanced Burning  
Store your image on CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs or external media 


Hardware Independent 
Restore entire image to any PC regardless of hardware.


Automated Incremental Imaging
Automatically create full or incremental images of your PC, even while in use. 


Perfect Copy  
Make an exact replica of your existing PCs data. 


Boot CD*  
Easily repair and restore your Windows system, applications and files directly from the boot CD, even if your operating system won't start 




Laplink DiskImageScreenshot


Laplink DiskImage Screenshots


System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 Professional
  • External Backup Drive (USB Flash Drive, External Hard Drive) with space
    equal to the used space on your hard drive.

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