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Definitive TV Western Collection - 600 Episode Set


Product ID 7706
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Product Description



This compilation of rare and in some cases, never before seen television programs from the golden age of Hollywood represents the largest assortment of TV shows ever released! Relive your childhood or discover a truly unique brand of entertainment for the first time with 600 Episodes to choose from! Enjoy over 265 hours of family friendly entertainment with over 40 exceptional shows spanning the last six decades!

Shows include: Bonanza, Wagon Train, The Rifleman, The Lone Ranger, Dusty's Trail, The Cisco Kid, Annie Oakley and many more!

Stars include: Roy Rogers, Henry Fonda, Bob Denver, Lorne Greene, Michael Landon, Jackie Coogan, Forrest Tucker, Gabby Hayes, Lash LaRue, Clayton Moore, Buddy Ebsen, Tim conway, Chuck Connors, Dale Evans and many more!

Key Features

  • One of a kind branded keepsake wood box
  • 24 page collectable booklet featuring an episode guide, synopses, index and
    rare photographs!
  • Featuring episodes from 40 different TV series
  • 600 complete episodes
  • over 265 hours of entertainment
  • 48 DVDs


Disc 1A
Annie Oakley 

1. Annie and the Chinese Puzzle
2. Annie and the Silver Ace
3. Annie meets some Tenderfeet
4. Annie's Desert Adventure
5. The Saga of Clement O'Toole
6. The Waco Kid

Disc 1B
The Adventures of Jim Bowie 

1. Birth of the Blade 
2. The Squatters
3. An Adventure with Audubon
4. Trapline
5. The Secessionist 
6. Land Jumpers

Disc 2A
The Cisco Kid 

1. Confession for Money
2. Freight Line Feud
3. Lynching Story
4. Newspaper Crusaders
5. Ghost Town
6. Buried Treasure
7. Dog Story
8. Medicine Flats

Disc 2B
The Cisco Kid 

1. Oil Land
2. Phoney Sheriff
3. Stolen Bonds
4. The Old Bum

Death Valley Days 

1. Dear Teacher
2. Sego Lillies
3. Little Washington

Disc 3A
The Gabby Hayes Show 

1. Swordfish
2. Great Salt Lake
3. Niagara Falls
4. Hawaiian Islands
5. Boulder Dam
6. Bald Eagle

Disc 3B
Cowboy G-Men 

1. Empty Mailbags
2. Ozark Gold
3. Bounty Jumpers
4. Chinaman's Chance
5. High Heeled Boots

Frontier Doctor 

1. The Outlaw Legion
2. The Queen of the Cimarron
3. The Twisted Road

Disc 4A
The Roy Rogers Show

1. Lady Killer
2. Phantom Rustlers
3. Death Medicine
4. Ghost Town Gold
5. The Big Chance
6. Badman's Brother
7. The Secret of Indian Gap

Disc 4B
The Roy Rogers Show

1. Flying Bullets
2. The Knockout
3. Blind Justice
4. Loaded Guns
5. Run-A-Round
6. Money to Burn
7. Milliner from Medicine Creek
8. Outlaws of Paradise Valley

Disc 5A
The Lone Ranger 

1. Enter the Lone Ranger
2. The Lone Ranger Fights On
3. Cannonball McKay
4. Legion of Old Timers
5. Old Joe's Sister
6. The Renegades
7 Finders Keepers
8. High Heels

Disc 5B
The Lone Ranger 

1. The Masked Rider
2. Message from Abe
3. Pete and Pedro
4. The Return of the Convict
5 Rustler's Hideout
6. Six Gun's Legacy
7. The Tenderfeet

Disc 6A
Judge Roy Bean 

1. Checkmate
2. Murder in Langtry
3. Sunburnt Gold
4. The Defense Rests
5. The Hidden Truth
6. The Runaway

The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp 

1. The Assassins

Disc 6B
Stories of the Century 

1. The Dalton Gang
2. Doc Holiday
3. John Wesley Hardin
4. The Younger Brothers
5. Johnny Ringo
6. Sam Bass

The Deputy 

1. The Return of Widow Brown
2. Hard Decision

Disc 7A
Pistols and Petticoats 

1. Shoot Out at the O'Day Corral
2. The Triangle
3. Sir Richard of Wretched

Shotgun Slade 

1. Crossed Guns
2. Sudden Death

26 Men 

1. Trouble at Pinnacle Peak
2. The Recruit

Disc 7B

1. Joey Finds a Friend
2. Dame Trouble
3. Search for Joey

Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans 

1. The Contest
2. The Girl
3. Washington Story

Disc 8A

1. Badge Without Honor
2. Day of Reckoning
3. The Last Viking
4. The Spanish Grant

Disc 8B

1. The Ape
2. The Mill
3. Feet of Clay

Disc 9A

1. The Gunmen
2. Desert Justice
3. Silent Thunder

Disc 9B
Wagon Train 

1. Alias Bill Hawks
2. The Dr. Denker Story
3. The Malachi Hobart Story

Disc 10A
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon 

1. Dog Race
2. Scourge of the Wild
3. Relief Train
4. Black Ace
5. Trapped

Cowboy G-Men 

1. Center Fire
2. General Delivery
3. Hang the Jury

Disc 10B
The Adventures of Kit Carson 

1. Badman of Briscoe
2. Broken Spur
3. Feud in San Filipe
4. Law of the Six Guns
5. Powder Smoke Trail
6. Trail to Old Sonora

Disc 11A
Northwest Passage 

1. The Assassin
2. Break Out
3. Death Rides the Wind
4. Stab in the Back
5. The Witch
6. Vengeance Trail

Disc 11B
Buffalo Bill Jr

1. Fight for Geronimo
2. Runaway Renegade
3. Red Hawk
4. Empire Pass
5. The Fight for Texas
6. The Death of Johnny Ringo

Disc 12A
The Range Rider 

1. Convict At Large
2. The Buckskin
3. The Treasure of Santa Dolores
4. West of Cheyenne
5. Bullets and Badmen
6. The Holy Terror

Disc 12B
The Rifleman 

1. Outlaw's Inheritance 
2. Day of the Hunter
3. Mail Order Groom

Bat Masterson 

1. The Fighter
2. Stampede at Tent City

The Adventures of Champion 

1. The Medicine Man Mystery

Disc 13 Side A
The Cisco Kid

1. Rustling
2. Big Switch
3. Buried Treasure
4. Boomerang
5. Chain Lightning
6. Convict Story
7. Counterfeit Money
8. Ghost Story

Disc 13 Side B
The Cisco Kid

1. Haven for Heavies
2. Jewelry Holdup
3. The Phoney Heiress
4. Pancho Hostage
5. Performance Bond
6. Protective Association
7. Quarter Horse
8. Hidden Valley

Disc 14 Side A
The Cisco Kid

1. Quicksilver Murder
2. Railroad Land Rush
3. The Will
4. Uncle Disinherits Niece
5. Vigilante Story
6. Water Rights

Disc 14 Side B
Stories of the Century 

1. Apache Kid
2. Belle Star
3. Billy the Kid
4. Black Bart
5. Black Jack Ketchum
6. Cattle Kate
7. Cherokee Bill

Disc 15 Side A
Stories of the Century 

1. Chief Crazy Horse
2. Clay Allison
3. Frank and Jesse James
4. Geronimo
5. Henry Plummer
6. Jack Slade
7. Kate Bender

Disc 15 Side B
Stories of the Century 

1. Little Britches
2. Nate Champion
3. Quantrill and His Raiders
4. The Doolin Gang
5. Tom Bell
6. Tom Horn
7. The Wild Bunch of Wyoming

Disc 16 Side A
Sergeant Preston of the Yukon 

1. One Bear Too Many
2. Crime at Wounded Moose
3. Phantom of Phoenixville
4. Justice at Goneaway Creek
5. Skagway Secret
6. The Limping King
7. Blind Justice

Disc 16 Side B
Judge Roy Bean 

1. The Judge's Dilemma
2. The Eyes of Texas
3. The Katcina Doll
4. Bad Medicine
5. Black Jack
6. The Reformer
7. The Fugitive
8. The Outlaw's Son

Disc 17 Side A
Buffalo Bill Jr. 

1. Tough Tenderfoot
2. Boomer's Blunders
3. Fugitive from Injustice
4. Grave of the Monsters
5. Legacy of Jesse James
6. Pawnee Stampede 

Disc 17 Side B
Buffalo Bill Jr. 

1. Rails Westward
2. Redskin Gap
3. The Black Ghost 
4. The Rain Wagon
5. Trail of the Killer

Disc 18 Side A
Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans 

1. Stubborn Pioneer
2. False Faces
3. Hawkeye's Homecoming
4. Promised Valley
5. Snake Tattoo 
6. The Delaware Hoax

Disc 18 Side B
Hawkeye and the Last of the Mohicans 

1. The Medicine Man
2. The Scapegoat
3. The Search
4. The Threat
5. Way Station
6. False Witness

Disc 19 Side A
Shotgun Slade 

1. A Flower on Boot Hill
2. Backtrack
3. Charcoal Bullet
4. Donna Juanita
5. The Fabulous Fiddle
6. A Flower for Jenny
7. Ring of Death

Disc 19 Side B
Shotgun Slade 

1. The Deadly Key
2. The Golden Tunnel
3. The Smell of Money
4. The Spanish Box
5. The Killer's Brand
6. Lost Gold

Disc 20 Side A
The Roy Rogers Show

1. Ambush
2. Bad Neighbors
3. Ride in the Death Wagon
4. Ghost Gulch
5. Horse Crazy
6. Money is Dangerous
7. Jailbreak
8. Desert Fugitive

Disc 20 Side B
The Roy Rogers Show

1. Ranch War
2. The Train Robbery
3. Lady Killer
4. Outlaw's Girl
5. Unwilling Outlaw
6. Dead Man's Hills
7. The Treasure of Howling Dog Canyon

Disc 21 Side A
The Range Rider 

1. The Black Terror
2. The Blind Trail
3. Border City Affair
4. Cherokee Round-up
5. Hideout
6. Indian War Party

Disc 21 Side B
The Range Rider 

1. Marshal from Madoro
2. Outlaw Pistols
3. Rustler's Range
4. Saga of Silver Town
5. Shotgun Stage
6. The Chase

Disc 22 Side A
Frontier Doctor 

1. Crooked Circle
2. Danger Valley
3. Drifting Sands
4. Flaming Gold
5. Fury of the Big Top

Disc 22 Side B
Frontier Doctor 

1. Gringo Pete
2. Mystery of the Black Stallion
3. San Francisco Story 
4. The Homesteaders
5. Trouble in Paradise Valley

Disc 23 Side A

1. Joey's Father

Red Ryder

1. Gun Trouble Valley

Northwest Passage 

1. The Counterfeiters
2. The Fourth Brother

The Lone Ranger

1. The Lone Ranger Triumphs
2. War Horse

Disc 23 Side B
Sky King

1. A Dog Named Barney
2. Bullet Bait
3. Sky Robbers
4. Wild Man

Disc 24 Side A
Stoney Burke

1. Point of Entry


1. Return of The Canary Kid

Wide Country

1. Step Over the Sky

Brave Eagle 

1. Witch Bear

Disc 24 Side B
United States Marshal 

1. The Pursuit
2. Murder My Darling
3. The Man Who Lived Twice
4. The Stool Pigeon
5. Federal Agent

Disc 25

1. Before Sunup
2. The Bounty Hunter
3. Comanche Scalps
4. The Gunfighters
5. Home Town
6. The Mary Hardin Story
7. Quiet after the Storm
8. The Reckoning
9. Stopover

The Range Rider

1. Bad Men of Rimrock
2. The Crooked Fork
3. Old Timer's Trail
4. Outlaw Territory
5. Rustler's Range
6. Western Edition

Disc 26
Annie Oakley 

1. Ambush Canyon
2. Annie and the Leprechauns
3. Annie and the Lily Maid
4. Annie Calls Her Shots
5. Annie Finds Strange Treasure
6. Annie Gets Her Man
7. Annie Trusts a Convict
8. Bull's Eye
9. The Dude Stagecoach
10. Dilemma at Diablo
11. Gunplay
12. The Hardrock Trail
13. Justice Guns
14. Shadow at Sonoma
15. Sharpshooting Annie

Disc 27
The Adventures of Kit Carson

1. Bad Men of Marysville
2. The Baron of Black Springs
3. Border City
4. Border Corsairs
5. Danger Hill
6. The Devil of Angel's Camp
7. The Hero of Hermosa
8. Road To Destiny
9. The Road to Monterey
10. Singing Wires
11. Thunder Over Inyo
12. Trouble in Tuscarora

Disc 28
Sheriff of Cochise/United States Marshal 

1. Armored Car
2. Bank Robbery
3. Deer Hunt
4. The Fence
5. Ghost Town
6. The Champ
7. Lynching Party
8. My Sons
9. The Promise
10. Sentenced to Death
11. Trigger Happy
12. The Triple Cross

Disc 29
Judge Roy Bean 

1. Ah Sid, Cowboy
2. Border Raiders
3. Citizen Romeo
4. Connie Comes to Town
5. The Judge of Pecos Valley
6. Letty Leaves Home
7. Slightly Prodigal
8. Spirit of the Law
9. The Travelers
10. Vinegarone


1. Diamonds Look Better Around Your Neck Than a Rope
2. In a Little Mexican Town
3. It Ain't the Principle, It's the Money
4. The Spy Who Was Out Cold

Disc 30
Dusty's Trail 

1. Brookhaven, U.S.A.
2. The Cavalry is Coming
3. Duel for Daphne
4. Half Moon
5. Here Come the Grooms
6. Horse of Another Color
7. John J. Callahan
8. Love Means Bananas
9. Magician
10. Nothing to Crow About
11. Phoney Express
12. Then There Were Seven
13. Treasure of C. Harry Motley
14. Witch's Trail

Disc 31
26 Men 

1. The Bells of St. Thomas
2. The Big Rope
3. Dead Man in Tucson
4. Incident at Yuma
5. Man on the Run
6. The Recruit
7. The Slater Brothers
8. Trade Me Deadly
9. Trail of Darkness
10. Trouble at Pinnacle Peak

The Roy Rogers Show

1. Bullets and a Burro
2. Doc Stevens' Traveling Store
3. The Doublecrosser

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