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Brain Games: More Word Puzzles


Product ID 7657
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WS Review Product Description
Feeling A Little Bit Stupid Lately?

You Know...Dull, Unimaginative, Fuzzy?


Supercharge Your Mind With Challenging Word Puzzles & More!

Brand New From The Award Winning Brain Puzzle Company...

The MOST Fun You'll EVER Have While Getting SMARTER!

Hours of SUPER Entertaining, Ridiculously Challenging Word Games!


Don't Let Your Brain Turn to Mush!

So...video games. Yeah, we've all heard the old addage that they rot your brain, lower your IQ, and flat-out make you dumb. Is it true? Of course not! But for the most part, you could probably be doing something a little more productive with your free time, right?

Well what if there was a game out there that actually did make you smarter? A game as fun as it is challenging, as addictive as it is brainpower-boosting? Would you be excited? Would you want it? ABSOLUTELY YOU WOULD!

That Game Exists, and The Time is NOW!

World Renowned gaming corporation Brain Games brings you "Brain Games - More Word Puzzles!"  These games are challenging, thought-provoking, and RIDICULOUSLY FUN! 

Not only are you gonna be SUPERCHARGING your cognitive skills, you're gonna be having LOADS of fun while doing it!

Get Ready to Get Smart!

Sharpen your observation and critical thinking skills, formulate strategies, and TOTALLY revamp your vocabulary.  It's so much fun that you'll forget you're actually doing something good for your mind!

5 Fun, Challenging Games on One Disc!

So...what are you about to embark on?  Well, you have your choice between 5 different types of games - they're all SUPER FUN and SUPER CHALLENGING!  No matter what, you'll be exercising your mind and making yourself smarter.  What better way can you think of to waste your time on?

*5 Different Game Types - 5 Fun Ways to GET SMARTER!*

Hope You Like Crossword Puzzles!

There's literally hundreds of different crossword puzzles to choose from in a variety of different game styles!  Up your vocabulary skills and OWN the next conversation you have with a smartie type...they've got nothing on you!

What's nice about these crosswords are all of the options it gives you if you need some help: you can get letter hints, you can view your errors...in fact, you can click a button and get the correct word if you get stumped!  No shame: you've just learned a new word!

That's the beauty of crossword puzzles - even when you get something wrong, you're still learning!

Also featured is a timer and score keeper to keep the challenge interesting!  The faster you get done, the higher you score!  AND THE ABSOLUTE COOLEST FEATURE: You can now print the puzzles off of your computer and take them with you for on-the-go FUN!

Thirsty? Here...Try Some WORD JUICE!

This challenging game is SO much fun! As you can see from the image here, this game is all about forming words by moving letters around on a grid.  Instead of getting numeric points for forming words, you're getting "Juice," instead. 

Obviously, the bigger the word you form, the more "Juice" you get!  This is a great game to challenge your friends and family with, and it also aids in forming a strong, well-rounded vocabulary while sharpening your cognitive skills. 

There are two different game modes within Word Juice: Arcade or Strategy.  Arcade is great for a fun, fast-paced game while strategy is all about taking your time to form the biggest and best words...for MAXIMUM word juicing!

Get ALL Shook up With Word Shake!

This "retro" styled game is a throwback to the 50's.  In it, you'll be unscrambling letters to form words and earn points.  This one is CHALLENGING!  The faster you can form the words, the more points you'll get!

As you progress in the levels, the words will become bigger, longer and more challenging.  The best part? There's over 40,000 words - ensuring endless amounts of fun AND learning!  Your vocabulary will grow, your mind will sharpen and, most of all, you'll have TONS of fun!

This is the perfect game to test and improve your skills!  The more you play, the better you'll get...and you're getting smarter...

Puzzle Word - A TRUE Classic!

This classic word search game has been around forever - and for good reason: it's SO much fun!  Using the same styling as the original, the graphics have been upgraded to full color, bringing a modern feel to an old classic! 

In this game, you have a grid in front of you full of letters. Click on these letters to form words, but be careful: after choosing a letter, it'll disappear and be replaced by another letter.  If you play your words right, each letter replacing the one you chose will form another word for high points.  This game NEVER gets old!

Fun for the entire family, it's full of competitive challenges and offers literally thousands of game levels.  Contains 3 different game modes for different skill levels!

Amp Your Vocab with Word Buzz Gold!

If you like creating words, this is THE game for you!  In it, you'll get a set of letters from which you form as many words as possible.  The more words you can form, the higher your score will go.  Often times, you'll get "clue" words and, if you can solve them, you'll get a HUGE boost in points! 

This game features an UNLIMITED amount of levels - it literally doesn't end!  One of the best features in this ultra fun classic is the fact that there are three different game levels. 

You might start off on the first one, but as your skills sharpen and your vocabulary broadens, you'll be moving up in game levels in no time...while you get smarter and have fun while doing it! 

Infinitely Fun Mental Exercise - Unbelievable Price!

Today is your chance to be smart...and by smart, we mean grabbing a super fun, totally educational game that the entire family can enjoy at a LOW price!  So...today only, this mind-bending, vocab strengthening, ultra-fun game can be yours for just
$18.97 with FREE US SHIPPING!

PS: you guys seem to love these word games as much as we do.  The problem is, our stock always runs out quickly when we get these in.  Grab yours today so you don't miss out!

Product Description

Brain Games: More Word Puzzles is a great way to stretch your mind with challenging games in a great variety.  You'll exercise your power of observation, strategic thinking skills, and other mental abilities to solve these puzzles.  You can refresh your vocabulary, stimulate your mind, improve your concentration, exercise your brain, and have fun doing it.

Key Features

Hundreds of all new crossword puzzles in a wide variety of categories make up this word game.  Crosswords includes letter hint and word solve features, as well as the ability to view errors as you go.  The game also includes a puzzle timer and score keeper.  Plus, you can either play on your PC or print the puzzle and take it with you.


  • 100s of crossword puzzles
  • Hints and solving features
  • Timer and score keeper
  • Improves vocabulary skills

Word Juice
Word Juice is a word-forming game that is fast-paced and lots of fun.  Slide letter tiles around the grid to form words.  Every word contains points called "juice" and longer words give you more juice.  Word Juice features two game modes, Arcade and Strategy, so you can play the way that best fits your style.


  • Play the arcade or strategy version
  • Form words from jumbled letters
  • Challenges your vocabulary skills

Puzzle Word

Puzzle Word is a fast-paced, fun-filled word search game.  It's a classic that has been colorfully updated.  Click on letters in the grid to form a word. Those letters than disappear and the remaining letters are brought together.  If you plan your word formations correctly, when one word's letters disappear, another word will fall into place for an easy score.  Three modes of game play will appeal to everyone in the family and the thousands of levels guarantee never ending challenges.



  • Stimulating word search game
  • Three styles of game play
  • Challenges for everyone in the family

Word Shake

The cool graphics in the addictive word scramble game Word Shake are like a flashback to the '50s.  Unscramble letters to pick the correct word from a field of similar words.  The faster you unscramble the words, the more points you earn.  Each new level presents you with longer words.  With over 41,000 words, you'll never run out of challenging play.



  • '50s themed word scramble
  • Over 41,000 challenging words
  • Gets progressively harder

Word Buzz Gold

Word Buzz Gold is a unique version of the ever-popular create-a-word game.  Form as many words as possible from a set of letters to score.  Solve and find the clue words to earn even more points.  Unlimited levels, bonus play, and three thrilling game modes guarantee there's no end to the fun.  Players of all ages can stretch their vocabularies playing Word Buzz Gold.



  • Fun create-a-word game
  • Unlimited playing levels
  • Three playing modes
  • A challenging vocabulary builder






System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, Me, XP, Vista, 7 (except for Word Shake)
  • 500 MHz Pentium processor or better
  • 128 MB of RAM
  • 16 MB video card
  • DirectX-compatible video and sound cards
  • 100 MB of available hard disk space
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Mouse

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