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Registry Repair With Bonus Digital Shredder


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Ready To Turn Your Computer Into A Powerhouse?

Fix, Optimize, And Crank Up Your Windows Registry - Automatically!
(Amazing - It Found Over 3000 Registry Errors On My Computer - And Fixed 'Em In Less Than A Minute!)

Time To Stop Putting Up With: Weird Errors
Sluggish Systems Random Lockups Unexpected Crashes

Knock Out System Hoggin' Start-Up Programs & Watch Your Computer ZOOM!!

Clear Out The Clutter And Get MEGA Amounts Of Hard Drive Space Back!

In Less Than 30 Minutes, Your Computer Is Gonna Be Wicked Fast!!

Heck - It May Even Better Than New! 

****FREE BONUS - Digital Shredder Software - A $39.99 Value!!!****

Know what's really frustrating? When you're trying to work on your computer and it randomly locks up, crashes, gets sluggish, pops up weird error messages, and just doesn't perform like it did back when it was new. Don't ya just hate that? Oh, and what about startup? Does it seem like you can turn on your computer, go out for lunch, come back and then maybe - just MAYBE - the stupid thing will be finished booting up?

I hear ya!

Well, we just discovered one of the coolest programs ever for optimizing your computer and getting it running like new! It's called Registry Repair and oh, is this thing absolutely LOADED!

Get Ready To Be Blown Away!

Check it out - this must-have program can...

Optimize & Speed Up Your Windows Registry - Automatically!
Scan, Find, Fix And Repair Registry Errors - Again, Automatically!
Supercharge Your Windows Startup Time!
Backup Your Windows Registry (THIS can be a lifesaver)
Clean Out ALL The Excess Junk Taking Up Space On Your Hard Drive!

OK, I know, I know, you're worried about rootin' around in your registry and trying to fix things - and hey, that's a valid concern! One wrong move in the Windows Registry, and BAM!! You may be up a digital creek without a paddle! Well, that's where this amazing new software comes in!

Registry Repair makes it EASY for ANYONE of ANY skill level to optimize their registry for the absolute BEST performance! It's SOOOOOO simple! We're talking 3 steps - and all you're really required to do is press a mouse button to tell it to go to the next step! WOW!

Step 1. Run a scan - The software will deep-scan your Windows registry and uncover all the obsolete, erroneous, or leftover entries you need to get rid of so your computer can run like a top-end Italian sports car! It will uncover errors of ALL kinds - uninstall entries, font entries, shared DLL problems, help files trouble, old windows startup items, program shortcuts - and TONS more! Again - this is all automatic! REALLY! Just press SCAN and sit back for a few minutes!

Can you imagine trying to find all that yourself???? Talk about a all-weekend long project! Ouch!

Step 2. After the scan, it will show you what it found and ask if you want to fix the problems. Take a look at the screen shot below - that's my computer - and it had literally THOUSANDS of problems that this uncovered in a matter of minutes! Normally, it would take hours - heck DAYS - to find and fix all that! Blows your mind, doesn't it?

Well, with this amazing software, fixing all those trouble spots couldn't be easier! Just press the "Fix Errors" button!! 

The program leaps to action and fixes all the messed up registry entries in no time (less than a minute in my case)! All automatic!! Oh, and running it solved several little minor ongoing problems I've been having (including a weird little thing with my mouse cursor "sticking" on the screen) - all fixed now! I LOVE this thing!

Mind-blowingly, jaw-droppingly INCREDIBLE!!

Step 3. OK, there really isn't a 3rd step - it just shows you that it finished the job! How cool is that?

Now, if that's all it did, it would be WELL worth the money! BUT - it gets even better!

This also has the best start-up manager I've ever seen! See, here's the problem - the more stuff you install on your computer, the more stuff that seems to get added to Windows startup. Basically you end up with dozens and dozens of memory-hoggin' programs running in the background that, frankly don't do ya any good! And OUCH - They will SLOOOOOOWWWW things down big time and literally bring your computer to its digital knees!!

Want your speed back? Wait till you see this!

Just run this software and click the Startup button! You'll be greeted with a (possibly long) list of programs that start up every time your computer does! These insidious little guys run unseen in the background and are HUGE reason for slow computers and boot ups that seem to take all day! Sure, some are OK and you'll need them, but most - dump 'em and enjoy a faster computer!

Now, unlike using other software, this REALLY digs deep into your system - it doesn't miss a thing! I saw stuff that was leftover from uninstalled programs I thought I'd gotten rid of months ago! Windows was still trying to start these things every time it started!  I've used other methods to disable this stuff but ya know - a LOT of this garbage simply didn't show up ANYWHERE ELSE - but THIS found 'em! That's super-impressive!!

Once you have the list, this makes it easy to get rid of the stuff you don't need, and keep what you do need - we're talking just a few simple mouse clicks! WOW - INSTANT pick-me-up for your computer!!

Oh, and once you reboot after cleaning out all the excess junk get ready to see some SPEED come back to your computer! Not only will it boot into Windows a heck of a lot quicker, it will run a LOT faster once it gets there!

I tell ya, THIS is the single most effective way to make your computer run faster! NOTHING - and I mean NOTHING - will give you sooooo much improvement so fast and for so little invested!

Pretty cool huh - a faster, leaner, less-error prone registry that keeps your computer nice and stable PLUS a faster boot-up AND a quicker computer overall! Told ya this was impressive - but that's not all!

This comprehensive software is also the "Mr. Clean" of the computer world! This has a disk cleanup that can recover AMAZING amounts of space! I honestly couldn't believe how much space this was able to recover on my computer - we're talking nearly 3 GIGs when it was all said and done! And easy - heck, just press the Cleanup Button and place a check next to the area you want to clean!

I just did the "Windows" section for now, and WOW! It really dug in and found a TON of leftover junk sitting on my machine! Cool thing is that is scans first, so you KNOW what it's going to get rid of before it does! However, since it's just finding Temp files and such, it can all go!

Did I mention how easy this is? :)

Whew, OK that's the highlight show - this thing can do a TON of stuff for ya and - quite frankly - it's like strapping a SUPERCHARGER to your computer! It's THAT great!

But wait!!! There's more!!! Don't forget your FREE bonus Digital Shredder!!


hat's right - Digital Shredder Premium is YOURS absolutely FREE!!!

Do you plan on getting rid of your computer soon and getting a new one? Do you plan on tossing it in the garbage or maybe giving it to a friend or family member? I'm sure you know that just sending everything the the "Recycle Bin" isn't enough. It's easy to get a recovery program that Uncle Ned could use to recover those embarrassing pictures with just a few clicks of a mouse. Seriously - would you walk up to a stranger and give them your hard drive or set your hard drive by the side of the road to be picked up? I sure the heck hope not!!! Recent studies show that 74% of hard drives sold, given away, or thrown out (in the computer or out) contain data that can be easily read and recovered - and 36% of those hard drives had even been reformatted. You absolutely, positively, have to permanently get that data off of there!!

Digital Shredder Premium is gonna give you peace of mind in knowing that those embarrassing pictures and videos are permanently destroyed, tax and credit card information will be indefinitely terminated and any other programs, files and folders that you want to vanish into thin air will disappear forever!! The awesome thing is that this Digital Shredder is yours - absolutely FREE !!!

How does it work?? It's super simple!! Just simply install the Digital Shredder and then you can select what you want to Shred and delete forever. You have the option to Shred your: Recycle Bin, Deleted E-Mail, Shred Free Disk Space, or select a specific file to shred. It REALLY is that EASY!!!

Your cost for this incredible little software package? We're talking just $12.97 and US shipping is FREE! If you want the most our of your computer, this is REALLY a must-have. Oh, and if your struggling with random lockups, weird errors, slow and sluggish programs - then you REALLY (really, really, really) need to give this a try! It can save the day!

Check it out:

PS - This has got to be the best, most powerful way we've ever come across to optimize and tune-up your computer! Not only can it fix about a gazillion types of errors, it can make things run faster and even potentially recover TONS of hard drive space - plus it can permanently delete no longer needed files from your computer - forever! A DEFINITE MUST-HAVE!

Product Description

Migo Registry Repair, is specifically designed to automatically fix and keep your Windows registry and PC in excellent working condition so your system operates at its peak performance.

With so many cherished memories, invaluable documents and other important data now stored on your PC, you need your PC running in top shape without having to call someone each month to come in to fix it for you. Safe enough for the first time users, yet powerful enough for a true computer expert, Migo Registry Repair ensures that you can avoid most of the slow PC start-ups, system stalls, sluggish applications, sudden crashes, error messages or a severe degradation in operating speed that cause you problems over time. It is now truly easy to prevent and fix these types of problems and keep your PC running its best.

Key Features

  • Speed up your Windows startup time
  • Quickly scan your PC for registry errors
  • Get instant status on your scanning progress
  • Create automated, scheduled scans
  • Fix located errors automatically or manually
  • Revert to a previous known state with registry backups, if needed
  • Automatically clean up outdated Instant Messenger chat
  • Web browser search and history
  • Reduce PC clutter and increase your hard drive capacity


  • Set-And-Forget Technology - performance issues are found and resolved for you, automatically.
  • Easy, Intuitive and Powerful - designed for both novice and expert users, ensuring a powerful and easy-to-use product.
  • Customized Scans - allow you to choose which sections of the computer the program will analyze during it scan.
  • Built-In Scheduler - allows you to choose when to run scans to automatically fix registry issues for you as they arise.


  • Built-in SafetyNet Technology - allows deep scan and repair operations, yet won't let you damage your system.
  • Automatic Registry Backup - creates an archive of all of the registry repair changes you have made, so you can revert back to a previous known state, if required.
  • Complete Solution - seeks out and removes remnants left on your computer from Spyware.
  • High-Performance Algorithms - scan your PC's registry to identify missing or invalid entries.
  • Highly Flexible - it gives you the ability to choose to automatically, or manually, fix registry issues.


  • Windows Start-Up Manager - manage the Windows start-up items for control over your start-up items for control over your startup process and increased speed each time you start your computer.
  • Automatic Repairs - fixes registry and PC errors for you to speed up the PC's performance.
  • Powerful Scans - scans for, and removes, temporary files and folders, browser history, cookies and Instant Messenger history to improve system stability.
  • Reduce Clutter - automatically empty the Recycle Bin, delete recently opened file history (in Windows) and clean up temporary Internet downloads and other "junk" files to reduce PC clutter and increase your hard drive capacity.Optimized


As an Added Bonus with Registry Repair 5.0, Digital Shredded Premium is included FREE!  Easily, Securely & Permanently Erase Confidential Data - Give yourself peace of mind knowing that no one can access your private and personal files once they have been shredded with Migo Digital Shredder Premium.

You know you should shred physical documents containing sensitive information to protect yourself against data and identity theft. The same is true for data on your PC and other digital devices. Although you have deleted personal or business files, they may not be completely deleted from your computer, even after emptying the recycle bin.  Remnant information left on an old portable hard drive can leave behind critical contact information, photos and more. Hackers and other predators know how and where to locate this type of information on your PC and digital devices.

With the new Digital Shredder Premium, you will get the highest level of data erasure technology and unparalleled security for your personal files.  Safely, easily and permanently erase the confidential files, emails, and documents from your hard drive and digital devices.

  • Protect your identity - shred all financial data.
  • Shred deleted email content from Outlook and Outlook Express.
  • Shred Windows Recycle Bin contents.
  • Shred credit card and financial information.
  • Remove all traces of Web activities and Instant Messenger chat history.
  • Scan for and shred free hard drive space.
  • Scan for "recoverable" items and tag the files to shred.
  • Schedule times to perform shredding tasks.
  • Password protection stops others from using Digital Shredder Premium to erase your personal data.
  • Shred data from PCs, external hard drives, USB Flash Drives, SD Cards and more.

Keep Your Confidential Data and Sensitive Information Private
When you shred your documents with Digital Shredder Premium, you can be confident that the files you choose to shred are completely and permanently deleted from your PC or other digital devices. Give yourself peace of mind knowing that no one can access your private and personal files once they have been shredded with Digital Shredder Premium.

  • Triple Overwrite - Data Shredding - capabilities meet and exceed the US Department of Defense standards and cannot be recovered with any other software program.
  • Password Protection - prevents unauthorized users from shredding information on your computer.
  • Multiple Device Compatibility - works with hard drives, USB thumb drives, SD Memory Cards and more.
  • IM Chat History Protection - completely removes all traces of outdated MSN Internet Messenger chat history.
  • Inaccessible Web Activity Traces - permanently remove traces of Web activities - history, cookies, Internet cache and more.
  • Identity Protection - shred personal and business financial documents to protect yourself against identity theft and financial attacks.
  • Office and Email Protection - remove Office documents, calendars, address books and email content from Outlook Express and Outlook.
  • Dump the Windows Recycle Bin - permanently delete all, or parts, of your Windows Recycle Bin.
  • Drive Space Optimizer - scan for and shred open/free hard drive space.
  • Auto Shred Cycle Support - set up schedule times to perform shredding tasks.
  • Flexible Shredding Capabilities - you choose how much or how little you wish to shred and permanently remove from your PC or other devices.





System Requirements

  • Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
  • Intel Pentium or equivalent 350 MHz processor or faster
  • 64 MB of RAM
  • 10 MB of free Hard Disk space
  • 800 x 600, 16-bit color Graphics Card
  • CD-ROM / DVD-ROM drive
  • Internet connection required for product registration and updates

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