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Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008


Product ID 4934
Weight 2.00 lbs
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Product Description

Product Description

Earthmate GPS offers the power and ease of GPS navigation. Just plug the Earthmate GPS LT-20 receiver into the USB port of your notebook PC, place the GPS receiver on your vehicle's dashboard, and use the included DeLorme Street Atlas USA/Canada 2008 software. Track your progress, plan trips, and always know where you are with this affordable combination. (Note: use of the Earthmate GPS LT-20 receiver requires a computer and included software.)

Key Features

  • Map display shows streets and roads in bright, contrasting colors, for easy viewing.
  • Voice command option lets you ask your notebook navigation questions and hear responses.
  • Rerouting helps you get back on your pre-planned route if you go off it.
  • Using text and arrows, alerts you to your next turn and the turn after that.
  • Using voice prompting, searches for services (gas, hotels, shopping) near your current location and displays detailed information on and directions to the locations found.
  • Lets you scout ahead on the map without the display snapping back to your current location.
  • GPS is conveniently powered by your computer's USB port.
  • Includes Earthmate GPS LT-20 (a 12-channel, WAAS-enabled GPS receiver with 5' USB cable), and DeLorme Street Atlas USA/Canada 2008 DVD-ROM software.

Product Details


Advanced and Practical
Everything included in the regular version plus extensive data import capability, 150 million phone listings, and higher-end print and draw tools

The GPS Leader
Loaded with innovative GPS features including voice commands, spoken directions, automatic back-on-track re-routing & mobile map colors

Produced by DeLorme Mapmakers
Not licensed from 3rd party companies, the updated maps and four million places of interest are produced by experienced mapmakers here at DeLorme. Includes customer revisions

Planning and Analysis From Your Desktop

  • Import your own text, Excel, and address databases for analyzing routes and navigating
  • Powerful Routing Tools
  • Printing and Sharing
  • Suggested Uses:
    • Real estate planning and analysis
    • New business location planning
    • Generating sales leads by location
    • Communicating more complex geo-spatial information to others
    • Generating updated itineraries for delivery personnel

On-the-Go With the Earthmate GPS LT-20

  • Up-to-date Maps
  • Voice Commands and Spoken Directions
  • Useful Travel Information
  • Suggested Uses:
    • Save driver time and wasted fuel with an affordable laptop GPS system
    • Update travel plans as changing conditions warrant without getting lost
    • Plan for emergency evacuations and avoid frustrating traffic backups
    • Find repair services and anything else using the included phone listings

Earthmate GPS LT-20
One of the smallest on the market, measuring just 1 7/8" w x 2 5/8" h x 9/16" thick.

Comes with an attached 5' cable with a suction cup on the cable designed to hold the GPS against the windshield or on the dash for optimum performance. Just plug the other end of the cable into the USB port of your laptop PC.

Best to avoid rapid and far-ranging temperature extremes, bringing the GPS indoors when not in use, just as you would a cell phone. The yellow reflective casing helps reduce high temperatures while on the dash.

Earthmate GPS LT-20 Specs:

  • NMEA-compliant 12-channel receiver
  • WAAS-enabled
  • Low-power baseband and RF chip set (RF chip based on the ultra-low-power silicon-germanium BiCMOS process)
  • Warm start: < 38 seconds
  • Hot start: < 3 seconds
  • Full power:165mW; Sleep mode: < 55mW
  • Maximum Velocity: 1000 knots
  • Advanced high-sensitivity algorithms for superior tracking in urban environments
  • Weak signal tracking: < 145dBm
  • Proprietary Kalman filter for enhanced position accuracy
  • Superior noise rejection for high EMI environments
  • Environmental Characterisitics:
    • Operating temperature range -40 degrees C to +85 degrees C
    • Storage temperature range -55 degrees C to +100 degrees C

Core Functions--Street Atlas USA Plus DVD

Map Controls
The maps can be controlled using a variety of methods, including the traditional push-button zooming, which drills in/out while keeping the map exactly centered. Also, holding down the left mouse button enables you to drag and zoom, left-to-right, across the map, and moving the mouse in the same manner but in the opposite direction zooms out.

DeLorme employs several powerful search capabilities within the software. The first is a simple box called QuickSearch where you type common requests including towns, cities, lat/lons, ZIP codes, street addresses, colleges, and many more to receive the quickest possible matches. The places-of-interest search offers more advanced parameters and the advanced search is used when locating exact matches requires additional customer input.

Add MapNotes; draw your own circles, polygons, and squares; measure the area of your draw objects--even draw in your own roads and route on them--these are amazingly powerful draw tools for the money.

The Phone tab along the bottom portion of the interface allows you to create custom searches for finding either residential or business phone numbers and locations. You can search by yellow-page heading and find all the diesel repair shops and then select only the ones you'd like to display on the map. You can use the phone listings in conjunction with the XData tab to create and save custom data files for frequent retrieval.

Right-click on the map to learn more about what's underneath your cursor. Lat/Lon, names of streets and bodies of water--even local radio station information--can be viewed in this manner. Moreover, the bottom toolbar of the software displays a continuously updated readout of what's underneath your cursor.

The voice tab of the software is where you train the software to recognize your voice for issuing routing and GPS commands while tracking. Ask common questions such as "How far to my next turn?" and the software answers. Microphone recommended for optimal usage. The software also reads upcoming turn information, including the time to turn, time to finish, and name of the street to turn onto. New voice settings allow you to select how far in advance of your turn you'd like to be prompted. Voice can also be turned off if you prefer.

NetLink and Aerial Imagery
NetLink is your online link to DeLorme for free aerial imagery now included with the Street Atlas USA 2008 versions. Select your areas of interest and download only those grids to the software. Toggle the imagery on and off in a single-screen view. Add notes and draw objects to the imagery to customize lifelike views from space. More recent, higher-resolution imagery datasets available for purchase for select states--please see software's NetLink tab for details.

Mobile Device Mapping

Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 5.0, and Palm OS Compatible
Included at no extra charge is the DeLorme Handheld software, which now includes support for Windows Mobile 5.0 devices. Access the maps you want from the desktop software and hot-sync to your PDA. Add a DeLorme Bluetooth GPS for use with Bluetooth PDAs and navigate wire-free.

The DeLorme handheld functionality provides address-to-address routing, spoken directions, mobile map colors to reduce in-vehicle glare, and four million places of interest. Finding what you need is easy using the powerful search capabilities. Now you have powerful desktop mapping software and PDA software all conveniently provided in one Street Atlas USA 2008 package.

Maps on iPods
Using a tool similar to how MapShare works, now you can select the maps you want from the desktop software and send them to your photo-capable iPod. These map http://images.amazon.com/images/G/01/software/detail-page/ are static (e.g., cannot be manipulated once on the iPod) and come across in the order you select them, same as with photos. Once on your device, you can access the ones you need, when you need them. Due to the small screen size of iPods, we recommend these maps for urban walking situations where you can discretely reference the maps you need. (Not GPS compatible.)

Ease of Use

E-Z Nav Toolbar
This handy toolbar runs along the top of the interface and offers access to commonly needed routing and GPS options, especially useful for in-vehicle navigation on a laptop PC with the Earthmate GPS. In the 2008 version--right-click on the top toolbar and select the various icons you want.

Keyboard Shortcuts
Set your own keyboard shortcut preferences for optimum control when using GPS. The key-bindings function is very powerful and advanced so you can design your ideal in-vehicle navigation solution to your personal specifications.

Right-Click Routing
The easiest way for many to create and alter routes is to use the right-click feature. Select the route on your map and add new stops or vias, delete the route, all by simply right-clicking the object of interest. You can also add your own MapNotes or view the many pre-populated tags provided by the software.


Create automatic routes using the quickest (time) or shortest (distance) routes. Add VIAs to force the routing to take the roads you prefer. Turn on one-way indicators; select major areas to avoid; or select roads based on driving speed preferences. Add Stops and reorganize their order and the routing automatically recalculates. Create and manage routes either in the Route tab or by right-clicking on the maps.

Add Local Roads to Routing
A DeLorme exclusive, this is the best way to update local roads when new developments are planned or added between DeLorme software releases. This tool is located within the Draw tab and lets you draw in the road segment, connecting it to another local road within the database. Assign a name, save it, and when you create automatic routes, the software is smart enough to include these new local roads in the routing calculations and also update the directions.

Personalized Routing with Address Book
Create and save commonly-used names for places you visit often, such as "home," work," or "Dad's." Once these names are assigned, the routing Starts, Stops, and Finishes also display these names making retrieval easy for repeated usage. Customize routes using your own names and save them within MapShare for others to see--they'll be amazed. You can also include up to 200 names from your address book to be recognized using this system.


The XData Import Wizard is the key to viewing your own data on the map, automatically placed. Easily import your own data from ACT!, Goldmine, Excel, text files, or databases. Select different symbols to represent the locations of your information. Or, create your own custom symbols to use on the map; any 24x24-pixel bitmap image can be easily added as a draw symbol using the intuitive XSym module. Street Atlas USA 2008 PLUS best matches your records with a specific address, ZIP code, or latitude/longitude coordinate on the map. NEW tools allow you to symbolize the level of accuracy of your geocoded data.

  • Quickly and easily view the location of each record with a mouse click
  • Add lines, shapes, and text to mark a sales territory or a property boundary
  • Highlight a region to show the untapped market and sales potential
  • Use symbols to mark different accounts or your competition
  • See the city streets and surrounding population centers near your customer locations
  • View concentrations of customers or accounts in specific geographic regions
  • Find new accounts or customers by seeing your business in a new geographic light

Map & Travel Information

Map Data
Because all DeLorme map data is created, updated annually, and owned by DeLorme, we are able to provide many features typically reserved for expensive in-vehicle navigation systems. Free from the license restrictions and third-party dependencies of other publishers, we can also evaluate customer-submitted revisions and implement these changes after triple-checking all submissions. We currently have an enhanced commitment with staff in place to make as many customer revisions as possible.

Places of Interest (POI) Data
The DeLorme database contains over 4 million annually updated places of interest across the U.S., with additional ones in Canada, including restaurants, lodgings, gas stations, travel services, RV stops, malls, shopping--just about everything you could ever need on the road. The software settings let you choose the magnification level to display the various POIs to avoid cluttering your map views. The POIs can be accessed using the many Find capabilities or by right-clicking on the map and selecting places based on type and distance from map center.

GPS Features

GPS Radar Search
Now you can travel with GPS and have the software find upcoming travel services based on their location from you. Find gas, hotels, shopping, and much more in your direction of travel and then easily make detours to these desired stops along the way. It's like having your personal travel concierge with you at all times.

Automatic Back-on-Track GPS
Using the Earthmate GPS LT-20, which turns a laptop PC into a powerful GPS navigator, it's possible to have the software offer new spoken and visual directions when you stray off course. Within the GPS tab of the Options section of the E-Z Nav toolbar, you can select or type the off-route distances you want to travel before the automatic recalculations kick in. Select short distances for city travel and longer ones for highway travel where you may exit frequently for roadside travel services.

GPS Spoken Directions
The software can offer voice directions indicating upcoming turns and street names. It also can be set up to respond to your voice and answer common travel questions--a very powerful capability for mapping software within this price category. Several different voice types are included.

Printing & Sharing

Print crisp color or black & white maps that you control to best match what is seen on screen. Also print Travel Packages containing strip maps and directions to bring on your trip. Don't want to use a lot of ink and paper? Then print just the Turn Details which show thumbnail maps of each of the decision points along your route.

MapShare makes it easy to share your customized maps and directions with family, friends, and business associates. You create exactly the content you want and then post within our online MapShare library, which includes private administrative tools for you to manage. Similar to some of the better online photo resources, MapShare allows you to provide controlled access to your important maps without worrying about email and spam filters.

Eartha Community Atlas
DeLorme has created several online communities for you to network with other customers looking to share travel information. You connect through the software interface into an online social network where you can add photos and forum postings to specific geographic locations.

Demos & Tutorials

Getting Started Tutorial
This tutorial provides a guided tour of the main capabilities of the software. It is also included within the software along with a comprehensive Help section with links to online discussion groups where DeLorme customers can help you.


Street Atlas USA 2008 PLUS DVD contains the DeLorme produced and managed United States and now also Canadian street-level network, plus highways for Mexico. The included four million U.S. places of interest are updated annually based on phone book information and DeLorme's own research into exit services. Canadian POIs are also included, many with phone numbers.

New and Enhanced Features

LT-20 GPS Hardware
The Earthmate GPS LT-20 is the latest generation of laptop GPS solutions utilizing chipsets from STMicroelectronics and SiGe, as well as firmware and software provided by DeLorme. Unlike previous laptop GPS solutions from DeLorme, this one is easily powered by the USB port of laptop PCs, drawing minimal power in the process. Signal acquisition and retention times are vastly improved compared to previous models.

Street Atlas USA 2008 PLUS DVD

  • Extensive street and highway updates for the U.S. and Canada
  • 150 million updated phone listings, all searchable and locatable on the maps, ideal for creating custom databases or for finding friends and services across the U.S. and Canada
  • Improved overall map readability, with more detail now provided at magnification levels 7-10
  • Ability to delete duplicate records in the phone data when there are multiple phone numbers for the same yellow-page locations
  • National Grid System support
  • High-resolution, recent imagery for many states available for purchase
  • Highway and major road routing now available for Mexico
  • Pinpoint locations, with updated names for 150 pro sports and NASCAR venues
  • 40+ new or updated GPS-accurate chains added to the 4 million places of interest, including Wal-Mart, Chili's, Denny's, Walgreens, Exxon/Mobil, and many more
  • Airport access roads updated
  • Connect online for geographic social networking with other DeLorme customers
  • 900+ malls and access roads updated
  • Truck Stop data with extended information about service offerings
  • Translucent route highlights for seeing map data beneath routes
  • Map transfer to PDAs improved with support for Mexican maps
  • Support for multiple monitors
  • Convenient DVD-ROM edition


Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

Earthmate GPS Receiver & Street Atlas USA 2008

System Requirements

  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista
  • Win 2000/XP: 256MB recommended; Win Vista: 512MB minimum
  • 700 MB hard disk space
  • Pentium 300MHz processor or better
  • 800 x 600 monitor resolution
  • 16-bit color
  • DVD-ROM drive

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