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System Mechanic 7


Product ID 4052
Weight 1.00 lbs
Original Retail $69.99 - (save 73%)
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Packaging CD Sleeve
Return Policy 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Price $18.97



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Product Description

Progam Description

System Mechanic 7 automatically finds and repairs errors and fragmentation and cleans out clutter!

System Mechanic 7 makes sure that your PC operates smoothly, reliably, and up to 300% faster! Don't waste money on expensive “experts” to fix your PC. System Mechanic repairs, optimizes, and maintains your PC.

System Mechanic keeps your PC running faster, cleaner and error-free! Its powerful arsenal of 40+ award-winning precision tools fixes stubborn errors, cleans out clutter, optimizes internet and download speeds, ensures personal security and maintains maximum computer performance automatically.

Just look at some of the great things that System Mechanic 7 can do:

  • Makes your PC run like new
  • Boosts PC and internet speeds up to 300%
  • Eliminates frustrating slowdowns, crashes & freezes
  • Repairs problems and errors, and prevent them from recurring
  • Cleans up system-clogging clutter
  • Removes spyware and fixes security vulnerabilities
  • Maintains reliability and speed


Enjoy that new PC feeling again! Clear out clutter and errors for improved speed and reliability. If you like to play games on your computer, System Mechanic can improve your gaming experience by optimizing your PC to play the latest high-performance games at maximum speeds!

Speed up internet access and accelerate your download and web surfing speeds up to 300%! WOW! That is incredible!


System Mechanic keeps your PC running faster, cleaner and error-free. Its powerful arsenal of 40+ award-winning precision tools fixes stubborn errors, cleans out clutter, optimizes internet and download speeds, ensures personal security and maintains maximum computer performance automatically.
  • Makes your PC run like new
  • Boosts PC and internet speeds up to 300%
  • Eliminates frustrating slowdowns, crashes & freezes
  • Repairs problems and errors, and prevent them from recurring
  • Cleans up system-clogging clutter
  • Removes spyware and fixes security vulnerabilities
  • Maintains reliability and speed


Power Tools - automated Wizards for custom tasks:

PC Repair Wizard
Fix hundreds of stubborn problems including hard drive crashes, system conflicts, program errors and more.
  • Repairs Registry problems
  • Repairs hard drive problems
  • Emergency CD revives downed systems
  • Fixes or removes broken shortcuts
  • Proactively and automatically maintains PC
PC Accelerator Wizard
Increase PC speeds up to 300% by eliminating performance bottlenecks and data fragmentation.
  • High-speed, single-file, and low-level drive defrag
  • Automatically accelerates PC startup 19 ways
  • Boosts internet speeds up to 300%
  • Defragments and recovers memory in real time
  • Compacts and defragments Registry
PC Cleanup Wizard
Safely sweep away gigabytes of system clutter that wastes space and produces errors.
  • Cleans up over 40 different types of junk files
  • Removes invalid uninstallers and programs
  • Wipes internet history, clutter and cache
PC Security Wizard
Terminate sneaky malware and automatically repair security flaws that leave you open to attack from hackers, viruses and identity thieves.
  • Advanced spyware protection
  • Repairs security vulnerabilities
  • Military-standard secure file wiping
  • Automatically blocks dangerous or unwanted programs and configuration changes
  • Erases browser, MS Office and search history

Patent-pending ActiveCare Features:

Only System Mechanic has ActiveCare technology that repairs problems and speeds up your PC automatically during idle time -- effortlessly keeping your system running like new.

Key ActiveCare Features:
  • Works silently in the background to keep your system always running at maximum speed and stability
  • Only runs when your PC is idle, never impacting performance or interrupting work
  • Immediately releases control if you start using the PC when it is
  • No annoying prompts or slowdowns normally caused by "calendar-based" schedulers
  • Only performs the necessary tune-up actions required based on real-time system analysis

Customer Care Features:

For up to 3 PCs
iolo knows that in today's high-tech world most people have more than one PC in their household. That's why we allow you to use our products on up to three PCs for one low price. Use one for your laptop, one for your home-office system, and one for your children's computer.

Unlimited technical support
In an age where paid-instance or time-limited product support has become the norm, iolo breaks the mold with free, unlimited technical support and customer service for life. We get many of our ideas from our customers anyway, so why would we want to limit such important communication?

Additional Features

Find and Fix Errors

Safely and Automatically Repair the System Registry

The Windows Registry is the single most important element of your operating system. Over time and as you install and uninstall software, it becomes fragmented and cluttered with obsolete and invalid data, causing mysterious errors, freezes, and slowdowns. 90% of all computer problems can be traced to problems within the registry. Use System Mechanic's unmatched collection of powerful Registry Repair Tools to keep this critical part of your PC in top shape. System Mechanic's registry tools are not only designed with comprehensive power in mind, but also – and more importantly – safety . It is critical that any tool which manipulates the registry do so with an absolute focus on safety, and System Mechanic delivers this assurance.

Find and Fix Broken Windows Shortcuts
Ever tried opening a program from the Windows Start Menu only to see an error message saying it doesn't exist or has been moved? Ever see similar messages when you start your computer and can't figure out where they are coming from? Broken shortcuts are the cause, and System Mechanic's Broken Shortcuts Repair tool is the solution. Use it to automatically clean up your Desktop and Start Menu by re-linking ore removing broken Windows shortcut links, move programs to a different drive and re-link them automatically, and eliminate error messages that occur when you attempt to launch programs using orphaned shortcuts.

Remove Invalid Uninstaller Clutter
If you've ever tried to uninstall or remove a program from your PC using the Windows Add/Remove Programs console and been presented with an error message, you have been the victim of invalid uninstaller. Use System Mechanic's Invalid Uninstaller Repair tool to clean up flawed uninstaller information and remove frustrating errors that take place when sloppy software doesn't cleanup up after itself.

Terminate Spyware, Adware and Malware
By merely visiting certain web sites or installing software you thought was safe, you may be inadvertently exposing your system to one of the worst scourges in computing history: spyware. Spyware (and its nefarious brothers adware and malware) has one job: to exploit you and your system for the maximum financial gain of its creator. Whether this means capturing your financial data as you type it and sending it to an internet criminal, or infecting your PC with hoards of popup advertisements in and attempt to convince you to click, it results in some of the most dangerous and frustrating system behavior known today. System Mechanic's Spython� tool hunts down and destroys annoying spyware and malicious malware parasites with pinpoint accuracy, returning your PC to its rightful owner: you.

Repair Hard Drive Problems
You hard drive is the lifeline to your data. If your hard drive's health is in question, you are at risk of losing everything valuable on your PC. Damaged sectors on a drive can prevent files from being accessed or saved, and damaged drives frequently cause computer crashes, lock-ups, and even complete and irrevocable system failure. Severe drive damage can lead to a volatile computer that is practically unusable. The problem is that many times you won't realize your hard drive is suffering from problems until it's too late. System Mechanic's DriveMedic� Hard Drive Repair wizard scans drives for errors, repairing existing issues and maintaining drive health before serious problems occur.
Repair an Unbootable PC
There's no feeling worse than when you start your PC and it crashes or freezes before Windows can even load. Has all of my data been lost? Did I make a Windows recovery disk? What do I do now? These are some of the questions that arise after the panicked and desperate feelings set in. The good news is System Mechanic's powerful DriveMedic� recovery console restores and automatically repairs damaged drives, partitions, boot records, and more if your PC's operating system cannot be started. Simply insert the recovery disk, restart your computer, and you'll be up and running again in no time.

Troubleshoot System Problems
Sometimes your PC just starts acting peculiar. Programs crash for no reason, your screen locks up frequently, it takes forever for Windows to load, everything starts slowing down, and certain things you used to be able to do easily now take twice as long or crash. You could spend hours or even days sleuthing around searching for the cause (or multiple causes) of these problems, or you can run System Mechanic's System Troubleshooter wizard and get a quick and accurate diagnosis, automatically.

Turbocharge PC Performance

Ultimate Hard Drive Defragmentation

Regularly defragmenting your hard drive is one of the best ways to ensure ongoing peak performance as well as the longevity and reliability of your system. An unfragmented drive starts Windows quicker, launches programs faster, and improves overall responsiveness of virtually all system components. Keep your hard drives organized and unfragmented using System Mechanic's High-speed Disk Defrag and Optimization Tool . Using iolo's proprietary techniques, you can defragment your hard drives up to 30 times faster than other tools. Or, use the unique low-level ultra deep defragmentation options to organize the data on your drives for absolute maximum program performance and longer lasting data contiguity.

Boot-Time File Defragmentation
Some of the most important files within Windows can never be defragmented while it is running, such as the page file, the Registry hives, and the MFT (master file table). These system components are in constant use by the operating system and are some of the most important files to keep defragmented. Using System Mechanic's Boot-Time Defragmentation tool, you can defragment these special files (as well as any other file) conveniently before Windows loads. You'll be amazed at the performance results.

Start Windows Faster
One of the most frustrating things that happens over time with Windows is that it begins to take longer and longer to start as time goes on. What used to take a few seconds when you first bought your PC now seems to take forever as a seemingly unending parade of programs you never knew you installed leeches speed and power from your system. The solution? System Mechanic's Startup Optimizer wizard. It automatically hunts down and allows you to removes unneeded, unwanted, and unused power-wasting programs that load themselves at startup.

Surf the Web Up To 300% Faster
Believe it or not, when Windows is installed, its default settings are not necessarily optimized for your specific internet connection. This can prevent you from reaching maximum download and web surfing speeds. System Mechanic's NetBooster� tool allows the transferring of more data over your existing connection, resulting in faster and more reliable access. Many users experience increases in speed of up to and exceeding 300% after allowing NetBooster to optimize their Internet connection.

Defragment and Recover System Memory
Memory fragmentation occurs over time as memory is allocated and released by programs. Your computer may have many unused blocks of memory mixed in with the used blocks of memory. Programs require a contiguous area of memory in order to operate efficiently. When memory becomes highly fragmented and Windows runs out of free memory, programs do not have enough memory to function properly and begin using physical hard drive space in place of memory. Overall PC performance declines, and programs may not open or may run slower or frequently crash. System Mechanic's Memory Mechanic� technology defragments memory and recovers lost RAM that may be held hostage by memory leaks and careless programs.

Defragment and Compact the Windows Registry
With time and usage, the Windows Registry can become filled with unneeded free space (holes) and scattered data. Defragmenting the Registry reorganizes registry entries and improves the efficiency and speed of registry processing, which is one of the most performance-critical aspects of operating system function. Compacting the Registry eliminates the free space and data-holes that accumulate with time, and also prevents it from growing to an unmanageable size (Windows can't load if your Registry gets beyond a certain size!) Uniquely, System Mechanic also compacts and defragments the Registry the only safe and correct way for maximum effectiveness and safety: During boot time before Windows loads.

Defragment Individual Files and Folders from your Desktop
With Right-Click Defragmentation enabled, you have instant access to System Mechanic's powerful defragmentation technology from anywhere within Windows – even when System Mechanic isn't running. Simply right-click on any file or folder and select the new Defragment option that appears in the menu. System Mechanic instantly defragments the selected item(s), returning them to an efficiently contiguous state on your hard drive – without the need to wait for a full drive defragmentation. Perfect for individual files that become notoriously fragmented due to constant change (e.g. email information files, databases, etc.).

Enhance Protection

Fix Security Vulnerabilities

Viruses, spyware, malware, root kits, and other malicious programs aren't the only threats to your system security. Security vulnerabilities created by unsafe system configurations and other hazardous settings can lurk undetected, leaving your PC wide open to attack – even if security software such as antivirus and firewall is active. Don't wait until it's too late and an attacker has exploited them to gain access to your data. Use System Mechanic's Security Optimizer Wizard to comprehensively search for and repair security flaws in your system configuration so that attackers don't exploit them to gain access to your data.

Backup and Restore the System Registry
If your Registry becomes damaged or corrupted, it is sometimes almost impossible to regain access to your PC without a complete reinstallation of Windows, and even then you usually lose a great deal of work and important configuration settings. System Mechanic makes automatic backups of your Registry at scheduled intervals. Then, in the event of a Registry crash, you can instantly restore from a historically cataloged backup list.

Stop Unwanted or Dangerous Changes to System Configuration
System Mechanic's System Guard™ tool protects key Windows settings from being changed without your knowledge. Secretly, malicious software can attempt to execute itself or include itself in your Windows startup process (trojans are usually designed to load at startup.) Hidden spyware known as "Home page Hijackers" can also change your Web browser's Home page and Search page to point to their site. System Guard™ automatically controls and blocks these unauthorized changes to your system.

�Clean up Windows

Find and Remove Junk Files

With time and regular usage, a profusion of junk, scratch, and temporary files are saved to your drive by Windows and other various programs. The files are normally never intended to persist on your system beyond the time they are being used; however, remnants of these files are often not properly removed due to sudden shutdowns, sloppy programs, or system-related errors. Over time, these junk and obsolete files can accumulate and unnecessarily consume drive space and system resources, causing slowdowns, random errors, and other mysterious problems. System Mechanic's Junk File Removal Wizard scans your system and thoroughly cleanses it of these unneeded files.

Internet Cleanup and Privacy Enforcement
Every time you browse the Web, temporary files, history, cache, cookies, and other unneeded files are saved to your hard drive, leaving a complete "trail of breadcrumbs" that easily tells anyone who's interested where you have been. Simply deleting files from your browser cache and temporary directories does not completely or securely erase these tracks. Use the Internet Cleanup and Privacy Tool to securely and thoroughly clean out web debris, increase your drive capacity, and protect your web privacy.

Ensure Personal Privacy

Securely Delete Files

Many people believe that when they delete files, they are permanently erased. In actuality, the data within deleted files still remains on your drive and someone using readily available tools can easily recover them and view their contents. System Mechanic's powerful Incinerator� tool seamlessly integrates with the Windows desktop and operates similar to the Recycle Bin. It provides convenient access to military-grade data wiping technology and allows you to remove all traces of a file or folder's existence, eliminating all chance of recovery by “undelete” programs. In addition, System Mechanic provides an easy Permanent File Deletion Wizard that wraps the task of permanent data removal into a step-by-step process for simplicity.

�Manage System Configuration

Configure and Manage Windows Startup Programs

Did you know that programs can hide themselves in almost 20 different places in order to start up automatically every time Windows does? Unwanted or unnecessary programs that surreptitiously configure themselves to start up automatically is one of the greatest causes of incremental performance slowdown. Each time Windows starts up, it launches all of these “startup programs” at virtually the same time, causing the system to bog and struggle under the load. Plus, dangerous program such as trojans and rootkits normally hide in the Windows startup configuration as well. Use System Mechanic's powerful Startup Manager to comprehensively search for, learn about, and streamline the list of programs that start with Windows. The Startup Manager displays a comprehensive list of all startup items, complete with publisher information and a description from iolo's proprietary file database that contains detailed data about tens of thousands of programs. It allows you to add, remove, disable, enable, and optionally block any item in the list from adding itself to the startup list again. Bonus features allow you to save and load specific startup profiles, adjust startup settings on remote computers across a network, and more.

Configure and Manage Running Processes
Ever wonder what hidden programs are running without your knowledge? Are you curious about the different applications that may be starting and secretly residing in memory? Most viruses and other malware don't announce themselves when they start – they lurk in the background, hoping not to be detected while they carry out their mischief. These types of unscrupulous programs can no longer hide when you use System Mechanic's powerful Process Manager . Performing a deep scan of all running processes and even identifying those that may be attempting to escape detection, it puts you back in control by exposing would-be hidden items that might otherwise unknowingly hoard system resources and leech PC horsepower. Detailed information is provided from iolo's proprietary file database that contains detailed data about tens of thousands of programs. You can stop, start, report on, and even permanently block any item from starting again using the robust set of options available in this integral tool.

Customize Over 100 Secret Windows Settings
Windows has hundreds of undocumented configuration options that allow you to tweak and customize its look, feel, and behavior. Unfortunately, there's no safe or easy way to get access to, let alone modify these settings on your own. Using the Advanced System Customizer in System Mechanic you have immediate access to a comprehensive range of over 100 powerful undocumented settings. Optimize the way Windows' Start Menu behaves, speed up networking performance, log in automatically, edit your computer registration data, change multimedia behavior, improve pagefile security, customize explorer's context menus, edit advanced administration options, and much more.

Modify Advanced Internet Performance Settings
Your internet connection can never be too fast. For those of you seriously identify with this statement, System Mechanic offers the ultimate way to tweak and tune your internet settings and squeeze every last drop of performance out of the connection. The NetBooster� Advanced Internet Settings tool provides a way to directly configure the deepest and most powerful system settings associated with internet performance. Allow System Mechanic to automatically tune your connection, or experiment with different configurations yourself and watch as your downloading, gaming, and web surfing speeds increase. Many people are initially skeptical, but become NetBooster believers after personally witnessing speed increases of up to 300% on their own PC.

Locate, Inspect, and Remove Duplicate Files
In addition to causing confusion, duplicate files unnecessarily take up drive space and can cause software conflicts. Use System Mechanic's Duplicate Files Wizard to search your system for space-wasting and error-producing duplicate files. Then, inspect the detailed list of duplicates and delete the ones you do not want, freeing up precious hard drive space and preventing the mysterious conflicts they cause.

Perform System Diagnostics

Detailed System Information Reports

It's important to know exactly what your PC is made of, and there's no easier way to look under the hood than with System Mechanic's System Inspector tool. System Inspector performs a deep and detailed examination of everything that makes up your PC and produces an exhaustive report of all system components, including CPU, hard drives, printers and other peripherals, installed software, operating system, memory, BIOS, and much more. This information is invaluable when diagnosing acute but intermittent hardware and software problems.

Measure Internet Download Speeds
You are paying your ISP for a specific guaranteed level of internet performance and you want to make sure you're receiving what you pay for. You can surf the web, send and receive email, and seem to be able accomplish most of the other normal online activities, but sometimes you feel like things are moving a lot slower than they should. How fast is your internet connection really? What is your maximum download rate? More importantly, is your ISP providing what they promise? Use System Mechanic's NetBooster� Internet Speed Test tool to get answers. It uses sophisticated mechanisms to accurately measure your raw download speeds and represents them in an easy to understand graphical chart for quick reference.

Track and Report System Changes
With System Mechanic's System Snapshots tool you can quickly get detailed reports on all changes made to your PC between two points in time. When troubleshooting problems or sleuthing for information about an unknown program, it is many times extremely useful to be able to track and inspect the specific changes that are made to your computer. You can get information on exactly what files or configuration settings were added, changed, or removed so you know exactly what any program does at any given time. Secret configuration changes unknowingly made by rogue applications are now revealed in three easy steps.

�Automatic System Maintenance

ActiveCare �

Most people don't want to tinker with system maintenance software to enjoy the ongoing feeling of a new PC – they want it taken care of for them safely and automatically. System Mechanic includes unique patent-pending maintenance technology called ActiveCare � that revolutionizes the approach to ongoing computer maintenance.

ActiveCare provides constant peak performance transparently and without impacting PC performance by working in real time while the operating system is idle (i.e. when you aren't using it). During these times, ActiveCare executes a sequence of background system analyses that can trigger associated optimization, maintenance, or repair actions based on a sophisticated comparison of current PC states and baseline optimal health data. If you start using the system when ActiveCare is performing any of its actions (i.e. the PC becomes “un-idle”), ActiveCare gracefully terminates itself and release full control back to the operating system.

You can specify a number of optimization, maintenance, or repair actions that can be immediately triggered and automatically and silently executed by ActiveCare when its ongoing background idle-time analysis determines these actions to be beneficial or necessary. This ensures 100% efficiency (an action is never performed unless it will benefit your computer at that time) and the also ensures the absolute fastest response time to system problems, essentially reacting to and resolving them as they manifest, in virtual real time.

�Powertools: All-in-one Solutions

Increase performance up to 300% using the PC Accelerator Wizard

Use the PC Accelerator Wizard to get that "new computer" feeling back. Increase Internet speeds up to 300%, accelerate Windows startup, maximize the overall performance of your programs, and more. The PC Accelerator Wizard wraps the following critical performance tuning tools into a one-click solution:
  • Defragment and Optimize Hard Drives
  • Compact and Defragment System Registry
  • Defragment and Recover System Memory
  • NetBooster� internet optimization

Solve stubborn problems using the PC Repair Wizard
Automatically diagnose and fix hundreds of problems with hard drives, system components, installed software, hardware, and more. Terminate spyware, fix registry problems, resolve annoying freezes, restarts, and crashes, repair hard drive corruption, mend broken shortcuts, and even revive downed systems and drives using a built-in emergency rescue CD. The PC Repair Wizard wraps the following critical system repair tools into a one-click solution:
  • Registry Repair
  • DriveMedic� hard drive and system repair
  • Invalid Uninstaller Repair
  • Spython� spyware, malware, adware, and keylogger removal
  • Invalid Shortcuts Removal and Repair

Keep Windows spotless with the PC Cleanup Wizard
Junk and obsolete files are hazardous to your system's health, not to mention the available space on your hard drive. Left unhandled, system clutter will grow forever, polluting your PC until it starts choking and bogging down on the overload. The health and performance of your system depends on regularly finding and removing debris that accumulates due to untidy programs, system freezes, and sudden restarts. The PC Cleanup Wizard wraps the following critical system cleanup tools into a one-click solution:
  • Cleanup Internet history
  • Cleanup temporary Internet cache
  • Cleanup junk and orphaned files
  • Cleanup temporary system files
  • Cleanup unused offline files
  • Cleanup unused downloaded program files
  • Automatically empty Recycle Bin

Protect your system with the PC Security Wizard
The PC Security Wizard combines all of System Mechanic's essential protection tools into one wizard. You can back up the system registry and repair security flaws that leave you open to attack. The PC Security Wizard also makes specific recommendations based on an analysis of your computer's current protection. It wraps the following critical system cleanup tools into a one-click solution:
  • Back up the system registry
  • Repair security flaws

One-Click Does It All with PC TotalCare
The only tool you'll ever need to keep your PC running like new. PC TotalCare combines all of System Mechanic's power into a single one-button interface for the perfect blend of absolute power and effortless simplicity. The PC TotalCare Wizard wraps the following critical tools into a one-click solution:
  • PC Accelerator Wizard
    • Defragment and Optimize Hard Drives
    • Compact and Defragment System Registry
    • Defragment and Recover System Memory
    • NetBooster� internet optimization
  • PC Repair Wizard o Registry Repair
    • DriveMedic� hard drive and system repair
    • Invalid Uninstaller Repair
    • Spython� spyware, malware, adware, and keylogger removal o Invalid Shortcuts Removal and Repair
  • PC Cleanup Wizard o Cleanup Internet history
    • Cleanup temporary Internet cache
    • Cleanup junk and orphaned files
    • Cleanup temporary system files
    • Cleanup unused offline files
    • Cleanup unused downloaded program files
    • Automatically empty Recycle Bin
  • PC Security Wizard
    • Back up the system registry
    • Repair security flaws

Awards and Reviews

Laptop Magazine Editor's Choice
System Mechanic Professional is awarded Laptop Magazine Editor's Choice

Awarded by Laptop Magazine

Amazon.com Software Bestseller
System Mechanic attains #1 ranking of overall software sold through the major online retailer

Awarded by Amazon.com

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