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Ghostsurf 2006 Platinum


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Product Description

Program Description

The Internet can be a dangerous place - get comprehensive privacy protection with GhostSurf 2006 Platinum!

By surfing the Web you are exposed to hackers, bombarded by advertisements and subjected to spyware. Everything you do and download online can be watched.

Antivirus and firewall programs don't protect you from these threats. GhostSurf 2006 Platinum protects your privacy and prevents Internet pests from spoiling your online experience. 

GhostSurf ensures your safety online by providing an anonymous, encrypted Internet connection. It even stops spyware, eliminates ads and erases your tracks. With GhostSurf, you reclaim control of your computer. Be invisible and in control online.

  • Surf Anonymously
  • Stop Spyware
  • Prevent Identity Theft
  • Erase Your Tracks
  • Eliminate Ads
  • Encrypt Your Data
  • Boost PC Performance

When surfing the Web your computer broadcasts your IP address to the millions of people in cyberspace.

This information can be used to discover who you are and where you live  GhostSurf routes your Internet connection through anonymous hubs, hiding your IP address and protecting your privacy. GhostSurf ensures your anonymity with one click.

GhostSurf encrypts all outgoing and incoming Web data for maximum security.

This prevents your boss, others on your network and snooping ISPs from seeing the sites you visit and what you type. GhostSurf's high-speed encryption technology keeps you surfing at top speed while providing strong protection. With GhostSurf, your identity and data are safe.

By surfing the Web you create an information trail that Webmasters, hackers and other users of your computer can use to learn a lot about you. They can see your surfing habits, view your Web history and even collect your personal or credit card information. GhostSurf protects your privacy by erasing your Web history, temporary files, cache and more to Department of Defense standards.

Spyware silently bypasses antivirus software and firewall programs to steal your personal and credit card information, spy on your surfing habits and inundate you with ads. GhostSurf's SpyCatcher component uses patent-pending technology to remove even the most aggressive, mutating spyware files.  SpyCatcher provides real-time protection against the latest Internet threat. SpyCatcher even stops phishing scams.

GhostSurf's AdArmor feature eliminates ads and stops unsuitable content from reaching unsuspecting eyes. AdArmor frees your surfing from all kinds of advertisements, including pop-up, in-page and paid search engine ads, as well as ActiveX, flashing text, animated images and more. The Window Blocker shuts down annoying nag screens, and the Advertisers section blocks Web sites that could be inappropriate for members of your household.

GhostSurf's Personal Data Vault acts as a safe-deposit box for your personal documents. A vault encrypts and password protects your data, providing a single, secure place to store your sensitive information. Personal Data Vault shreds deleted files to Department of Defense standards to ensure that they are destroyed beyond recovery. Personal Data Vault even protects your data from loss by running backups.


Routes your online activity through anonymous hubs

Removes even the most aggressive spyware

Encrypts your Internet connection

Masks your IP address
Erases traces of your surfing to Department of Defense standards
Stops phising scams and protects your identity
Eliminates pop-up, banner, in-page ads and more
Provides secure storage for personal files
Enables you to control everything your computer sends over the Web
Prevents anyone from tracking your online activity

Works with Internet Security & Firewall products. GhostSurf 2006 Platinum is designed to complement Internet Security and Firewall products from Norton, McAfee, Zone Labs and others

Key Benefits

Surf Anonymously

Complete Protection For:

  • All Web browsers
  • Instant messenger
  • Popular chat programs
  • Newsgroup feeds

Be Invisible on the Internet
The Internet connects you to millions of people in cyberspace. Hackers, Webmasters, other users of your computer and even your boss can watch your every move online. Your personal and credit card information can be easily accessed.  GhostSurf Platinum protects your privacy by providing an anonymous, encrypted Internet connection. GhostSurf supports all Web browsers, as well as instant messenger and chat programs. GhostSurf protects your family from Internet threats and puts you back in control of your computer.

Easy Customization
GhostSurf's intuitive slider bar interface makes setting your privacy level a breeze.  Slide it down to use your standard connection. You may also select privacy settings on a site-by-site basis to suit your needs.

Strong Encryption
Ghost Surf encrypts your Internet connection, ensuring the most secure level of anonymous surfing.  An encrypted connection stops snooping ISPs and hackers from intercepting your Web traffic. GhostSurf keeps you surfing at top speed while preventing even the most advanced thieves from capturing your credit card or personal information.

Identity Theft Protection
Your IP address can convey a lot of information about you - even who you are and where you live. GhostSurf Platinum masks your IP address, protecting you from criminals out to steal your identity.

Protects You From:

  • Identity theft
  • Tracking devices
  • Hackers
  • ISP spying
  • Privacy intrusions
  • Annoying advertisers
  • Malicious Web sites

Spy Catcher

Scan for:
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • Spam generators
  • Tracking devices
  • Keyloggers
  • Malicious ActiveX
  • And more!

Detect & Remove Spyware
Spyware steals your personal and financial information, slows your surfing and inundates you with ads. Spyware silently bypasses firewalls and antivirus software to infest almost 90% of all PCs, making it the fast-growing threat on the Internet. SpyCatcher's patent pending technology protects you from even the most aggressive types of spyware and provides real-time protection against the latest danger.

Powerful Spyware Removal
SpyCatcher's patent pending technology is the only one to remove mutating forms of spyware.  These aggressive strands make up 20% of all spyware and can render your computer unusable or steal your identity. SpyCatcher prevents these deceptive programs from evolving and ensures that they are removed from your system permanently.

System Monitoring
Real-time system monitoring detects and disables incoming spyware before it can infect your machine. SpyCatcher even blocks reinstallation of aggressive spyware, giving you the power to get rid of these pests for good.

Free Spyware Updates
SpyCatcher's auto-update feature ensures you always have the most complete and up-to-date anti-spyware solution. As new spyware is released, you're protected.

Ad & Pop Up Blocking

Advanced blocking options give you complete control over what's on your screen.

Eliminate Annoying Ads
When surfing the Web you're bombarded by ads, inappropriate sites and unsolicited content.  GhostSurf's AdArmor eliminates online ads, providing a faster Internet connection. AdArmor allows you to exclude selected Web sites from your ad-blocking preferences.  AdArmor even shuts down annoying nag screens and enables you to block Web sites that could be inappropriate for members of your household. With AdArmor, you reclaim control of your computer screen.

AdArmor Blocks:

  • Popups
  • Floating ads
  • Image animation
  • Script timers
  • In-page ads
  • Search advertising
  • Flash autoplay
  • Music
  • Banner ads
  • ActiveX
  • Meta refresh
  • and more

Protect Your Privacy
AdArmor prevents ads from placing tracking devices, called "cookies", on your hard drive. Cookies allow companies to create a profile on your surfing habits. GhostSurf's AdArmor eliminates online ads to protect you from these silent threats.

System Cleaning

Customize your deletion preferences by selecting the appropriate cleaning strength.

Comprehensively Cleans:

  • Temporary files
  • Cookies
  • Internet history files
  • System logs
  • Cache
  • Recent files list
  • Program histories

Erase Your Tracks
By surfing the Web you create an information trail that tells who you are and what you do online. These records take up large amounts of disk space, slow down your computer and make it easy for others to see your Web history. GhostSurf erases traces of your surfing to protect your privacy and identity.

Advanced Cleaning Technology
GhostSurf cleaning methods exceed Department of Defense standards for data destruction. GhostSurf allows you to select a deletion "strength level."  Choices may vary from quick wipes to wipes involving the most advanced cryptographic algorithms, enabling you to choose the method most appropriate for the amount of time you have or the amount of privacy you require.

Automatic Cleaning
GhostSurf's built-in cleaning scheduler will automatically clean your computer whenever you want. GhostSurf lets you customize your deletion preferences and allows you to run automatic wipes according to your schedule (daily, weekly, every time you go offline, etc...)

Undelete Protection

GhostSurf prevents undelete tools from recovering your wiped data and uses government standard methods to stop aggressive hardware recovery systems from retrieving your deleted files.

Personal Data Vault

Store your files, passwords and Web site favorites in a secure encrypted vault. Personal Data Vault also has extensive backup capabilities to protect your data from loss.  PDV supports CD-ROMs, DVDs, removable disks, USB pen drives and more.

Safeguard Your Personal Files
GhostSurf's Personal Data Vault is a digital lockbox for your confidential files. Personal Data Vault provides a secure location to store your documents, financial information, passwords and favorites. Protect your sensitive files from hackers and other users of your computer with a simple drag-and-drop storage method.


System Requirements

Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP

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