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WorldStart Android 101 (Digital Download)


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WS Review Product Description


If you have a smartphone or a tablet, then you probably have an Android device. Let's face it - Android is everywhere - and sooner or later you'll want to stop struggling and get the most out of yours!

But the problem is... it's NOTHING like what we used before!

Apps? Widgets? Touchscreen gestures? It's all new, it's all different, and there are NO good guides out there that give you a proper rundown on how to use these things!

It's not like you can just ignore them, either.

So, with that said... if you're going to be using Android, you might as well know how to use it properly!

That's what this Android guide is for!

Our writers are constantly answering questions about how to their WiFi working, or how to download apps, or even just "how do I turn this thing on?!"

We took the problem head on: we gathered all the resources we could, had every tech genius in the office collaborate, and even recorded some in-depth video informationals so we could put together this guide!

This is quite simply the most thorough, most detailed, easiest-to-understand guide to Android you'll EVER find!

While it's focused on tablets, the Android operating system is almost identical for smart phones too... so 99% of the information here is applicable to both!

I wish I could tell you EVERYTHING that's in this guide... but there's too much to pack into one e-mail!

After all, the guide is over 130 digital pages long, with videos and graphics that make sure you know EXACTLY what we're talking about!

This is 15 chapters of chock full of the critical information you've been dying to know!

Here's a rundown of all the chapters, just so you can get an idea of how thorough this guide really is:

Welcome to Android
Getting Started With Gestures
The Homescreen
Android Settings
The File Manager
Apps & Widgets
Customize Your Homescreen
eReaders & eBooks
Movies & Music
Pictures & Videos
Office Apps, Printing, & Cloud Storage
Using The Calendar To Manage Your Life
Video & Voice Calls
Android Security
The Best Apps For Games, Social Media, News & More

By the end of this guide, you WILL know how to use your Android device.

You WILL be able to answer any questions your family and friends have.

And most importantly... you will NOT have to deal with the frustration of awkwardly pressing buttons and apps until your tablet or phone does what you want it to.

While I can't go into detail about everything this guide has (it's just so much information) but I can give you a sneak peek at just what you'll be finding out!

First off...

There's a whole introduction to just exactly what Android is.

There are a LOT of misconceptions out there as to what an Android tablet or phone is, what its relation to Windows or Mac is (none at all!) or how you can use it with the Internet!

You might learn a thing or two you didn't know before you even get into the meat and potatoes of this guide!

For instance, what do you need to get online wirelessly with your tablet? Do you know EVERY piece of equipment used?

You will once you see the quick video introduction!

But that's just the beginning (literally!)

How about USING your tablet or phone?

Those things don't come with a mouse, and most of them don't come with a keyboard! So how exactly do you type? How do you select or click stuff?

We have that information too!

Chapter 2 goes DIRECTLY into gestures and using your tablet! You'll find out the difference between swiping, pinching, tapping, and holding. Even people who have owned Android devices for a while are going to discover new things!

One good example is the "hold" menu. A LOT of people actually don't know about that one - and it can open up a lot of new features or options for using apps, pictures, or music!

And remember - when this guide is explaining these features, it's in clear & concise language. You will NEVER be confused by the terminology used, and you definitely won't feel like you have to go back and repeat sections.

It's so simple you'll get it all the first time you see, read, or watch it!

Of course, you can't forget about apps either!

What is an app?

Where do you find them?

How do you download them?

Which app is the one you ACTUALLY want?

Okay, you got it downloaded... how do you USE it?

If you think we forgot about apps in this comprehensive guide, you're nuts!

They're one of the most important aspects of the Android operating systems, and we go into full detail.

And my guide doesn't stop there!

Once you have your apps and widgets... maybe you want to make sure it's all on your homescreen right?

You're going to love the chapters on the homescreen!

We start off by giving you in-depth information on everything that goes on the homescreen...


You'll know how to get your e-mail, contacts, even up-to-date weather RIGHT ON YOUR HOMESCREEN!

This is the screen you see the MOMENT you turn your device on every time!

So it's important to make sure that it has all the stuff you need (and none of the junk you don't!)

You can get all SORTS of widgets or apps on here...

You can even change the background!

If you don't know how to customize it, you might be losing important apps to second or third pages, which makes you have to swipe to the side EVERY time you just want to look at your e-mail!

If you have an Android phone or tablet, it's a guarantee you have a camera built into it.

Nowadays, it's almost pointless to have point & shoot cameras... because the ones in our Android devices is SO good!

This guide shows you how to operate the camera, switch between front & back cameras, and even activate your video recording!

Don't let a SINGLE feature of your Android device go to waste!

Use this guide to make sure you're getting ALL the benefits of what has to be the most significant technology this century so far!

Whenever you use technology (especially something with your e-mail, passwords, WiFi connections...) you NEED to stay secure!

Not only do we show you the must-have security app for Android (the that ALL the Android users in my office use) I even show you some things that even advanced Android users don't always pay attention to: permissions!

What are permissions? Well, just like the name implies, they're the things that your apps want access to before they operate...

With Android 101, you can download your apps knowing exactly what they'll do, exactly what they'll need, and knowing you didn't pickup one of the dreaded "fake apps" that are growing more and more popular from malware creators!

To learn more, you simply HAVE to check out the guide!


I feel like I've been going on and on forever!

Take it from me - Android is here to stay. As popular as Windows is for computers, Android is the same for tablets and smartphones.

Whether you've had Android devices for a while, or at planning on taking the leap soon... PLEASE grab a copy of this guide!

You won't find another guide out there that's both thorough and concise like this one.

And DEFINITELY not at the monster deal I'm offering today:

Just $6.97 for 134 pages of information, pictures, and video on how to use pretty much ANY Android device!

That's right!

You get ALL This information more a measly $6.97!

There are NO guides like this anywhere else. At all!

Every bit of information in here came right from the minds of me and my tech team. And trust me, they know Android.

If you go through this guide, it's practically impossible for you to have any questions on how to use Android!


Check out the link below to grab your DIGITAL COPY TODAY for just $6.97 (this is a limited time price!)


Product Description

The guide that EVERYONE needs to see: Android 101! Written by Steve and his lead tech experts at WorldStart, this guide shows you everything you need to know about using Android on a tablet or phone; with video, graphics, and 134 pages of clear & concise information!

With 15 chapters of in-depth information with NO added fluff (it's all important details, no wasted space!) you will FINALLY be able to master your Android tablet or phone! There's nothing left out in this guide. We cover everything from apps, to gestures, to video calling, to music, to customization and even security! After reading this guide, your friends and family will be coming to YOU to figure out their own Android devices!

It is ONLY available right here at WorldStart!

Key Features

  • 15 Chapters of Information
  • 134 Pages With No Added Fluff or Nonsense
  • One Easy To Read PDF Contains Everything
  • Written and Starring Me (Steve!), With Help From Our Lead Tech Experts At WorldStart
  • Includes Videos and Graphics For Quick & Easy Understanding
  • It's All In Simple Terms With No "Techno-Babble" - Even Beginniners Will Be Comfortable With This Guide!


  • Welcome To Android

A quick introduction to tell you EXACTLY what your Android device is, how to get started with it, and all the cool stuff you can do with it!

  • Getting Started With Gestures

Using Android devices is way different than computers - and I'll show you how it's done! This chapter shows you how your index finger unlocks all the power of your Android device!

  • Android Home Screen

The very first screen you see every time you boot up your Android device. Learn what's on it, how they'll work for you, and how to quickly access those important parts of your device!

  • Android Settings

How do you setup WiFi? How do you manage the time, wallpapers, or lock settings? These are important parts of operating an Android, and this'll make you an expert!

  • Android File Manager

You'll have a LOT of files on your Android, whether from downloads, photos, recording video or more! The secrets to managing all this and more is covered so that you never lose an important file!

  • Apps & Widgets

Apps & Widgets are like the programs and toolbars for your Android! There's a lot out there, and they can make your Android device so much more helpful - if you know how to use them, and after this chapter you WILL!

  • Customize Your Homescreen

It's the most important screen on your device, so you want it to have all the stuff you need, and nothing you don't! Customizing your homescreen can seem daunting... but not after reading my helpful tips!

  • eReader & eBooks For Your Tablet

You can use your device as an eReader if you know how! I'll tell you how to keep your eBooks ready to go with this chapter so you can always have something to read no matter where you are!

  • Movies & Music

Android tablets/phones are GREAT for watching movies or listening to music at home or on the road. I've got the best information right here on how to get started!

  • Pictures & Video

If you have Android, you have a camera. Recording video and taking photographs is just one tap away - don't let this amazing feature of your device go to waste just because you didn't know how to use it!

  • Office Apps, Printing & Cloud Storage

Turn your tablet into a productivity powerhouse! If you're looking for a COMPLETELY FREE full Office suite.... or maybe just how to type, print, and perform other tasks on your tablet, look no further!

  • Calendar Usage

You've got a digital calendar that can pop up notifications and make sure you NEVER miss another birthday, appointment, or anniversary. That is, assuming you know how to set it all up. Let me show you the easiest way!

  • Making Video & Voice Calls

Want to add some personality to your calls? You can chat to anyone, ANYWHERE in the world absolutely free. All it takes is your tablet/phone and one amazing app!

  • Android Tablet Security

From WiFi to passwords to app permissions, there's a LOT of potential security concerns with any mobile device. You have to stay ahead of the game, and I'll give you critical security information inside!

  • Best Apps for Games, Social Media, News & More

There a over a million apps on the Google Play Store... but that doesn't mean they're all worth having! Use my suggestions to get started with the best and most well-reviewed apps on the market, so you can have fun without having to worry about downloading a lemon!



Android 101 (Digital Download)

Android 101 (Digital Download)

Android 101 (Digital Download)

WorldStart Android 101 (Digital Download)

WorldStart Android 101 (Digital Download)

WorldStart Android 101 (Digital Download)


System Requirements

  • Adobe Reader

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